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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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i just ate a kit kat
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh :D + :P
yeah. i was aiming for that face i do, the one where my mouth is opened and my tongue is sticking out to the side? but i kinda cant do that through this. hahah

anywho, yay! im blogging!
recently when i went for that camp i told you guys about.. i brought cookies!
and i just HAD to post up how many cookies i had.

thats a lot of cookies huh? hahah
they werent really good anyways.
they were kinda over baked, hence, all free :P

and here's some pictures from the royal show of some funky ass birds and chickens!
go nuts.

gorgeous arent they?
what about a ferris wheel??
.. with a camel in front of it..

remember last summer (upper half of the earth) or last winter (lower half of the earth) when the FIFA World Cup was happening?! and everyone heard of the coolest octopus in the world?!
thats right. PAUL the octopus!
he DIED.
aint that crazy?! he was gonna turn 3 in January!

something new, i think i might want to get a tattoo! lol
ive always thought it was cool but im just kinda scared.
then again, some i think are just gorgeous.
like my aunt has like butterflies on her foot. its so pretty.. specially with the soft baby colours.
mmmmm, i like.
maybe ill get one.. one day.
my mum said after 21. PFFT. i could get one from a year from know if i wanted too hahah
but i donno man.

so see that face on that girl's arm?
well see that chick at the back? shes Kat Von D.
and thats her bro, Michael. hahaha the guy in the photo.
i thought it would be cool to get like my bro and sis too hahaha a funny photo like that though!

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OCTOBER is spelt with an OCTO - like octopus.
Monday, October 25, 2010
ohmygod. HIIIIIIIIIIII!! :)
well yeah this blog will LIVE!
lets see. i decided to suddenly blog cause ji soo was telling me about her blogpost, then i saw deana's blog.. then i was like hmm, i should blog.

little facts thats been happening since.. a long time.. lol
okay. lets start! :D its not going to be in order just so you know.
one. im currently doing my final exams! *squeek* just had my maths this morning. still have physics, human bio, media and psychology to go. fml.
two. i went on a school camp recently! a week ago :D its the Bush Rangers camp. sounds pretty gay though haha but nah, it was hell fun. Steele and i were the only people from one year who went. the rest were like year 9 & 10s. i mixed in with the year 9s and 10s pretty well haha. prolly my mental age. hahah
three. im 17 now! coolass.
four. ive had driving lessons! which was awesome. just havent had a class in like weeks cause my poor cool teacher, Graham, had a heart attack and his in hospital :( so ill be resuming my class after my exams with another guy named Joe.
five. i went to the Perth Royal Show. it. is. friggin. awesome. its like a fun fair! an expensive one. lol hahaha but its mainly abotu show bags that you can buy. i only bought like 2 show bags i think? yet i spent about $250. which is like RM750. then again i went twice! heheh
six. a guy who lived a few houses away was shot the other day. he died yesterday morning at hospital. he was shot at the head :S hes a father of two..
seven. i nearly told er.. (thinks of a nick name).. i nearly told MR.DINOSAUR i liked him. but due to the fact that our world revolves on money.. the line cut cause i had insufficient credit. bastards.
eight. MR. CHOPS is nuts. ive never seen a guy whos so despo to be in a relationship with me. than gain ive never seen anyone who wanted to be in a relationship with me.. minus one.
lol. but seriously. this dude is pretty nuts man. funny if he read this. cause that would mean he stalked me pretty badly and found my blog.
nine. i miss malaysia so bad.
ten. 57 days till i come home! ill be around for like 44 days i think. shit. x)
eleven. i paid 20 bucks at the royal show for psychic tarot reading. hahah it was pretty cool. basically, i will love sex. once i got a taste of it i will want more. money will be coming to be. a man will appear in my life soon. if im not careful i will become conspicuous (sleep around).
twelve. ive been watching gossip girl. im at season three though.. slowly catching up.
thirteen. those who know.. you know about the younger guy who likes me. i think its adorable. hahah hes so sweet. he comes up with the sweetest-not-freaky lines. he just said this "me being without you in my life is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces" oh oh look! "i did that deliberately for you" i told you hes sweet!
fourteen. i just found out that bitch and whip rhymes.
fifteen. i have an itouch! not the latest one though :( i bought mine a week before the new one came out. i didnt know! if not i wouldve waited! gosh :( but im still loving mine :D new baby! heheh

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Well well well :) the day I decide to blog.. I discover that I'm unable to blog via an itouch.. But I can type in the title. This will do. nomorespace
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Saturday, October 2, 2010
cause you're amazing just the way you are :D

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