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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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he's best at moaning; oh dougie. HAHA :)
Saturday, April 18, 2009
shit.. and i'll it a million times. and then i'll say it a million more times.

.. and all together i said "shit" 2 million times.

i got it from "YES MAN" the movie. ahh nevermind. im just talking crap.

i am currently obsessing over dougie, again.
i mean i never stopped liking him but when i mean obsessing... i mean OBSESSING.
he is so hot. its not my fault.
i love you sweet beloved first husband. HAHA. sorry. i know. overreacting-ish :/

dreams are so over rated this few days.
last last night was the grudge driving a 7 seater dark red car (LOOKS LIKE MY COUSIN'S)
and last night... my class mates were in my dream!

i cant really remember what happened but this is what i know.
  • we were somewhere i knew in the dream but i dont know in real life. (50% sunway)
  • practically my close class mates were there.
  • only one girl who kindda looked like rina was whom i didnt know.
  • we bough fries together on the other side of the building/mall.
  • she has fries with cheese. mine was 40% cheese. WTF?
  • there was a roller coaster thing. it was dangerous. you fall off at the end, i think.
  • fahmi was next to me :)
  • when we all kindda fell off.. fahmi was being protective. hahaha like EDWARD! hah.
  • encik salleh was also in my dream. he screamed at me.. for ditching msskl. it was HARSH.
yeah.. i think thats mostly it. i can remember if i brought fries first before going on the roller coaster or the other way around.

  • deana could fly and only i knew.
  • somehow.. i was not with the group but i was with deana somewhere and i think i was being chased?!
  • anywho, deana piggy-backed me?! hahahaha and then we flew. she was AWESOME.
  • and to land we had inbetween rock-walls. hard to explain. common in deserts. like this =>
  • ..... and there were random big holes in the walls-like balconies-where people stood, watching deana and i.. as we landed twirling..
  • we pretend not to be seen... or like mary poppins. =.=
  • people were amazed that it actually worked.. landing with unbrellas.


yeah. er.. amazingFont size aint it?

fahmi, i miss you like a bitch. seriously.
yes faishal, i miss you too. hahahaha

im suppose to go to klcc with nahla to buy aky's present.
BUT. she forgot and shes at her uncles house at gods knows where. =.=
brilliant. now i cant buy that awesome girl which reads twilight on it cause..

out of budget! argh. damn this world. i rather trade.


where did i go right?
how did i get you?

i miss F arah
i miss A thira
i miss
T asha

i miss
J ade
- not really, too much time with her..
i miss
A malina

i miss
S amira.

can i drop by cempaka one of these days?
mayb wednesday? bad or good? farah im coming to your house! hahaha :D

douglas lee poynter, am i so in love with you.
cause you're so damn hot!"

some people might find the next picture rather disgusting but hells with you.
i know you starred//will stare at the picture for a good 3 seconds or more. dont lie :)

dougie left, danny right.
the game is called "the flaming lady"
this is when they tuck in their dicks and light up their pubic hair. HAHAHA.

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backspace this.
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
i've learnt how to do circles.. if you know what i mean :)
i cant say it here. sadly.. oh well.

kuantan was fun.
iman joined tash and i at the HYAATS. ( thats correct spelling rite? :P )
anywho, we were actually suppose to stay at summerset.
we arrived there and after an hour we checked out.
poor aunty intan (tash's mum), paid rm800 and no refund.
sad sad. i think thats how summerset earns money.
they get people to stay a couple of days.. but secretly make them check out, if you know what i mean.. ahaha

iman has this dark dark tan now.
shes like this indian malay girl. hahahhahaah NOT A RACIST. just saying :P
i mean whoa mama. shes is D.A.R.K. to the bone! lollollol.

omg youll never guess what was right outside the hotel.
mcd and kfc... and er.. COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH.
stuff.. :P
kan tash? yes. helium ballons! HAHA.

i am now mrs. Jackson Brundage.
muahahaha :) yeah man! hahahahhahahahaa
im now going pedo! lolzors.

ill get a cloned son of him. he is so cute. i love him.
yes i really do.
kids like him make me wanna have kids.
that sounds kindda creepy but yeah. hahahaha :)

its only day 2. which sucks balls. nearly day 3 tho, so i can email you. hahaha :)
sayang, imissyouandiloveyou :)
i shall shower and sleep soon to pass by the time faster.

i can tell that this holiday is going to be loooooong. :(
but only until redang. then i have ji soo with me 24/7 for like a week ish.
woooot! ahahhaha

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a toast to hate.
of out 13 days of april. 12/13 has been an ass. 1/13 has been good.
guess what? im so not in a good mood now.
if i wrote all the swear words in my head, you wouldnt even understand me.
forget that. you'll wonder if there are such words.

i hate the fact i know.
i hate the fact its true.

its the only thing ruining it.

*ill write about kuantan later tonight, when im back in mama's house.*

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head to toe, zone shake ;
Friday, April 10, 2009
this heart, it beats. beats for only you. my heart is yours..

my mind is totally blown out. hahahahaha :)
happyness is over rated and im in love with it.
right now im in tasha's house.. still in pjs! hehe
tash is taking a shower.
its 8:52 at this moment.

.... i would say its been 10 hours and 30 mins -ish? :)

hahaha so retarded :)

exams are over. holidays have started.
its pretty sad but yet good.
for like a week or swomething only. hahahaha

i just wrote a smiley and back spaced it. too much smileys!

went to sunway yesterday.
me fahmi faishal sonia akanksha sushi vincent omama ahmed w. ahmed h. ji soo crys suyeon sana nahla... er i think thats about it.

we watched friday the 13th.
it wasnt THAT bad. but but its like..... BAM! JASON EVERYWHERE.
jeeeeez. he came out in the movie earlier than expected. thats why the first time i was screaming out "@#$%!!!!!!!! @#$%^$%^%&#%^&!!"

hahaha can you guess? :P

before that some of us skated and some of us.. ate? i dont know. i was in the ice skating group

well after the movie we hung out.
group got seperated again.
thats the prob about going in big groups..

we had dinner in subway. akanksha gave me a gift!
its cute! its those thing you let it sit on the edge of the table.. heheh

so.. akanksha went back. then vincent. then omama, nahla and sushi followed vincent.
fahmi faishal ahmed and me were left.
but not for long cause fahmi already called his mum :(

well wasnt much of a choice. it was getting late and i had to get my ass to tasha house before it was too late.
it was nice.. cause you and i both never get that, "time". you know? :/

you got me currently living on butterflies.
and it sucks i wont see you until may.
holyfuckingassshit-la! argh.

sayangiloveyou :)

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so where are we going?
Saturday, April 4, 2009
2:30pm - i lost it.
at about 2:15? he put his fingers inside of me. and some tools..
hard, soft ; all kinds.
it was okay i guess. i thought it was going to be pain but it wasnt.
i asked him before we began if its gonna hurt, he said no.. not really.. nah.

but yeah.

IM TALKING ABOUT MY BRACES (actually, only the top jaw) YOU FOOL!

it felt weird for a while.
smooth.... empty. :/

yeah yeah.
tonight will be the first night to brush my teeth without my top brace for the first time in 2 years.
zomg! hahaa :)

i did my bio exam on friday.
it wasnt THAT bad. hahahaha
it was.. better than physics. yeah! chem next! dum dum duumm!

tonight im gonan finish esclipse.
another 9 pages. i saved the 9 pages for tonight hahaaha
so that tomorrow ill concentrate on chem since today was so.... non studious.
ya know? :P

today is did.... er..
read about just above 100 pages of eclipse, went to the dentist, walked.. walked my dog, played batminton with dora... watch a lil telly...
and i woke up at 7.30am, and its a saturday! gosh. hahaha
but only at 8 i got up from bed. for half and hour i played with tamara =.=

im feeling very blah now.
i am in love..

... with everybody knows by john legend. hahahaha :)
but no. seriously. i LOVE it.
its just so beautifuuuuull.

and i hope one day you'll see, nobody has it easy
i still can't believe you found somebody new
but i wish you the best, i guess
'cause everybody knows that nobody really knows
how to make it work or how to ease the hurt
we've heard it all before everybody knows just how to make it right
i wish we gave it one more try, one more try, one more try, one more try,
'cause everybody knows but nobody really knows

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Thursday, April 2, 2009
yes. physics test was one word : BAAAAAAALLS!!
no shit, hardassmofo!
opened the question paper.
read the first question.
i then started to swear (hardcore) constantly on my mind.

thats how bad.
in the end i finished it.
i found out i got the first question half write.
i didnt write down the formula but i wrote down the sum.
so yeah.. hahaha

die another day.
hahahhaaha. my own little joke :P

im am so full.
so i decided to eat an orange!
cause its an acid and it help digest and crap, yeah.
so i peeled the orange and began to eat it.
hell yes. freakin sour.
i swear one day im gonna have this game and i shall give you all the oranges.
first one to finish, congratulations. seriously no joke.
i finished half.
other half i put it back into the fridge.

i wanna call you :(
cause i cant call you later..

yes. im gonna study and sleep.
i might do something ive been wanting to do for a while...
hmm.. ill think about it.

i googled myself just now, again :)
yes, i found some blogs that read either
"JADE WAS HERE! i miss her like crazy!"
"i miss jade"
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (:

okay lah. blog tomorrow (again) as usual.
goodnight peeps (:

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