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Monday, February 21, 2011
for an odd reason i feel like blogging hahaha :)
well today is feb 21st. monday.
last night i watched an amazing movie called My Name Is Khan.
its so good i cried so much till i couldnt breathe and i was like chocking.
i did start laughing at myself actually.
and now im about to laugh at myself cause it feels like im talking to myself in my own mind..

anywho little doo (wtf? lol)
school has been pretty crazyish. year 12.
the different between year 11 and year 12.. i thought it would be like form 4 to form 5. i was so wrong.
im like in class sitting in class with my mind blown into juice thinking what on earth is going on.
and then im like "why did i take this course?!!?! SIGH!" hahah
but i know its good for me.. ish. i think? haha

other random thing, right now im listening to Project Wakeup by I See Stars.
itunes ftw :)
they're going to be at Soundwave.
another odd thing, im not THAT into all these bands that my wonderful best friend, Tasha, has "educated" me but if i go to soundwave, ill be able to see all these bands shes introed me to except for piece the veil. the only who i actually listen to. hahahah.
lets see which bands will be at soundwave that ive recently heard of -ish.
I See Stars
Asking Alexandria
Mayday Parade
All That Remains
Bring Me The Horizon
We The Kings

okay i lied. i only know... wait. i meant i only HEARD like one of their songs ish?

oh im going to be in a rowing competition.
another random thing hahaha.
went for my first lesson yesterday.
coach things im good i guess. i dont want to jinx it :( :S
but she asked if i row for my school or something hahahaaha

and i like watching glee. i dont follow it but whenever i watch it, i get all giggly. heheh :)
like just now when the boys were singing in the gap store. hehe.

it feels like its late but everytime i look at the time, its like not even 10pm. -.-
its only 9:46pm now.
i should drink my ice lemon tea. lipton ice lemon tea thank you very much.
it sucks compared to the other brand.. er.. seasons?
something like that lah but they only have lipton here in perth so make due lah.

okay heres a section of a convo im having with dearest i-ven.
my mind has been blown once again hahaha. :

the hawkman/hawkwoman story is damn sad
the originals were prince khufu and princess shayara
you're such a depreived child
anyway just listen
they're superheroes
the originals were ancient egyptians
but a dark sorcerer cursed them.
they were married and absolutely in love
they were cursed to forever lose and find each other in different lives
its like
always having to find each other in diff lives err
soul mates n shit
the current hawkman has already lost shayara
but earlier in a couple of episodes
he had a dream about her
and that dream lets him know that the time to leave this current life
and join her in the next one is close

see.. mind blowing. i told you so.

to finish this blogpost,
heres the link of Justin Bieber getting shot in CSI. LOL :P
click HERE.

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