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Saturday, March 27, 2010
whatup my amigos and my chikas!!
its currently 2:22am, SATURDAY MORNING!
not feeling really tired cause i slept in the evening. couldnt stay awake at all.
i just knocked out when i laid on the couch hahaha.

ONE week of school left and tadaa! term one is over.
its scary. and crazy. very.
i cant believe i just went through a whole term. feels like i just came here like 2 weeks ago.

so in 364 days... guess what will be happening?
my school ball.
yes. ball. not prom.. ball.
sounds damn fancy huh? :)

in about 5 months, we'll be having our mocktail!
its like a cocktail party but without alcohol so its mocktail.

thursday night we had out year 11 river cruise.
that was hell cool!
we either had to dress as a fictional character or dress to impress.
i was erm.. hippie-ish i guess. like during the Austin Powers period.
had a big peace sign had jess and i made to wear as a necklace.
had yellow high heels... which i only lasted an hour or so in.
after that i changed into my oh-so-comfy-gladiators :D

the ferry ride lasted 2.5 hours i think.
we get to eat subway and/or dominos pizza. *drool* :P
there were like 3 floors?
3rd floor doesnt really count since it was only the toilets and like a small kitchen.
the main floor was the dance floor with the dj panel. AWESOME!
go up one floor and it was like a 1/4 the size of the normal floor length cause its just for the food. go up again and theres like tables and chairs.

anywho. main floor. the dancefloor is where everyone was at practically for the whole night.
even the ceiling was cool! had lights!!! LOL.
what i thought was so cool was when how some songs came up and everyone knew the dance for it. hahaha
for example, 'Time Warp' from the movie 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
thanks jess for showing me the movie a couple of weeks ago. cause if not i wouldnt have know it.. and wouldve been left out :P

i dont think people in kl wouldve done this cause i dont think this show is well known in kl.
you HAVE to watch it. even the song is nice! :D

when i come back to kl i expect at least one of you to know this dance so i can do it with you! hahahaah that would be funny.
AHH CANT WAIT TO COME BACK! less than 100 days! :P
about 95 days to go! ALRIGHT BABY!

sonya showed me this.
this is part one.
you are going to laugh your asses off. seriously.
just keep watching.
after 6:15, i start laughing my ass off.
after watching all 5 parts, i could em abs forming. AHAHAHAH
im sure you know what i mean.

just so you know, about the title for the post.. watch the video above this and you'll get it :)

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geez, give it a rest will ya?!
Monday, March 15, 2010
guess what. im actually starting to use short forms when i write.
i hate it but its slowly happening... automatically..

since ive been here ive come to realized and appreciate something.
well i wouldnt call it that but some might.
just because im sitting alone, waiting for class to start, it doesnt mean im a loner not an antisocial person.
its just that i never really got "quiet time" ever.
i day dream more here.
dreaming the impossible. dreaming the possible. dreaming the maybes. dreaming the ifs.

life is never fair just so you know.
its funny. it might look hell good for some and not for others.
but not everyone has the same thing.
like someone might have more money. another might have more happiness. and another might have more love.
i feel as if before you were born, you were given like a list on what you wanted to most.
just like how some say before you were born, you chose your parents.
i gotta say, maddox and the other kids made a really good choice.
having brad pitt and angelina jolie as parents. WOW! :P

anyway enough of all that.
its the 15th night. - 10:30pm
lets make countdowns!

10 hours
school starts.

4 days
weekend! - skyping with the twins!

10 days
river cruise

108 days
malaysia! :D

it was pretty chilly today.
tomorrow the highest will be 25 Celsius.
OOH LALA, i cant wait :D
so niceeeee. hahaha i guess.
should i wear my jumper? that would be kindda nice but i have sports.
which means i gotta bring my p.e. clothes.
eesh, too many things to bring. jumper also berat. dei!

the first assignment for media has finally been completed and passed up! :D
now grace and i gotta start working on the second assignment.
we gotta make a music video! LOL.
so i need suggestions on songs.
wish i had nahla with me for this. gosh x)

time falls away, in these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate. ♥

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hazelnut feeling :)
Sunday, March 7, 2010
oh dear blog, its nice writing to you again :))
so its a sunday evening. 6.37pm to be exact.
my aunty just went outside to throw out the rubbish...
the birds outside are very loud. hahahah :P

as ven calls me, i am now a "movie buff".
i watch movies way to often. way to much.
today i went to the galleria with jess and brandon.

when we came home, we watched THE DUCHESS.

last night we watched :
REMEMBER THE TITANS , FEARLESS (JET-LI) , BODY TO BODY (FRENCH) , ALICE IN WONDERLAND (older version & i slept 1/3 or 1/4 through) hahahah.

told you i watch way too much movies here.

friday evening, jess and i played lacrosse!
well picture this.
a bunch of male pros and 4 girls. 2 girls are pro. the other to girls have never played it before.
yes. im calling myself a noob :P

well i did get the ball actually. but still sucked my ass off. seriously.

i had about 4 chances to score a goal.
4 chances. 3 either went to the side or above the goal. 1 went straight to the goalie's net.
what can i say? im a noobie :))

if you dont know what im talking about, heres a picture.

paid 10 dollars for it. but guess what?! pay 10 for 4 sessions!
didnt know what until after we played. so jess and i will be going to the sessions on friday evenings for the next 3 weeks.
from there we'll decided if to do it as a sport.
im putting my mind into it cause there's no handball.
there's basketball but im not really into that.
i think i was in basketball in maz cause... hello?
school is small which equals to very few girls who do sports.
which gives a easier chance to get into the team.
you know what im saying here? hahahah

i think i should go for a walk even if its turning 7pm in like 9 mins. oh no 8 mins now.
yes. i like being detailed.
anywho, i got a formspring.
click here.

another 18 days till the river cruise.
jess and i are prolly going as pirate radio host/vjs
or in other words, 1966 costumes like in the movie THE BOAT THE ROCKED.
if you havent seen it, im telling you.. WATCH IT!

okay toodles me darling loves :)

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my mi goreng brings all the asians to the yard and they're like, ni hao ma!
Monday, March 1, 2010
top pick up line :
"do you do science?"
"cause i'm feeling the chemistry."

ahahaha i thought that was so adorable.
well well.. its official. a month of school has passed.
happy 1st of march?
no no no.. happy labour day!

people here actually celebrate it.
yup, didnt have school today :)
half the kids here were prolly at soundwave.
thats where my cousin and her boyfriend and their friends went.
couldve gone but nah.
it wouldnt be the same without my other half groupie/stalker.. tasha :))

oh guess what, we got a dog.
same kindda breed as the previous dog.
well its just for trial.
his name is.... shit. i keep forgetting it -.-
i keep thinking its debbie for some reason.
its starts with a D...
if i remember it, ill type it.
i dont wanna ask my aunt cause ive asked for at least 3 times.
kesian the dog :P

well recently theres been those fan pages on facebook to do with that song "milkshake".
i have to say.. they are funny.
heres what ive got :

if you didnt know who bieber is.. its justin bieber.
he's cute lah. hahahah damn comel. cute like kid cute not like sexually or anything O.o

some people just suck up so much its unbelievable.
they go all like oh, i dont like her and shit but in the end they become new bffs with the people they "hate".
and its even dumber to deny it when its all over facebook.
hello? live feeds dumb dumb.

i posted up new pictures on facebook.
yaaay? :P :)
i got a new dp too!
and i have a new-er one yet to put up but not yet... since the new dp was just up yesterday.
gotta wait. you know what i mean? lol.

i need to go buy some lipgloss or lipstick for a change.
and my lotion should be finished soon so... need to buy another one of that too.
i need more money.
i need a job.
will someone please get back to me about giving me a job.

dear god,
you know me. you know what i wanna say.
lots of love.

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