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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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that the life without you would be unbearable
Sunday, November 29, 2009
This was just meant to be
You are coming back to me
‘cause, this is pure love
‘cause, this is pure love

I know you are more afraid
Then i’ll say i will wait
‘cause, this is pure love
‘cause, this is pure love

Mikham tane ghashangeto
To baghalam begiram
Begam ageh nabashi
Karam tamoomeo
Bedooneh to mimiram

Mikham labato roo labam
Bezary ta hamisheh
Begam keh zendegy digeh
Bedooneh to nemisheh

to i-ven.. thanks for letting me stay over
to i-ven, tasha and zack.. thanks for an awesome time? :P :)

guitar hero with controllers is the shit! hahaha
i beat tasha's and i-ven's asses for the song 'DREAM ON by AEROSMITH'.. on HARD! hahahah.
im so awesome like that lah :P

but seriously. the song is awesome. i just looooooove it.

To nistio ta abad
Bito delam migireh
Amma zamooneh migeh
Keh digeh kheili direh

to my bffmfl (bestfriendformofolife) ahahahaha... i love you :) thanks for coming over today and taking me out.
we just have to wait till you get your license then we go crazy :P <3

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words of comfort
Saturday, November 28, 2009
i must have heard those at least a thousand times.
but none like hers.
so simple yet its something.

i had a dream the other night.
i miss london :/

oh ji soo!
my mum loves you! :P hahahahahaa
she was talking about you yesterday.
saying stuff like how you have so much to comment on stuff its nice to watch.
yeah. hahahah
she said youre sweet too!
i know youre aww-ing now!

i did my eyebrows yesterday in bangsar.
weeee :)
ive been too lazy to do much for it.

christmas is coming!

my mum wants to send me to perth this december before the school closes.
what if i move even earlier? would it mean something to you?

sometimes like now, i wish i could have just one day for me.
just one.
but i know it will hurt.
i think this is ironic.. that im wearing a wristband that says livestrong. :P

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Thursday, November 26, 2009
i stand between a broken glass.
shall you pick up the pieces and glue me back together?
or shall you just melt me and make me into something new?

i dont know what it is but someone please, just hurry up.

i lie. after another lie. which leads to another.
all lies.
im not fit for this. never was.
but now that youve dumped me here, i have no where else to go.

he said the same words.
he too said the same words.
they said the same words.
not those comforting ones.
the ones you recently said.

i dont need the luxury.
i dont need the cars.
i just want my honey, my baby, my heart.

running deep into the forest,
we are not in fear.
the sun is shinning through the trees.
as you chase for me, we sparkled.
we laughed.
thats when you reached for me and told me those 3 words you once said.
infinity. and beyond.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
its official that you are poop! :D

yaaaaaay! you look and smell like those brown things at my back garden.
my dog's shit.

congrats :)
i feel so happy for you :)

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dear friend :)
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
i wish you were far away from here.
i wish you were far away from here.
i wish you were far away from here.
just turn around.

i dont want to see your face, again.
maybe im just hoping that tomorrow wont come.
im sitting down and bumping around.
in the dark so no one can see.
how much you mean to me.

maybe its time.
maybe its not.
maybe its me.
baby dont give up.

ive try my best
now i cant keep up.
will you hold me tight?
or could sing for me tonight?

i dont want to be anywhere but here.
i dont want to believe, this is all real.
i wish i could skip what is happening.
i wish i could fly far away from here.

why is this happening to me?
what is this turning out to be?

save me.
just pick me up.
drive me.
far away.

save me.
just pick me up.
help me stand.
ive fallen hard on the ground.

my heart is bleeding.
my lungs are tearing apart.
my body is shaking.



you can kiss my ass.

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That we exsist but we're taking it slow
the closer i got to 'Point B' the more butterflies i had.
its amazing how nervous and scared i was.
in a violent way, if was as if someone was messing around with stomach.

i had to repeat words to myself as i walked closer.
if people saw me they would most prolly think i was crazy. really.
i found it kindda funny.

less than half the distance away, my mind was going crazy.
yelling at me not to feel the way i felt and to stay calm.
another voice inside was head was yelling for me to say something ive been wanting to say for a long time.
but ive been too afraid. afraid to tell the truth. afraid to know what would happen after.

today was the day. im glad i said it if not i think i wouldve gone nuts.

so im just gonna pray and hope. thats all i can do. ill play my part, the best i can, and i'll be wishing it all turns out okay.
okay is good. nothing is perfect.

Are you mine? Are you mine?
Cos I stay here all the time,
Watching telle, Drinking wine,
Who'd of known, Who'd of known,
When you flash up on my phone,
I no longer feel alone.

Let's just stay, Let's just stay,
I wanna lie in bed all day,
We'll be laughing all the way,
You told your friends,
They all know,
That we exsist but we're taking it slow,
Lets just see how we go,
Now let's see how we go.

thats from lily allen's new video. well new song to me hahah.
i think the vid is cool. she kidnaps elton john. random but awesome.
OMG the chorus. it really sounds like the song 'shine' by take that.
yes. i know take that. :)

just help sew me up and we can try to make this work.
we can just try.
what do you have to lose?

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day 41 & i'm still sore..
Sunday, November 22, 2009
currently waiting for two things.
(i) ji soo to watch episode 7 of some korean show so she can tell me which part to watch.
(ii) my dinner. pizza. yum yum.

i went to ou just now.
had to help my mum out with her mini function thingy.
ji soo came along :)

after that we went s&j to buy a present for her friend's birthday.
she bought a tiny patrick! cuteness.
we then headed for lunch.. and then..
tried out some stuff.
ji soo.. i think we need some kind of wonder-bra that makes boobs smaller. HAHAHA

so far, todays been good i guess.
unlike yesterday..
i got to keep my mind busy with other stuff.
today : not so emo.. happy? :)

im suppose to be studying.
why arent i?
maybe i know why.. :/
prolly tomorrow will turn out okay. no. good.
these days you just cant trust the word 'okay'.
i will pray like how she told me to.

and god.. if youre listening, please dont make me go through this anymore.
my heart has been torn apart, slowly, to feel the torture.

Cos without your kissin'
My heart's just a prison
I'm hoping and wishin'
That girl I'm forgiven
Say yeah

Cos every time you leave me I'm sad
The moment you're returning I'm glad
So let's not go forgetting what we have
Cause it's bad

We're lovin' each day as if it's our last
Dancing all night and havin' a blast
Oh baby, I want you right here next to me
We're lovin' each day as if it's our last
Dancing all night and havin' a laugh
Please baby I need you here

If I hurt your feelings
Then baby we're even
Cos I've been bereavin'
Since you said you're leaving
But now you're by my side...
Let's not fight...
Cos you're right

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i'll find the grace.
Saturday, November 21, 2009
no matter how many list im able to make about the bad things..
just one thing on the good side beats it all.
and something ill always hold on too.
to cherish. to love.

the last memory we spent together was by far the best.
it wasnt anything that great but it was still something meaningful.

i regret so much in such a little time.
all that madness.
the fights, the ignorance.
the times i didnt feel loved. but i was wrong.
i thought i knew and felt it.
it was nothing compared to now.

my chest feels like its compressed.
no air going in.
my heart is always racing.

this thing sucks me in. but it doesnt spit me out.

i didnt expect things to be like this.
like was either disneyland or shit.
this.. for me.. feels worst than diarrhea.

i dont usually run away from things.
well, didnt. not the same story anymore.

this thing youre putting me in feels like agony.
its not that i want to end my life but i want to run away.
far far away.

thats why im thinking about my mom's offer.
and i just might move to perth this january.

ill forget my pass and live a new life.
ill only keep some of them on my right hand.
i cant bare to see you with her.
it crushes my heart and lungs at the same time.
why wasnt i allowed to do the stuff she does now?
why wasnt i able to take your stuff home with me?
i only wanted to be with you somehow.
i didnt want to feel empty until the next morning.
youre hurting me more than you ever did.
this hurts more than you told me you didnt have the same feelings for me anymore when you came home from afar.
im so scared. i feel alone.
at the corner of an abandoned alley.

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because i've kept my heart under control
Thursday, November 19, 2009
I turn my head.
I can't shake the look you gave me
but I'm as good as dead,
Cause all those eyes are all it takes
And all, I want.. is you.

So I pulled away.
All I do is sit and wait.
And I might as well
Write the words right on my face.
That all, I want.. is you
Always you.

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obsessive? no. :)
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
heres just a screen shot of what i said to a friend..
it was an accident.

the twilight saga ; its just pure l o v e

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its unfair.
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
they dont need it. they dont want it.

i want it. im waiting for it.

so cmon, and show me what you've got.

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good morning cali :)
Sunday, November 8, 2009
sometimes the sun shines,
sometimes the rain pours.
it only take a person to break your heart,
but in time it will heal.

i havent blogged in a while.
3 weeks? nearly 4?

so er... google is awesome? :D

i dont have BIG BIRD!

ohmy..ohmy.. :)

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