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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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you'll be forever chocking me cause youre my paramour
Saturday, January 30, 2010
as it beats, it pumps,
bittersweet red wine flows.

ill swim the ocean for you.
the ocean for you.
whoa, oh kelsey.

i would do so much.
i wouldve done bad stuff.
but i will try to step a bit back cause i heard she makes you happy.

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i want an itouch :(
Friday, January 22, 2010
well im currently waiting for TASHA CONFORD to pick me up..
she said she'll be here in 30 mins.
that was at 5:45pm.
its now 7:11pm :P

yes. its raining. theres a massive jam.
shes stuck at the curve between my house and school.
where the water tank is if you know what im talking about hahah

its friday the 22sd of january.
im leaving in 5 days?
i would say 4 days cause im leaving at like what time on wednesday? lol
my flight will be at like 9-something in the morning.
so mum said i should be at kl central at about 7.15/7.30 am.
yuppers, im taking the train to the airport.
alone. nice kan?
leaving the country like that :P
actually it may be better. kindda cool.
tash said shell ask her mum if she can follow me. hopefully she can.
im gonna miss you :'(((((

maybe its for the better, but i wish it wasnt.
i guess i'll just say it was fun while it lasted :/
just dont end it like this..

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you know i'll wait.
Thursday, January 21, 2010
hahah well no. i just felt like saying that.

my baby :))
oh! and i just wiped it clean with 'CIF' aka gif/jif.
if you know what i mean.. hahah

its nice and clean and smooth now.
just came back from the movies with ven.
watched LEGION.
it was one of those WTF?! movies.
another wtf?! movie is CASE 39.
i say 'why not?' to legion, but to case 39, dont bother.
okay maybe watch it for the sake of watching a movie.
so you can actually just say that youve watched it.
do i make any sense?! O.o

its my last thursday in malaysia.. :(
school was er.. preetty okay? good? yeah..
well most of the time i would say it was good :))

one day over, one more to go.
whats gonna happen after that? :/

people ask, and ask.
i really dont mind.
i just wished i could just reply a 'yes', but nooooooo :P


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so much more easier to understand, if we were sim characters :)
Sunday, January 17, 2010
its time. to blog. again :)

i feel like no one is blogging. its seriously sad.
only recently (which means less than how many days?!) deana has blogged.
followed by jisoo, who happened to blog about 30 mins ago?

at this moment i just lost my willingness to blog. thats sad.
im just yawning and yawning.
i have to shower. i need to shower. i must shower asap. right after this.

i dont have much time any longer.
so what are you waiting for?
i feel like i understand yet im going to deny it.
its better then believing and for it not happening.
im trying but youre not making it any easier.
so what are YOU gonna do about it?
if you say nothing, are you even a guy then?!

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this smile comes with massive butterflies :)
Monday, January 11, 2010
oh dear dear me.
second monday of the year.
first monday for school.

holey moley. i think i lost it :)
in a good way.
kat would say "DING!"
yes. inside joke? no. not really. if you see her doing the hand motions, you would clearly understand. no doubt.

i cant tell. (i am crossing my fingers hahah)
not sure? oh well..

that feeling i get, its been awhile.
its gonna cause me wrinkles. really :P
youre stiffening my face or something. lol
not just that.
the emptiness inside of me is being filled up.
filling up with insects that flutter.
yes. the butterflies.

to the girl who asked me a particular question that i answered no to,
i so do wish that i couldve giggled and said yes.
how im dying to.

im not obsessed.
im not crazy.

its just a feeling any 4th grader would have :)

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what the hell is going on with my 'pump'??
Friday, January 8, 2010
how long has it been? i dont know.
which dates to count, i dont know.

i dont know what going on in there but im going to find out.

anyway, just wanted to update :)

im leaving in 19 days?
jesus. its getting shorter and shorter so damn fast.
thats 12 school days. wow. 3 just went passed. nothing much.
kindda sucked a lil.
i was picturing it different. maybe a little too different.
maybe not.

people seem to ask me about my plans on the 23rd.
i thought nothing. turns out i have something now.
on the 23rd evening/night, ill be at tesha's house.
im going to have like those farewell family dinner there.
so... yeah.
but ill still be free on the 24th :)

whats happening tonight, i dont know but please make it good..

im just a girl with a gate way in my mind.
i imagine. i picture. i see. i dream.

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must i choose or can i have both? SLUT MUCH :D
Saturday, January 2, 2010
first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D
its 2010 already omg.
oh oh! 2.1.10 (i just wanted to type the date for the first time this year)

i cant believe the days are passing by so fast.
like there just isnt enough time or something.

just another 4 days till school starts!
I CANT FCKING WAIT, you have no idea.
im so excited!
making it worth while, every second, for the win.
yeah. for the win? idk but i feel like i say to the max too often..

congrats to my beloved cousin, TESHA, and JISOO!
as they have changed me into something new for 2010.
i am now...

since last year (2009)..
i had my first asian celeb guy crush. HAHAHAHA.

warning before viewing the photos : MINE. yes. theres a mark on him that reads "PROPERTY OF JADE LIM PUI TENG" so shoo! you may drool over him with me but thats all. HAHAHA
of course except tesh and kimchi :)

gorgeous. wow. seriously.
just like my husband whos in london :P
douglas lee poynter. kim hyun joong. WHOOOOOOOOO :D

we have TONS of korean people in school but why NONE of them look like hyun joong?!
its depressing. i know.

watch him dance here. so cute. x)

some of you (GUYS) will prolly call it gay but screw you.
youre just jealous :)

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