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tut tuut 2 (:
Friday, February 29, 2008
okay okay. second post of the day.
what ive learnt.....

hello person reading this =)
stoopid la. people read my blog and now turn into rumours. how nice. oh well =)

I DO NOT LIKE MR.CHERRY LIPS. i repeat. i DO NOT like mr.cherry lips.

mr.cherry lips is not redshorts. i repeat. mr.cherry lips aint redshorts.


people know who redshorts is...
well.. alot of people know now... weird. awkward. but coool. hehe

yeah... she did something she shouldnt have done. she asked him to leave. =(

as you now know... no. he didnt come for soccer because SOMEONE asked him to go home.
stooooopid la. aiyoma! lol.

gahh. better shower now.

p.s. farah is the one who likes mr.cherry lips...
just so you know.

p.p.s today is the last day of feb. today is also the 29th of feb. today wont be here until another 4 years. wow another 4 years till a "special" day comes....
damn it. so long. gosssh =P

(back to the top.)

tut tuut :)
today i sat diagonally, one table away, from redshorts.
today i stood next to redshorts (withour knowing)
today i heard his voice for the second time.
today i know... its been a nice day.

tehehe X)
shh. people dont need to know who, yet.
yeah.. ill still write on this blog who redshorts is when i leave cempaka.
dum dum dum.
in a months time. fck, so fast time passes by.
really sad im leaving cempaka. buuuuttt look at the brightside! LESS BM. MUCH LESS.


hahah sudden song came along. had to sing it out LOUD. hehe.
no. im not a Christian. no offense to anyone la. just saying. =)
I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST CHRISTIANS! JUST SAYING. cause if i did i would be beating judah up now. hahahahaha lol.
my dad used to be a christian. then a buddhist. then a catholic. and now hes a malay.
yup. getting a new step-mama lol. shes okay. pretty rad maybe....

anyways... haha..
i hope red shorts goes for soccer today. and and tomorrow's competition.
i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope.
hehee. no really. i hope i hope i hope i hope (:
esssh. hopeing la. lol.

i kindda like his voice. XD
eeek. not like rizky man! EEEEEEEK.
EPA! EPA! EPA *hahahahaha*
his voice is deep. not ahbeng or anything. just nice. really nice.
mmmmmmmm... reminds me of joey zehr. ROAR. =P LOL.
joey can rape me. when hes desperate. lol. it so seems on "morph" that i would have a nice kid with him.... i mean compared with dougie or kyle or you know... lol.

me + kyle = gay child. lol
me + dougie = boy which bloody hell looks like a girl. = gay. ahaha
me + joey = child. pretty awesome. when puberty hits, child face turns hot. LOL.

wtf. im talking shit lol.
in history class now.

just a moment ago.
chong kien : jade stop singing! your not taking pmr!
jes : stop mocking us!
me : *puts face towards jes* HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.
ching kien : pfft. *shakes head with small laugh*

gosh. its now 2:43:43pm. cool time. hahah.
i havent listening to anything much in history class. bad bad jade. hehehe
cant wait for snothing 45 mins =D well.. i hope.
what i really mean is like erm.... i have soccer after school in 45 mins. mr.REDSHORTS might be there. well i hope i hope i hope i hope hahaha.

mrs.chelva quotes : class.. can follow?
: *clapping//slapping hands* girl... girl... can follow? i know your moving school but your still in my class.. can follow?

hahahahah. mrs.chelva the historic teacher. a legend. HAHAHA.


argh. pffft.

i think i can go head over hells. no thou shall not. hehehe.
i LOVE william shakespear. i absolutelyyyyyy love his poems. oh and a play.

pn.nora : class whats NO?
class : normally open...
pn.nora : whats NC?
class : normally closed...
me : pn nora.. whats COM?
pn nora : COME ON MONKAAAY! (monkey)
me : serious la.
pn nora : yeah yeah....

hahaha. un seriousnessss =)

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Thursday, February 28, 2008
caezun : jade

stooopid. he doesnt know what to say
carol! whens art class! blog blog blog dong. lol.

oh well.. farah hope for the best. hes on the blog. lol.

(back to the top.)

a w a r e .
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
well, since its the time for exams... my class is in the i.t. for now...
today had handball, with no rules. hahaha. so dumb.
oh and i also got to "coach" the u-15 boys team! how cool is that! LOL.
i was like "AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!" & "GO! GO! GO!"
macam so stressed. hahahah.

science class was so sad. hahah. was like nearly the center of attention. lol.
cause it was chapter 4. reproduction. and yeah... the boys kept looking at me, laughing, and saying " jade! why you smiling? you enjoying is it?"
STOOOPID LA. hahhaha.
how it started? i cant tell you hhaha. cause i found out people acutally do read my blog. HAHAHAHAHA.
i wish i could tell how read my blog. hahaha.
like in friendster [whos viewed you] lol.

i cooked pasta for dinner. for me. and for my breakfast tomorrow. lol.
im going away to sarawak in june or july or august for the "RAINFOREST WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL". cant wait. =)
& migt just go to aussie. theres a chance. OR i just hope to go with stefan to germany in december. gosh. i just hope. i havent been to germany and i sooo wanna go.
i can try ski! or snowboard! LOL. well, i can try...

i need to stop saying lol.

Children behave
That's what they say when we're together
And watch how you play
They don't understand and so we're

Runnin' just as fast as we can
Holdin' on to one another's hand
Tryin' to get away into the night
And then you put your arms around me
And we tumble to the ground
And then you say

I think we're alone now
There doesn't seem to be anyone around
I think we're alone now
The beating of our hearts
is the only sound

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oh, is it love.
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
aware; fragile; no feelings attached.

couldnt change blog skin today.. but its okay. this one is nice too. carol did such hard work to make it too. lol.
ily carol. haha =)

after watching "dan in real life" yesterday.. it somehow "changed" me i think. HAHA.
i mean.. well.. i donno la.
anways i feel so wreck. BUT. the only thing thats making me feel happy is one thing.
ONE i repeat. ONE.

so going so going so going.
OMG! SHIT! SOMETHING JUST HAPPENED! only tash will understand.
eh tash remember yesterday or whatever when i was using the comp with you and i asked "tash, when the click five comes back you'll follow me right to the concert? and stand with me in line in the morning?" and you reply "of coarse jade!"

p.s. ben romans, thanks for actually listening to me at the mcflys concert last year... if you did i mean. i think you were pretty drunk. lol. no wait. the girl was drunk not you. lol

People Marching To The Drums. Everybodys Having Fun To The Sound Of Love.

hes lips aint cherry no-more beybeh. lol.

Oh, your heart may long for love that is more near
So, when I'm gone these words will be here
To ease every fear
And dry up every tear
And make it very clear
I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I press my lips against yours
Thinking, "Oh, is it love?"

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you're one in a million.
he came. he saw. he read. hes changed.

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the arms of the one.
Monday, February 25, 2008
slept over tasha's house last night! =)
went to pavilion today. watched 2 movies, for free! ahhaha. vouchers la.
watch "dan in real life" and... JUMPER! awesome.
just to dream about haveing a boyfriend that could take you anywhere, anytime, is so awesome. gosh. hahaha. dream guy. LOL.
a jumper.

today at lunch at YO SUSHI! was so hilarious. gotta ask tasha man.
mr. oliver kept wanting to serve us. actually no. serve tasha. ahahahah.

so anyways....
school tomorrow. im having a tummy ache. came back like half an hour ago? from bangsar.
had dinner with tasha, auntie intan and papaley. lol. butter crab and rice and broccolis. SO FULL MAN. haha goshh. you have no idea.
woot woot. =D

...was swimming gala. [you already know that - i just wanna re say it.]
"mr.everyone-loves-me" played soccer. happy he lost. HA. HA. pfffft.
hes so arrogant, yet, i still think about him??

i dont think mr.cherry lips swam yesterday.

They say that good things take time
but really great things happen
in a blink of an eye
thought of the chances to meet somebody like you
were million to one
I can't believe it.
you're one in a million

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gala day.
Sunday, February 24, 2008
today was swimming gala. i got 2 hennas.
first henna - "him" logo with "him" under it.
and thenn... athira, tash, am and i decided to get another henna. all on the same place. all our "shorts".
athira - pink shorts. [with a heart]
am - white shorts. [with er, donno]
tasha - yellow shorts. [with small heart]
me - red shorts. [with tut-tuut!] hahahah.

i know someone who likes him too. she doesnt want to admit it but i hell know man!
its me! you cant lie to me! hahahah. [except "some" people]
no joke man! shes argh!!!! killing me! she found out that i like red shorts because of FARAH ZAHIDAH. you biatch la farah! gosh. i still love you. your lucky. haha.

farah damn what la you! "YEAH! LETS ALL CHEER FOR ***! CMON JADE! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! ITS ***!
more. she was screaming. cmon la farah! THINK.

anyways.... gonna sleep in tasha's house tonight. im hungry man!
tommorow to the pal-vil-li-onnn. [say it like a french]. haha.

oh yeah! dr.rizal belanja me a cupcake! i cant get over that. ahahahaha.
*belanja - enpense? (put it this way, paid for me and i dont need to pay him back)
haha lol. stooopid me.

ill blog later.

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i will not say anything.
Saturday, February 23, 2008
farah. i dont know what to say.
except i love my baby sister's swimming suit. its roxy. damn nice.
oh oh! and shaun//sean//shawn is so comel la. i got a pic of him in the camera. hahah.
my mom was like go take picture with him la. i was like malu la. lol.
instead i go take with vince. LOL.

my mom in the car : jade. you're only 14.
me : and?
my mom : shaun//sean//shawn is 16 turning 17.
me : so what! im turning 15!

ahahha. stoopid la.

p.s. farah. hope you love me for letting you speak to vince and vanessa. forgot to tell you it was her birthday. LOL.

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Friday, February 22, 2008
jesse knows who red shorts is..
im confused. really.
oh yeah farah, i think mr.lips read the blog. HAHAHA

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
one. farah you didnt update your blog. gosh! must i remind you everyday?!? hahaha.
two. sam, i am not in love with "this" cherry lips guy. hahah.
three. sam, if farah and i had such bad taste, your sweet johnny depp must be fugly.
four. i have decided that after i leve cempaka i will announce who red shorts is. i mean its not that like "many" people from cempaka read my blog righ? hahah.

oh yeah five. farah, carol told me about "eh! wheres jade? omg that bitch!" hahaha.
thats when you found out where i was sitting in the hall after break. lol.

(back to the top.)

yup. im so bloody screwed!
i talked to carol on my HOUSE phone to her HANDPHONE for more than an hour. oh noo!
daddys gonna kill me!
but it was funn =)

farah, update your blog please.

(back to the top.)

didnt get to see red shorts la today. i mean i only saw him like in the morning when i came to school. and errrrr... i saw the back of him when he finished break but i just started and and yeah....
oh and i passed his class. lol. thats all. just like short peeks. that sucks.

all because of?

but tech camp was fun. yeah. hahaha. only when we started doing our project.
me, dash, caezun, chong kien and selva. lol.
4 guys and a girl. hahah.

tomorrow another day.
from the bored and tired me.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
farah this is my second post. see previous one cause you went offline just before i could ask you to view my blog. haha

nah. -[its a 2:12secs video]

watch and drool. hahaha. jeez man!

The Notebook's Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

im sorry but im just gonna watch it again and again. ahaha.


(back to the top.)

about 11 times i have mention his name.
11 times i think. whoa. kindda alot just for ONE DAY. hahahahaha.
but i noticed today.. he lips were not as cherry red as the day before. lol.

[from farah's blog]
BABI GILER NAK MAMPOS, i freaking saw that BITCH! (jade) manjaing away with Caezun and vandalizing his oh so lushes arm. FUCK U BITCH!

And guess what, that BITCH got even BITCHIER! During lunch she came up to me and said "WHO'S THE BITCH NOW!". Stupid..




all members of fatjas were online talking together. [sounds like a club]
HAHA. JOKE. im just trying to be nice. lol.
best thing that happened today was "manjaing" caezun while getting caught by farah.

p.s. WHO THE BITCH NOW! [its to farah, only.]

xoxo i love you all. megalolz.

(back to the top.)

science class was fun today hahaha. and so was maths. lol.
first period english. i was playing around mostly with fatihin but i was chatting with ms.rani. hahahaha. awesome person to chat with.
second period sports! hahaha.
i saw caezun like at the last of the line running so i shouted "CAEZUN! FASTER! WHY SO SLOW?!?" hahaha then he giggle? and covers his ears hhahaha. carol said that was cute. i wanted farah to see but she didnt hahaha.
third period was kh [living skills - i think] and like i marked half of caezun's book, i didnt know farah! LOL. so anyways... hmmmm...
forth period was science. beginning of class got warned haha. me and caezun and jerrel were playing with the taps. hahaha. sat next to caezun cause i didnt have a book but was having fun learning japanese with joyee. caezun was learning a little. kah chun was busy with my wallet hahah.
fifth period was maths but was taking over by geo teacher BUT did maths work. since im a good girl i didnt my work yesterday so while caezun was "doing" his work hahaha [he copied] i was doodle-ing on his arm hahaha. i drew a heart and a smiley face. also wrote jade, lol and kawaii teme. which means cute bastard. lol.
suddenly farah comes in! BANG! COUGHT ON THE SPOT! HAHAH SHE WAS SO JEALOUS! yeah. showed me the middle finger =( HAHA.

from her blog.
"i freaking saw that BITCH! (jade) manjaing away with Caezun and vandalizing his oh so lushes arm. FUCK U BITCH!

And guess what, that BITCH got even BITCHIER! During lunch she came up to me and said "WHO'S THE BITCH NOW!". Stupid.."

sixth and seventh period was dance. i "pulled" a muscle on my leg. lol. so i spent time with ariff and mahesha. lol. ariff would make a good model. seriously. haha. he was showing me his modeling skills hahaha. yeah. he kept half-way taking off his shirt. hahaha. he also holded up his pants to make a "kampung" model. dei hahaha.

OMG! i didnt say but after lunch on the way up guess who was behind us [me carol farah sara....] red shorts! LOL.
i kept saying tut tuut! okay fine. i only said it twice. ahahaa.
gosh. so comel. oh shut up jade. hahah. i was gonna walk up the stairs infront of his but i was to scared so instead i went up the stair infront of sara and behind her was him. =D hahaha.
*biting fingers!*

okay will come online later. i need to shit. HAHAHA. farah just shat [shited].
hahah. yeah. we are really open if you didnt know. lol.
dont get disgusted hahah.

jadems (:

(back to the top.)

you're so jealous!
farah is so jealous. lol. i mean cmon! LOL.
pfft. specially when she saw what i was doing hahah. lol.

i had a special moment just now. wont tell you what la but yeaaah x) lol.
its not that special but put all the moment together its special. haha im talking crap now. lol.

my word babes.

xoxo love me farah. hahahaha.
see you in a moment. dance now =O

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lick my lips. lol.
from farah's blog. seriously. haha.

"Jade I wanna sleep.. Love you like shit.. Love caezun's lips too. BAHA."

gosh. i dont know what to say except er... ill talk about caezun lips? HAHAHA.
this is for you farah.
well... caezun er.. licks his lips often. *tempting*
most of the time it is cherry red *more tempting*

yeah. tempting. tempting to what? HAH! YOU SHALL NEVER FIND OUT! MUAHAHAHAHA.
i love spongbob.

ily farah see you in school. hahaha. yeah! see you in class caezun! lol.
omg. its gonna so weird when he reads this. hahahhaha. oh well im prepared to get red!


(back to the top.)

i cant resist.
farah. you're so duhhhh. gosh. caezun's gonna read my blog then he's gonna go to your blog la stoopid. so even if i show or not, he's still gonna see your blog.

he's gonna know you like his lips? you like to stare but sadly you cant touch.
wait! its like that song lyrics. the fast food song. wait i go get it lol.
here it is! ta-daa!

I think of you and lick my lips
You've got the taste I can't resist!

gosh. sounds hot and tempting. lol.

(back to the top.)

i'll wave a flag for you =)
gosh. farah is so retard. look at what shes trying to say in her blog []
gosh. hahahaha. she couldnt stop licking her lips? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
thats was so funny. gosh but its true. he does lick his lips often. you see. he doesnt want it to be dry. LOL. cause then people wouldnt want to stare at his lips! duh.
i mean not like i stare la. seriously. lol.

hi caezun if you are reading this HAHAH. i know you know my url. you told me this morning during science. hahahaha. gosh.

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oh no! argh.
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
im in caterpillar now. [my moms work place thing, yeah you now...]
and and i have tuition now la! maths tuition for 2 hours! gosh.
well.. im using the down starts internet from the bakery hahahahah.
im stealing, i know.

anyways... haiz. tired la. bet im gonna sleep in tuition. haha. oh well =)
didnt really see much of red shorts today. i saw him twice. one in the morning and the other was after the lunch bell rung. hahaha.
he saw me. i swear. its not my fault people walk so slow. hahah.
but i was bitting my finger so yeah gave a smirky-smile. lol.
if you understand what that means. lol..

farah. you the biatch. lol.
how can you make me chose between two guys?!?! cmon! and plus. im not choosing jay son.
so yeah. =D

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Mr. Boss
Monday, February 18, 2008
i just read farah's blog. i was reading about our trip to janda baik and that was soooo hilarious. good times. good times. lol.

argh. i just facebooked dr.rizal. how weird//cool is that!?! hahahaha.
asked him not to bring games carnival to april. hahaha.

just posting cause im bored. im suppose to sleep but im too malas to sleep?
hahah. weird.

Jade Lim wrote
at 10:50pm
dr.rizal please dont push games carnival to april even if it crashes with msskl! can you instead bring it back during the middle of march?
so then i can play =)

Iskandar Rizal (Malaysia) wrote
at 11:08pm
I hadn't even thought of this, Jade. You cannot play if the GC's in April? How come?

Jade Lim
at 11:11pm
hahaha well dont push it to april! cause im leaving to maz inter. school =(
then poor helang has no goalkeeper hahaha

Iskandar Rizal (Malaysia) wrote
at 11:28pm
Ooo, no favoritism! We'll have to see what the MSSMKL schedule is like...

Jade Lim wrote
at 11:34pm
hahaha i know i know. msskl i heard is also during the 24th to the 29th. aiyoo.

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smile back!
rule number one. learn how to smile back.
hahaha. stooopid.
today, i learnt about a sunblock. a cool sunblock. a sunblock i wanna use.
a legendary sunblock.
the one and only "zinc stick sunblock"

if guys were mush mellows, theyd so be richy.

handball today - HOT.
red shorts was there. hes taking handball now? HAHAHAHA.
sorry. wait. HAHAHA. cute. but SHAZ CAN PLAY MAN!
[shaz - guy in form 2]
athira shot a ball right it my face. fcukinghard. it was so pain man. WRECK MY NOSE.
gosh. its a hard life. hahahah.

ill post tomorrow. oh and changing background tomorrow. it has been a week =D

p.s. farah calls red shorts a player. haha.
p.p.s. i fcuking hell wanna watch TAKING 5.

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i love tissues, for now.
Sunday, February 17, 2008
&& and mum freaking met him. thank god she asked for an autograph from him but he gave more. a note. a stoopid note but it says DEAR JADE & LOVE UTT.

he wrote on those bar tissues. he says "dear jade, i bet you're as beautiful as your mum!! love utt"
okay. i have to admit. cmon man. you had to write about my mom? gosh. she probably asked utt to write that. HAHA. weird.

i put the note in my wallet. gonna show it to carol farah athira am and blah blah blah tomorrow. oh and on tuesday ill rub it in tasha's face. HAHAHAHAHA. lol.
gosh. my mum first said i could frame it. LOL.
hell yesh if it was from joey or kyle or mcfly =D
hey. i got a note from utt. how can i not dream of getting a note from joey, kyle or mcfly? give me a break. i can dream. hahaha.

thanks mum.

okay. ill post tomorrow.
xoxo me.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008
i had 2 blowjobs yesterday. tash had three. such a biatch. hahahaha.
she had an extra one free from the bar tender. wth righte? ahahaha.

bar dude : you're the most beautiful girl in the bar tonight.
tash : why thank you.
bar dude : can i buy you a drink?
tash : sure.
bar dude : what would you like?
tash : er, anything.
bar dude : i'll give you a blow-job.

hahaha. wei. can you imagine me and tash's reaction when afzar [wrong spelling im guessing] was like "LETS GET BLOW-JOBS!"
first reaction. what the shitz?

gosh. im pretty sure my bro is hitting on tash. what a twat. lol.

anyways. had fun yesterday. baking with tash was good too. im bringing some er "cakes" on monday to school, if, theres anything left. hahahaha.

oh yeah. one more thing. carol likes listening to me when i talk about red shorts. how weird is that i cant get over that. hahahahaa.
ily =D

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Friday, February 15, 2008
carol likes to hear about red shorts, like some sort of bedtime story. making me repeat about him. its pretty weird but funny at the same time. hahahaaha. she likes him. wait. mrs celva calling me.
okay back. hahaha. i cleaned her comp. lol. so messy her desktop man! gosh. =D
anyways. i think carol likes red short.
HEARD THAT CAROL?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i dont care cause im not freaking obsessed.
back again. i just cleaned her comp again. and just again. hahahahahahaha.

tash is coming to my house today to bake. and like yeah. party after. dont really know the belated bday boy but he invited so yeah. oh well. jesse and johan is gonna be there too. and some toehr form 4s i heard. oh well. michael anderson too. gosh. wonder hows bryna. hahahaha. random.

i miss hazi. i miss mcfly. i love joey =D

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expensive day.
Thursday, February 14, 2008
its jade. not happy. im losing money. stoopid valentines. gosh. hahaha =)
anyways.. happy valentines day to all. hope you are not broke. seriously. hehe. im having art now but theres no art so its kemahiran hidup. i dont know whats that in english but yeah. free time lah. lol.

dear carol, weeeee. hahahaha. what website did i mention? i donno. forgot la. i think the one below la.
go home and download or gimme something to put the song in or like i bluetooth to you la. gosh =)

(back to the top.)

happy valentine's day !
OMG JADEEEE. how dare you! eeesh. I hate you. I want I want :] pleaseeeee. dammit. oh btw, Happee Valentineeee's. ;) I feel awesome. I think Ammie feels even more awesome. <3 yayersss. I love love love you, Jade.

p/s : redshorts? TELL ME!

pps : happy valentine's day everyone!

wooohoo! i'm here again. stupid school won't let me download. shiiit. what was the website you were mentioning just now!? nyehhh. :( anyways, sejarah class. blekh. see ya.

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kidnap my heart =)
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
i, jade, have the one and only song which is kindda hard to get. the full version on kidnap my heart.
wait. the rock version.
WOAH! i know! =D
i uber super doper loveee it. like a lot.
heres the website to download it
heres where i got it. lol.
here you go. have fun singing a lot peeps. weeee!

Hey girl, whats your name i think I caught you looking my way
Do you wanna know how to get me of to your own
Weekends work the best i pick the place you do the rest
Hey now don't be shy but you got to keep me in line
Love at first sight never thought in could happen to me
but you made me believe

Kidnap my heart
take me with you
Kidnap my heart
make my dreams come true
Take me away cause falling in love
Is very far, not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

Can you get me up more
Fun that i can ever dream of
Could you tie me down
Can you keep me hanging around
I don't wanna be into keep you company
Put your hand in mine got to hold on top of the ride
Love at first sight never thought in could happen to me
but you made me believe

Kidnap my heart
take me with you
Kidnap my heart
make my dreams come true
Take me away cause falling in love
Is very far, not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

You've got to hold me tighter
Cause I'm a real fighter
Don't tear us apart
Love at first sight never thought in could happen to me
but you made me believe

Kidnap my heart
take me with you
Kidnap my heart
make my dreams come true
Take me away cause falling in love
Is very far, not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

Kidnap my heart
Kidnap my heart....

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tomorrow's valentines. sadly, expensive.
jeeez. THANKS CAROL! THIS IS FUNNNNN =D oh yeah, its joey you got that righteee.
aiyo tomorrow valentines. gosh. eh better thank farah, athira and me for doing the flowers man! HAND WORK!. hahah. oh and i still absolutely love the song "kidnap my heart" boleh tak send to me?
love you. hahah. im eating cereal for dinner oh well.
donno who to give flowers too la.
okay okay i got about 12 flowers.
i give er farah athira am you[carol] sara alys puteri aminah mr.ashwin and [ about 3 extras ].
oh i wanna be an extra in a movie hahahah.
i want joey and doug for my valentines please. that would be so awesome. best valentines. ahahahah.
what if i dont give am? she got so many already. no shes going to get so many. weee. lol.
well good luck am on carrying all the flowers from 8 something till 3.30 hahahahhaha =P

weeee. xoxo jade. no not gossip girl.
i say that a lot, to jesse hahahah.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
hellozomghi. :) my blog blog blog. finally. [:

[edit] HELLO JADE! [: my dear dear Jade.
the blog is done!
its rather pink-a-pinksy,
but still ok, kan?
ohhh, btw, we're going to change it during next moral class?
no keep looking at in awe. love you love you! [: xxxxx. CAROLYNN! [: [/edit]

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