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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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a little cheeky for a little money!
Sunday, September 28, 2008
bitch to the shit to the assfrigginmotherofonionrings.
fuck in 10 different languages.
fuck (english), faen (norwegian), ngentot (indon), perkele (finland), pirdhu (albanian), ficken (german), fanden (danish), ffwc or ffwcio (welsh), vaffanculo (italian), jodete (spanish).

yes, as you can tell.. i am grounded
and i dont even know for how long. which pisses me off. deei!

here. educate yourselves for europe. i love this guy..

and here. videos which are fun to watch. pianos are cool now. :D

i loss my chem note book. the first book. like holycow man! better pinjam someone's book tomorrow and photocopy. hahahah

happy birthday to akansha tomorrow...!

im watching a bunch of vids on youtube.
so cool! :D hahah.
you should watch a lighter in slowmotion. its amazing. including popcorn!
ahahaha. and cute cats "talking". ill post that one up next time..

oh! and how to use a tampon. HAHAHAHAHA.
hilarious shit wright there!

i want to get the song Second Nature by Kyle Patrick.

i miss Coffee Terrence.

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the list of annoying songs.
Friday, September 26, 2008
so im using my mac infront of the telly.
im on channel 714 on astro. which only means im watching Channel [V]..
"the list" is on now.
their playing "the list of annoying song.. ever"
hahahhahah. funnnnnny :P

so heres the list!
barbir girl - aqua
the cheeky song - the cheeky girls
thethe thong song - sisqu
believe - cher
all the things she said - tatu
tubthumping - chumbawamba
starts are blind - paris hilton
mmmbop - hanson (i like this song!)
blue - eiffel 65
lemon tree - fool's garden
beautiful - james blunt
who let the dogs out - the baha men

yes. that was the list.
guess what!
i actually liked most of the songs man! classics, yo!
lollollol :D

oh my god
you have to check this out.
check out tasha talking with joe on facebook.
hilarious shit man.
tasha's blog.

go go go now!

k. i gtg now.
i gtg give deana back her book! :P
ciao fellow no bodys. :)


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complications of the heart
Thursday, September 25, 2008
sometimes, somethings.. just upsets me.
its weird how stuff seems to be just fine, but, a moment later plans change.
i finally took it more seriously and it turns out its not gonna happen.

i was upset yet piss this late morning. i wanted to blog so bad but i didnt have my mac with me..
plus, i was in school.

im watching greys anatomy on telly now.
i think the episode it called complications of the heart. thats gonna be my title.. :)
watching this show a couple of times makes me think that george is pretty good looking.
now goodlooking at is like joey zehr or ryan ross way.. but..
good looking in the joe guese way :D

its the type of person i wouldnt think i would like. you know?
like for example joe.
ive never actually really like him until august 3rd :)
gosh.. its hard to explain. just pretend like i ever said that. hahahha

i want to get a piece of my birthday cake...
mmmhm. sounds nice. hahah
chocolate, yo. heheh

my birthday passed really fast.
i feel pretty older now. i dont know why.
more er, matured??

things to look forward to..
yes, which means.. HALOWEEN!

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and its all about me! :D
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
happy birthday to meeeee :)

i day just got better when i came home.
lydia called me. she told me something i couldnt believe, literally.
she wished and said "JOE GUESE WISHED YOU?!?"
what was practically breathless. jaw dropped.
the joe from the click five.

all i could say was "nah! stop it! your kidding!"
ladeeda deeda. i was wrong.

heres a picture :)
do click on it to view it properly. yes, more clearly.

well, know i know. he does read his wall. hahaha :)
i wrote on his wall something like "can i try my luck and see if youll wish me a happy birthday??"
'guese' im lucky! hahahah

i got 3 Body Shop bar soaps from my step mum.
some thing on pink thing from my nana in aussie. its kindda cool. it includes a watch and a mirror....
did i mention money?
lots of money?
hahaha :)

okaay. i have to go now. i gotta get ready for dinner at souled out :)
blog latter on.
nah. not lots but there is money! heheh

the day is ending pretty fast.
ill LOVE to thank everyone for wishing me!
ive gotten over 100 wishes on facebook alone.
feels cool! hahahah :)

just writing this post, ive gotten another 6 wishes on facebook! :D

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its all tonight.
today is my birthday.
happy birthday to me, nisha foo and bruce springsteen! :D
may we all have a great day. hahaha.

this is just a short post.
to wanted to give a shout out.
its 1:00:11am. whoa! cool timing!

better head of to sleep. i didnt sleep much last night.
... i wonder why eh?

just for all of you to imagine..
later today at 3:30pm, think of a lady screaming her head off.
at 3:37pm, think of a baby popping out.
yes, that is i.

kk. short post over.
might blog tonight. we'll see.


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unipires staying in hotels. hot.
Monday, September 22, 2008
its official. tomorrow is my birthday.
well actually, in 23 hours but you know. whatever :)
im celebrating the same birthday with Nisha Foo & BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.
hardy har har!

for my english book report, i decided to write about Cecilia Ahern's one and only book "Love, Rosie".
its phenomenal.

last night my mom was suppose to pick me up from tasha's house at 11pm but she didnt..
thank goodness in a way.
i was already sleeping. she rang me up at about 12 telling me shes been ringing the doorbell for an hour.
*i dont think so*
i was like oh. no comment. she then told me she was already at home.

yesterday for dinner, tash, i, some cempaka cheras dudes and some other ppl i dont know had dinner at freaking starhill.
you tell me which high school students eat at freaking starhill.
ohmygod the bill came up to RM690.
like holy shit right?
i knew it would happen and i knew i didnt have loads of cash so i just ordered something simple.
before i tell you what i ordered i want you to know a bottle of water caused about 14 bucks!
and its a SMALL bottle.

okay, going back to what i ordered..
i ordered one of the most cheapest things on the menu.
springrolls and TAP WATER.
i love the tap water bit.

lady : may i take your order?
me : yeah.. ill just have some spring rolls. chicken spring rolls.
lady : and your drink?
me : er..... ill just have a glass of water. not the bottle.

hahaha. im the bomb man. i only paid rm15 out of rm690.
cause no way on earth my food had costed more.

oh no. today when i wake up for school....
its gonna be a bummer.
cause the first 2 periods are chemistry.
couldnt they give us english?????

i cried a few times today.
one because my money is missing. the money i saved. my allowence i barely spent.
two becuase i watched this movie called "The Freedom Writers"
its a true story. touching.

before i can wake up, its gonna be octorber and ill be in the kampung site with my dad, stepmom and tasha. (my dad and stepmama loves tasha. hahaha)
but for that one night we're gonna stay in a hotel.
specially Genting Hotel.
hehehe :)
nah, no particullar reason. *coughcoughcough*

its 1:27:35am now.
on a 22sd day of september.
dont think its raining. nah. it aint.
he rained like hell in the afternoon. i didnt see it cause i was in the mall but i could hear it.
it was one word. which is "DAYMNNNN!"
also know as raining cats and dogs.
meow. roof. meof.

just now in the evening, i saw white people atthe pasar malam.
do you actually see that?!?
no you dont.
i was shocked.
its kindda of an asian thing. i think.

i cant wait till the movie "The Rocker" comes out.
i so wanna see it.
its so "my" movie. hahaha :D
cant waitto watch tropic thunder too! and pineapple express.

i dearly miss england everyday.
its nearly been a year.
i wish i won a loterry ticket so i can fly myself back there.
tasha has to come along too for old times sake :)
and with that lottery money, ill also go to LAS VEGAS.
and duh, boston! and L.A.

ill make sure ill go to gigs too!
do some you know.. stalking! hahahaha.

okay ill shut up now.

blah blah blah. been blogging for quite some time now.
its been, 30 mins. wow.
time flies. (when you're having fun. you wake up, another year is gone. you're 21)
hahaha. im so lame.
thats me. lame. but its cool being lame and admitting it cause you tend to laugh at it.

my left leg is numb.
its freaking numb.
no, its not funny.
just joking! i cant feel anything! hahahahahhaha :)

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we're forever young ;
Friday, September 12, 2008
zuly! sorry this took like forever.
hahaha. you should message me on facebook not this blog :P
anywho, if you still want to know how to do the password thing, here it is.
just copy paste it to your template and just edit it. :)

please note that the html aint gonna appear here.
message me on facebook! :D


today is september the 12th.
awesome. just another 10 days + 1 day till my birthday!
oh yes, and its also gonna be Nisha Foo Yen Sha's birthday too.
i hear shes gonna be back for her birthday :)

well summer is overrr. sadly.
but i did have a great awesome amazing one.
along with tasha :D

on monday the 8th of september at exactly 7:42pm i took off my MAA wrist band.
sniff sniff. heheh.
but its cool. i still have my post party on my wrist. and its looking good!

i got my exams marks. horrible man.
best - 78% for english.
worst - 35% for physics.

im hungry now.
i had coco pops for dinner.
oh tash, remember he old times when we had coco pops about this time in england?
yes its 1:10am.
hahah we would be eating coco pops watching viva la bam or jackass on telly in my grandparent's kitchen. hahah
good times. good times.

talking about coco pops.
fahmi is eating cereal now.
how ironic man! :P
lets ask him what brand//flavour.
waiting for a reply......
hes reply "i donno, my sister bought so i also join them eating it"
very nice... very nice.

i know you are reading this now so HI FAHMI.
im gonna see you in school on 7 hours :D
i only go to school for english.

havent done english homwork yet!
dum dum dummm!
can do in the canteen tomorrow morning la. i have like 3 hours of free time.


im stuck on this persons page on myspace.
she seems to be a pretty cool girl.
the song playing on her page is "about a girl" by the academy is
thats the reason im on her page. haha

do you think containers rhyme with anus?
cause fahmi thinks so.
what the hell fahmi! hahahaha
they so dont rhyme!
anus rhymes with spontanius.

hahaha.. tsk tsk tsk.

its nealy Octorber.
something awesome is gonna happen.
i hope it does. i hope we find "it".

fahmi and i are still disagreeing about the containers and anus rhyming thing.
-ners and -nus dont rhyme!
okay fine. it kindda does why but please! its not a proper rhyme!
everybody knows what! hahah :P

faishal wants a fedora hat. and a vest. [RYAN ROSS]
we need to go to the mall, soon.

confessions are dirty.

I'm not in love.
This is not my heart.
I'm not gonna waste these words,
About a boy..

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