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Friday, December 24, 2010
gooood afternoon!
the sun is up and i hear... crickets. not birds.
its now friday i think. why yes. yes it is.
im back home in malaysia :)
i arrived wednesday afternoon and guess who came to the airport?!
fahmi & faishal :)
guess who picked me up?
tasha & athira :)

i <3 them.
lets try that again.
i ♥ them.

so i went to the beach last friday for nearly 3 hours with sonya and her sister.
and guess what?!?
i was BURNT.
like really burnt.
till i got those blister bubbles on my back.
crazy right?
lesson : wear LOTS of sunblock and reapply every hour or so.

now im shedding skin like a reptile.
not so nice.
it looks.... weird.
ive never actually gotten a sunburnt.

oh and have you heard of the unicorn game?
its this awesome game on my mum's ipad.
i heard theres a darker version of it.
same game but just with a black unicorn?? hahahah and theme song is more of screamo ish.
anywho, i think its called UNICORN HD.
best game yet. hahaha

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whats up beeeetches?!
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
well hello :)
so i just randomly decided to blog.
im in like such a good mood hahah. everything doesnt seem perfect buts in place.
i have my friends and my family. i have people whom i can trust and be honest with.
i dont have enemies. wait no. i dont think i have enemies.
i dont have a special someone but it feels pretty good to see others happy with who their with :)

im currently on holidays and its been good so far actually.
friday evening after school i went to Sally's party.
it was more of an Asian gathering. my first asian gathering here in perth.
it was pretty funny actually. i had hell loads of fun. i cant wait till she posts the photos up! :D
theres this photo of me dribbling a basketball in my heels. looks hell cool. hahahah
imma dp it!!
but i didnt really see it properly so ifs its bad im just gonna stick with my dp now which is a photo i took this afternoon with kieran after i curled his hair LOL.

saturday, came back from sonya's house then had a driving lesson they just chilled.
sunday, jess, jan and i went to a 'Fun Day'. basically like a carnival. took videos of us on rides.
theyre up on fb. pretty funny hahah.
monday, went to watch harry potter 7 and narnia then i followed sonya back to her house then i went back to the galleria, driving lesson then back home.
tuesday.. today.. lochlan came over.
he took out his mini laptop and sat at the dining table.
the jess came with her laptop and sat up her "camp" next to lochlan.
so i took out my laptop and sat up my "camp" on the other side to lochlan hahahah.
then we called kieran to come over too though facebook. he brought his laptop too and he sat camp opposite lochlan.
it looked like a total geek fest/party. funniest shit ever. hahahah legit babes.

lochlan and kieran are coming over tomorrow too! woots :D
cant wait. so fun.
we even made pudding today! hahah
and cooked some instand noodles and indo mee.
oh and pasta for dinner. good shitzz.

i have work tomorrow at 5.
i actually cant wait. im pretty excited hahaah.
i really need the money. lols.
all my money has disappeared. i actually have less than 100 bucks in totally including all my savings. like DAYUM.

looking at my cbox, a certain someone likes it when i mention her name..
so JI SOO..
i was reading your blog and i saw your post titled "this one is for you bitch!"
i have to say i apologize that i didnt get to get the whole thing..
i was like damn.. too much hatred for me at the moment. hahahah.
but i pretty much understand and if im right, i think i have an idea who the messages for.

8 DAYS TILL I COME HOME!! wait no.
are you happy? cause i am!

something random i read on wiki is that some of 2pac's ashes were mixed with marijuana and smoked by members of Outlawz.
but according to durrell, its not possible so.. i donno.. hahaha
well his pretty smart at things like this.
he explained it and it totally blew my mind.
im not capable or repeating whatever he said. basically, ashes cant be burnt so you cant smoke it.. yeah.. hahaha

alright. im really tired now.
i have been sleeping early and iver been waking up early.
my eyes have begun to twitch. gosh gosh.

lots of love,
JADE :) xx

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