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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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Chomp The Box ;
Thursday, July 24, 2008
No matter what I do
You'll love me not
Should I tell you now
That I'm in love with you?

Now if she does it like this will you do it like that?
Now if she touches like this, will you touch her right back?
Now if she moves like this, will you move it like that?

good question eh? ahahah.
'Cause it feels like stealing hearts
Calling your name from the crowd.

sizzle wala w
ala bing bang.
did yo mama ever tell you playing with fonts and colours were cool?

have you seen the band All Time Low? have you seen the lead singer (alex) or the bassist (zack) or like.. the guitarist (jack) ? screw the other dude (rian) . ahahaa let me show you ;D

my ladies, zack's mine. hahahaha
nah. i want joey zehr <3

those pics remind me of matthew lush, the gay god.

woot woot! no seriously. he's really the gay god. its like what hes known as...
jack does it best ;)

so anywho... heheh
its coming to you, very very very soon.
its the most awesomest thing of the month of august.

its the countdown.
mtv asia awards is in 9 fucking days!

guess im gonna watch somebody do his thing.
beat the drums like his fucking it.
oh yeaaaaa.. hot stuff. :P

laa dee da dee da.
spread the love, will you?
be aware.
do use a condom. not many of us want AIDS.

You're body's shaking, turn me on, so I can turn off the lights..

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dumb blondes are really unexceptible!
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
i havent blogged since july 5th, which was a looong time ago.
like daymn! why havent i blogged for so friggin long man?

let see. i havent updated you peeps what ive been up to..
so hmm..
i went to the Rainforest World Music Festival at Kuching, Sarawak.
it was radical. so awesome. had fun.
Kyra was with me. Sam was there too :)
i got to meet some really cool people.. which are Amy and Danny. Sam's Besties before she came to kl.. and still are. duhh.
some "interesting" stuff happened but i dont think im allowed to write any thing so ill just skip that. hahaha :D

came back on a monday. tuesday went to school as per normal. wednesday my exams started.
like oh horror.
i had chem on wed. it was like shit. damnn.
thursday i had bm. i think bm was much better. i think. hahahah
friday i had nada.

OMG. that saturday happen :)
lydia came to my house at 8am. yes. friggin early but good in a way.
this girl called ying ying came along too.
we did posters. "pick me!" , "pick me too!" and "pick me three!"
hahaha. went to the MTV roadshow but not a success. but we are coming out on tv. the lady was really nice to us. she asked us to say "we love mtv!" cause we had ballons saying "i love mtv"... and she asked us to say "i want to go to mtv asia awards!"
hahaha. we were the first so i felt rather special. lol.
we took a cab to ZOUK. far shit. rm30 for the cab.
but "guese" what!?
we got tickets! woot woot! utt was there. hott.. hahaha.
im giving my ticket to ying ying's sister but i dont know how...
still thinking but screw that for this moment. hahaha

sunday... hmm. we had a family lunch. i didnt know why until a cake came out of no where. hahaha. it was my lil cousin's birthday the day before. hahaha.
cmon! i have LOADS of cousins i cant keep track of all of their bdays! i dont even know half my cousins! hahahaha
tesha came home with me for a bit. i was suppose to me studying but me and tesh were just cam whoring in my room with my awesome kermit the frog poster!

then monday happened. which was today.
i had my physics exam. like swtt.
susah gila babi. hahaha.
a lil drama happened in school.
one girl got expelled and her best friend got suspended. the other best friend got left out.
hahahaha :P

the 2 girls highlighed their hair red and when the principle asked them why.. they said me.
like wtf man. dude. does my hair look red to you?
mine are NATURAL colours... brown.
think twice before you do dumb stuff please?
gossh. tsk tsk tsk.

im so addicted to "battle of the bands" on facebook.
started one day ago and now i just started level 10.
woot woot! im so awesome. hahah :D
addictive much.

blah blah blah. my updates are done so now i can finally sleep!
its 2:44 am! and like english exam tomorrow.
its okay man! this is the last week of school!
so please keep cool... ;)

hahaha. that was cute. lol

11 days till i see my husband once again.
its just, love.

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mother nature calls..
Saturday, July 5, 2008
god. i havent blogged in a week or so.
its been very busy.
im a lazy ass to do with work.

i need to study. my major exams are starting next week thursday and i havent opened my book. plus im going on holiday this thursday till monday.
hahahaa busy busy busy jade :)

anywho, i finished my english book report just now. i think i did rather good.
whenever we have like project she keeps asking us to do on coloured paper but i like WHITE.
white white white white white. racism. JOKES.
gawd, im lifeless.

well.. im just going to express a lil emotion in me.
do you know how it feels like? for you to disappear from my life like that? i want you back in. i dont need you in any other way than just a friend. i dont know what the fuck screw up but whatever if is im fucking sorry. lifes a bitch and you gotta be a bitch back i swear. for you to disappear when we got close was heartbreaking. well not exactly but im close enough. hearing things all of a sudden when i come to visit makes me wanna swear. i dont know why. you're nothing like you were before. everythings changed. fuck. just when i talk about this you have to pop up. not that its a bad thing but well.... expect the unexpected. took you long enough. i hate this. you're still a meaning.......
took you 15mins. and guess what? its been 15 weeks. psycho freaktard.

dum tada dum da duuuummmm!
lolzehr <3>

dont say
"i love you" till you really mean it.
dont say it then the next thing you know, you've broken up.
than thats the
3 word big fat bitchy lie.
please.. just start of simple with "x" and/or "o".
you know. im talking about the "xoxo". hahaha :P

so yeaaah....

we're taking it slow,
but i like where we are heading..

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