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lemonades and palm trees
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
have you ever seen a malaysian putting up a lemonade stand?
well you see, americans do it during summer.
in malaysia, its always summer and if we started putting up lemonade stands, some of us will prob become purty rich. hahaha :P

so im watching telly now. just finish watching american idol, for the first time.
lolzors. :P
so now its Last Comic Standing. its auditions. really dumb. i dont get the jokes.
not farny.
oh look! a lady passes the auditions! her name is Lizzy Cooperman.
what a cool name! :D
now its stephen glickmen. i think. something like that laa whatever, he passed too.

anywho. going to hartamas later with tash.

today is the 4th of november. i wrote something here before which isnt true so therefore im just scribbling over it. yay me.

so yeah. :S
im going off now. im watching this show on astro kirana.
its really good. its awesome. hilarious :D

okay yeah. thats it.
omg! this movie is so sweet! AWWWWWH! =S
sobsobsob. tears of sweetness. hehehe.

okay okay okay. cioa!

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
marry? whoaaa. that really depends how much i know the guy and do i actually love him...
i guess?

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
like hazi said, im a sucker for you purdy face :P

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
tasha, tesha and erm.. samira. its an awesome island :D

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
antartica with this dood :)

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
i wouldnt tell you! hahah

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
omg. puh-lease!

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
im afriad of losing nearly everything! im afraid of losing his as a friend. im afriad of losing people around me.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
jeez. thats a lot. well.. bank bank bank! :D spend spend spend shop shop shop!

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
love is a strong word. i wonldnt know.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
shes awesome, cute, great person to have in your life..

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
respect, honesty, love, support, care, everything i could wish for :)

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?

13. What is your ambition?
to fly away.

14. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
is he/she steals stuff?

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
my future?

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
sometimes :P

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
erm. my shyness?

18. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
bbf :D

19. What makes you different?
im special :D lolzors.

20. Why do you sleep so much?
cause i love to dream :D

*ill do the last 10 tomorrow :)

-okay. its 3:26pm on a sunny hot afternoon on the first of may. tomorrow is the triplets birthday. im not gonna blog much now. saving it for later. im just gonna first my survey i didnt finish yesterday night :)

21. What have you realized recently?
ive realized that im a nobody! :(

22. Have you touched a female (human) breast before?
hell yeah!

23. Do you believe in The Secret?
what you mean homie?! lol.
er, yeah?

24. What would you do if you were stuck in a rut with no way out?
whatthehell is a rut man! :P

25. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
shut up? haha

26. If your house burned down, what is the one thing you'd save from your room?
well.. i would grab my huge ass bag which would already mysteriously have my phone, radio, ipod, mac, undies & bras, wallet and passport. yeah. love my bag :)

27. What's on your mind right now?
underwear. hazi's underwear. it seems wrong but its not! because at the previous questions hazi said something about her undies.

28. What do you love doing most when you are free?
er. listening to music while using my mac while watching telly :)

29. Do you think it's good to be a girl?
er.. sometimes i suppose :)

Who to tag? If names are not mentioned, then they won't be bothered. So....
farah, samira, tesha, and nisha.

now farah has a reason to blog! hahah

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first love is like playing with fire
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
& she thought it was all good.

life is sucks sometimes.
like that saying "ups and downs". i've been having ups so i think today is a down.
am is also having a sucky day. so yeah.
i aint alone.

have you ever really, as in REALLY, thought about the saying "i love you".
well i have, in a way.
gosh. why do people just say i love you like meaning-less-ly? cmon. its such a beautful saying. use it with respect.
and its even more beautiful if you see an old guy & lady, which have been together for like decades and still married, and they say "i love you" to one another.
that, you have to go wow.

this must be my second emo post in like total.
in so not in a good mood.
& no. to anyone who thinks that i was talking about any particular person just now, i wasnt.
im just so arggggh! now ian is blaming me that i never start a convo with him online.
and he just stated out the "obvious".
hell no.

blame this on PMS.
today is AWFUL. just plain awful.
i go to school. im surround with the number 7, 1 and 17.
which just reminds me of him.
whatever table i sit at, its always number 7. gosh. then if i pick a number from my teacher's hand (dont ask about it) it says number one.
go home, my house is number 17.
sorry im going nuts. this reminds me of the movie "number 23".
23 is my bday.

you see! i told you about the saying "i love you".
2 of my friends just broke up.

thats it. im just gonna sleep. my mind is purdy much stress in a way and i just need to calm down.
i dont know whats wrong. even between me and you.
did i do something wrong? mayb my dreams are true. mayb you're really mad at me and i dont know why.

Her body isn't hers, nor is her mind.
She finds herself shivering, shaking, blushing,
Weak, tormented, sick, and going blind.
And why? Because some guy might look her way,
Then cast his eyes as quickly to the ground;
Some special one, for reasons she can't say,
Whose voice makes her feel faint when he's around.

To ask you to be my Valentine
I'd have to talk to you,
Something that in all this time
I've managed not to do.

I'd have to get past "Hi!" somehow
To show you that I care,
But the right time is never now,
Especially when you're there.

It's as if a wall of fear,
Transparent yet profound,
Came hurtling up as you come near,
Cutting off all sound.

I fear I won't know what to say
And strike you as a fool,
Or you'll be glad to get away,
Polite not to be cruel.

Easier to dream than act,
To hope than to find out,
So fearful of the force of fact
I wait in fear-filled doubt.

But now the day of love has come,
And I must cross its line,
And so I ask you through this poem
To be my Valentine.

you're really one of a kind. an awesome asshole. thats why you're one in a million

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my first day of school.
Monday, April 28, 2008
well as most of you know, i left cempaka schools.
now im at MAZ International School.

like every little boy and girl, i had my first day of school, today.
i was nervous. unlike other times, my mum didnt take me in.
i went A L O N E.
what a bummer. so i was in the school at about 8.30am.
i went to the office and it was a "full house".
like all the mums were there wanting to know what class their child was in.
i noticed some other new kids. they didnt have the maz school uniform too!
i wasnt alone! sad thing was, i was in cempaka uniform and they were in normal clothes.
so i waited and waited. waiting to see mrs.matthews. she was too busy so i left the school. it was 9am.
i walked home. changed into my white borders and my white "i love jiggee" shirt.
watch final destination on telly and went back to school at 11am.

talked to mrs.matthews. the principle wasnt in. she's been having the chicken pocks?
so anyways. i was put into form3 tulip. karuna is in form3 daisy.
5mins later, it was break time. 2 girls showed me around the school.

i made some friends. i think 4 or 5? i dont even remember their names.
they have HARD-TO-REMEMBER names. i swear.
cross my heart, hope to die?, stick a finger in the eye?
yeah sure whatever.
guess what. you'll NEVER guess.
my friends were 12, 13 AND 14 years old. bloody hell. i felt like a baby sitter.
no joke! it was HORRIBLE.
i was bored to death. they were unbelievably LAME.

but but i can bring my phone to school. wear eyeliner. put my hair down (but its too hot.. ) && wear any shoe you want but as long its mane colour is white.
so hmm.. still dont have a uniform :P
ill ask mum to get it tomorrow.

i told mum about me feeling like a baby sitter so she talked to mrs.matthews! and tomorrow...

plus, the girls in year10 are more "my type". i told the year9 girls that. and they were questioning me. like "do you smoke? shisha? drink?" and blah blah blah. they were like ohmygod and they shut up. CMON MAN. THEY THOUGHT SAYING THE WORD "SEX" WAS EVIL. AND YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT UP WITH THAT?! I'M GIVING THEM A BAD EXAMPLE. LOL

tamara is watching little mermaid now. i switched it on for her. little mermaid ONE.
i wanna join here.
than i can go nuts to the song "kiss the girl". hahaha.
kit, jac & am! remember that song?! :P
on the bus going home from msskl. lol.

so yeah. my day. oh daddy! you need to give me my allowance please and thank you :)

We's be bouncin, flippin, jumpin, jazz funkin, just do something
bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
boogie woogie to tha boogaloo beat.
Use your moves and don't refuse it just feel the music and
bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
boogie woogie to tha boogaloo beat.

"Just because your children are born in the South doesn't make them Southerners. If your cat had kittens in the oven, it wouldn't make them biscuits."
i need to talk to you more than you think...

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Sunday, April 27, 2008
no html colour codes in this post.
so tired man. like tash said "i have unhealthy weekends with you".
hahahah. :P

i loved yesterday//wee-hours-of-today.
yesterday was sports day.
went to the dentist in the morning. change braces' colour to pink. went to farahs house. andrew picked us up then went to pick jesse up. went to cheras. watch sports day. chin loong and chin san took me back. john and tash follow me to my house. john took a shower. went to hartamas. met up with kuok, jo, chng ee, hannan, izzroy and jeremy. then izz and hannan went home and the rest left me and tash to eat.
after eating did the usual shiit. then went join the rest of the gang.
blah blah blah.
jeremy went home. the rest of us went to a different place.
played foos with john while kuok and chng ee played pool.
john and i had a rather fast game.
so then john decided to go burger king. then kuok too.
*just so you know its already today. its pass 12am*

then i beat chng ee at pool. oh oh! and i also beat john at foos! yay me! :D
hmm.. the tash wanted some stuff at 7-11 so chng went to buy it and i followed him.
walk walk walk saw kuok eating burger king like a loner so kesian la.
so me and chng ee went to say hi. then went to 7-11 to buy tasha's stuff.
... then oh my god. cops were there. they looked scary so chng ee bought a drink. but i was takut so i left and sat with kuok.
blah blah blah. said goodbye to him and went back to where everyone was.
so blah blah blah.. met az there.
then me and tash decided to go hang out with az, mike, afzaa, alex, kev jumba (bronzie), sam and other people.
went back to my condo which is also where sam stays.
lepak at the pool. play cards and stuff. it was nearly 4am and we started swimming.
swim swim swim.. & decided to go home.
damn scary open door okay! unlock the locks and guess what! my dad locked the inside lock. so fucck.
went back downstairs.. decided to crash at mike's place.
mike drove me, tash, az and alex back to his place. that was fun.
put the windows down, going fast, turning the music up the loud and hearing alex screaming. hahaha. comel.
blah blah blah. played blackjack? watch telly?
i couldnt careless, i started dozing off & feel asleep.
what other things that happen i donno. woke up at 10am. pergi mamak to take away.
and reached home at 11 something ish?

god. fun. i need to sleep.

so heres to farah.
no mum and dad for a while.
make use of it. :)

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Thursday, April 24, 2008
no. its not too late to apologize. i benci with that song. arghh.
heheh :)

dear farah,
sorry about yesterday. whatever happened.. i wouldnt like if you did it to *ahem*ahem*. i love you like damn a lot and i dont want you to that it personally. but dont worry, chin loong and chin san owes us BIG TIME guitar hero.
he might be your boyfriend but i have to say.. bad boyfriend! :P
so mean! hahaha.
reasons why he is a bad boyfriend.
one. he said "jade, i wanna take you home but not you farah".
two. he didnt wanna let us play guitar hero.

but... hes good cause he let me scribble on his face x]


so anywho. im booking the click five tickets now. i hate the site cause theres always an error!
its so annoying i tell you. hope this time works!!!
*crossing fingers*
oh my god. oh my god.
wireless is wrecking! OH PLEASE NOT NOW! :(

we're going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship!
zooming through the skies ... little einsteins!
climb aboard! get ready to explore!
there's so much to find! ... little einsteins!
we're going on a mission, start the countdown 5, 4, 3,2,1 !
everyone to rocket, rev it up now RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR1
we're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship
zooming through the sky ... little einsteins!
climb aboard! get ready to explore!
there's so much to find! ... littl einsteins!
come on - Let's Go - Little Einsteins
We Need You! Little Einsteins... YEAH!

so sorry syah. i arent sure if you can go, that one. two, there were only 2 vip tickets left which is connected. i think puteri & other peeps wanna go.. so go with them la. or get other people to come. than you can go standing which is next to us :)

hehehe. click five, im ready for you!
loveeee joey xx

hahahah x] super hip now.
i had to call the genting booking thing. dumb internet so fuccked up.
if only i called a little earlier. than i could have gotten 3 tickets.

one. i have click five tickets.
two. im going to melbourne on the 9th of August 2008 night - until the 28th.
three. its gonna be winter in melb! weeeee!
five. school is starting on monday.
six. chin brothers owes me and farah guitar hero.
seven. when i sta in mums house, stable wireless! -good news for sam, to skype.

one. school is starting on monday.
two. i havent moved anything from my dad's hse to my mom's hse.
three. me and tasha havent planned our trip to genting.
four. im going to visit less of cempaka, which means i get to annoy Nora less.

anyways... AUSSIE! IM COMING! X]
oh this august, McFly newest album will be released! and i can download!!!!
whooot! whooot!

today was suppose to guitar hero. but noooo! pfft. hehe x)

chin loong is wondering how i cry like instantly. hahaa told you im gifted. hahaha.
"you make me cry!" *tear drops.* "OMG! HOWD YOU DO THAT!?!"
hahaha so funny..

i have to go la.
talking to am and ian on facebook. facebook got even cooler :)
have to go and open door for daddy now.

i love kids hahahaha.

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baby bob.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
im having the tummy ache. ate damn alot with eda and bryna. had canadian pizza.
yes athira, OH CANADA-AAAA.
hahah :)


you see that! click five concert!! woot woot!

if we're an early bird we can VIP tickets for rm144. if not normal VIP is rm180!
hehehe! SO?!?!
here you go. this is the link to the prices.

so hmm...
this girl got me hooked to her songs.
her songs are so like.. fun so sing-a-long! like kareoke-ing! :P

this is part of my trail going and coming back to my new school. i took while i was walking home...

im kindda vain at times :P

i just adore this.

tamara and dora

so tomorrow is cempaka's sports day pratice at cheras. did you know, puan nora asked me and bryna to leave in the morning? she so rude. she said me and bryna aint cempakans anymore so we cant wear our houses team shirts. that was such a dumb thing. cmong man! i wore it to show i am stil you know... patriotic? jeez. i so fuccking pissed off at her. so what la. didnt care. me and bryna came back during lunch time. show her we got balls man!

argh. whatever. screw you bitch.
next thing you know, ill be burning your books and and yeah. im not so angry anymore so mmhmm.

farah.. you're suppose to call me! or am i suppose to call you? i kindda forgot.. hehehe. i watched dr.seuss, horton hears a who! like this morning. at like 1.30am, after calling farah. hehe. and watched it again just now at 11am. how nice. i like it. i like the ending where all the whos makes as much as noise as possible. then jojo shows his dad the thing he build and so on so on. hahah. coolio. lalala loveeee.
screw it. its getting really hot now. and when i scratch my back.. it gets cool and hot at the same time. its like i just sprayed deep heat. hahahaha :]

so im done blogging. so just so lazy? i have to go online la. need to know what time im suppose to be at his house. damn it. im scared wireless goes mad dog. hahaha. aiyah! ill might just call him later or something.
much love,


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Sunday, April 20, 2008
im a the lazy.
i am lazy.
i am tired.
i want to sleep.

yes. that explains it all.
goshshshhsshh. im waiting for bryna's mum to pick me up. going to stay over at her place tonight.
we won a medal today! :D

im not putting any colours on the blog today. im going to make thise quick then ill put my stuff all together in the beg, put on some shorts and go down stairs to the guard house.
everytime i go to the guard house now im really afraid. im afraid of the guard who asked me for my number. hahaaha.
stupid shitz.

anyways. people who were eating mamak with me just now in the afternoon at Bukit Jalil will only understand this.
OMG. I HATE THAT BITCH! (i sound like puteri now! hahaha)
jeeebus man. how can she just go and like do that to him! cmon man. he doesnt even know you! the real you!
if only he knew. damn it. you really suck big time.
i dont owe you no shit.

aaaaaaaaaah. nice to have that off my chest! haha :P
lalaladadeedada ladeedeeda.

a wonderful quote my puteri this morning.
puteri : i feel like shopping. i feel like shopping every second of my life!

hahaha. i found that such a puteri saying. hehehe.
anywho i gtg.
lala loves xP

im signing off.

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my new nickky should be like redface.
cause i always get red in the face.. when *winkwink*. only some would understand. hahaha..

so hmm..
i just got back from hartamas.
first when there. was with az, micheal, afzaa, sha, johan, sam, some girl, and some guy. jesse left to drop shammie off at one utama.

so ch'ng ee came along. chng ee and i went to hartamas square first. eat my dinner there and we got FREE balloon thingy from samsung dudes! :D
hahaha :)
met up with kuok liang, hannan and jo.

so all of us went to uncle don and shisha.
jo and chng didnt. they went to blackhole and drink.
jesse and johan came along. so then me, kuok liang, johan and jesse went to blackhole.
poor hannan. didnt wanna come. left alone to shisha. :(

felt bad.
so anyways. had :pop!
first round me and jesse. second round jesse shared with jo and i shared with kuok liang.
omg. should have seen kuok liang drink it!
kesian him. i mean... after like drinking it down, i always burp.
poor kuok liang.. he looked like he was gonna barf it all out.
so funny yet kesian him... so it wasnt funny la.

this is what he thinks about it.
Kuok Liang. says: (12:48:17 AM)
tasted like shit

so anyways... going on.
went to rain! whoo!
hahaha. the dudes know me man. how nice :)
i had a blowjob and so did jo :)
blah blah blah. got vids of jesse and johan dancing...

very.. interesting. :P

so anyways, im online now. well, barely. keep dc-ing. argh! talking to kl online. wonder what is johan and jesse doing now. wonder if they are at az's place! :P
so lalaladeedeeda.
i malas shower. i mean cmon! i showered just now before going to hartamas! and im going to shower later. in about 5 hours? gosh. hehe.
waking up early tomorrow!
HANDBALL MATCH THINGY. i heard its under 21 or either under 23.
holy mother of god protect us tomorrow.
give us the strength to kill the rest!
hehehe. omg. i have the perfect song to sing tomorrow! :D

anywho, loves loves loves. see you guys soon! x]

p.s. the magic eight ball is always right! tehehe x)

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next to me, i feel you.
Friday, April 18, 2008
jadeeems :]
did my science assessment today. i was about 5 mins late but in the end i wasnt late at all. i even took a nap while waiting in the office! lol =P
suppose to start at 10am but i did it just before 11am.

i love colours. hehe :)

shermay made my day!
on behalf of bryna in a way :P
bryna told me what shermay said. what a lol haha.

shermay thought i was with redshorts x]
hahaha. she was like "arent you? or not? this is getting embarrassing."
haha. cute.

jesse called me today. about 30 mins.
bryna called me today. about 40 mins.
oh what fun it is to ride on a... ?

my throat hurts, like fucck.
ouch wei! oucccch!
daymnnnn. hahah.

okaaaay. what to do now. im online taking to no one.
how sucky.

she wants some sex and drugs. sex, sex, and drugs. you know she wants some sex and drugs. sex, sex and drugs!
hehehe. remember that song kit?
lolzorsss. haha.

batt is going to die soon!
dum dum dummmm.
superman is out there :D
save my batt!
shalala im watching "life" on starworld.
i dont even know the show but changing the channel is bloody hard.
remote in my mum's house is purty much retarded.
i mean really retarded.

so yeaah.. i'll blog later if im bored. see first. wish me luck for my maths assessment tomorrow!

jesse : so are you gonna come?
jade : yeah. i'll come.
jesse : whaaat?!?
jade : yeah i'll come!
jesse : you'll cum!?
jade : what? no! i'll come.
jesse : not you cum!
jade : yes i know! i said i'll come.
jesse : this is wrong. haha so are you coming?
jade : yeah ill cum hahahaha
jesse : hahaha i mean you coming
jade : yeah i cuming!

hahaha. so wrong :)

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the attack of the peanuts!
Thursday, April 17, 2008
muahahaha! under15 girls handball got [ g o l d ] !
yay us! haha.
under18 girls and under15 boys got second place.
they were so jealous they said "gold was so yesterday".
hahah i have to admit, nice comeback! hahahaha :P

so like hmmm...
ill like to say this to cempaka handball teams.

to all players, thank you so much. its been really fun, wait no, its been totally awesome playing with you guys. makes me sad knowing its my last time. i love you all. you made practices really fun. specially all those days getting soaked in mud. ahhh, rather ravishing? lolzors. we've gone from fair to black all together! getting all sunburnt and getting bruises hahaha. i'll see you all soon for INTERZONE! WHOOOOO! hehehe. until then, see you! :D

quote of the day.
jac lyn : *scores goal*
everyone : *cheers*
jade : * alright jac! go go go cempaka! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! keep it up!

hahaha. i said "weeee" in a high pitched voice then i suddenly changed to a deep voice when i said "keep it up".

gosh im really tired!
yes. the resident thingy. blah :)
oh and if you didnt know, our finals for handball, we won by 1-0. :D

gosh. i wanna write to many things down! but i cant! even if its my blog! hahaha
oh yeah. i know i said ill tell you guys who redshorts is when i leave cempaka, but you see.... hahahahahha :P
i have been in cempaka still so like yeah. besides, most of you know :P

if you're reading this hannan.. just so you know.. that day when you and **** asked me the question "if i liked blah blah blah"... yeah. you got that right lol. you probably know but i felt being honest with you. hahahahah
that was nothing. hahah :P

and so my cuts and bruises on my legs stings. ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch :P
oh and friend from hartamas just told me something!!
the girls i made friends with from the hartamas u-15 girls team said they all like me!
awwwwh! :D
they said only me and the rest are like bitches.
hahahahahahahah. so sad so sad.
too bad.

oh oh.. there were 3 guys from bukit jalil school.
guy one, guy two and guy three. guy two's name is something like Wei Chun...
so anyways...
i was like infront of them. they were sitting down and i was standing up.

guy three : eh! this guy wants to ask you something! *points and guy two*
guy two : *hits guy three* no! dont listen to him! no!
guy three : he wants to know if you think he's handsome!
me : hahaha. yeah sure. i think you're really handsome hehehe.
*guy one and guy three pushes guy two around, jokingly*
guy two and me laughing. kit yen comes in and laugh :P
then i turn to kit and said "lolzorssss.."

hahahah. so cute la.
but not bad la.
guy two is probably the best looking guy i have seen in msskl. hahaha.
hes not hot la but, comel-ish :P
benji must know him.
heheh :D

im so proud of myself for reasons.. :) reasons not including handball.
i love something special.
weepeedodah yo. hehehe :)

i had to write more cause i just read sam's blog.
she tagged me!

tagged by : Samira Davidson.
tagged on : 9th april 2008
subject : 20 people.

List Out 20 names
Tag people after doing it

1. Samira Davidson.
2. Athira Mohammad.
3. Tasha Saifol.
4. Kuok Liang.
5. Amalina Zainal.
6. Carolynn.
7. Aly.
8. Nisha Foo.
9. Vee Kay.
10. Laurel Ong.
11. Joanne Ng.
12. Syahida.
13. Abdul Hannan.
14. Chin Loong.
15. Chin San.
16. Kit Yen.
17. Caezun Yee.
18. Ho Te-Sha.
19. Prita.
20. Lauren Ong.

How do you know 14? [Chin Loong]
School friend. (:

What would you do if you had never met 1? [Samira]
omg. i cant even imagine. actually.. er, i donno.

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? [vk&lauren]
whoa! smexay.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? [carol&caezun]
lol. well, what do you think?

Do you think 8 is attractive? [Nisha]
uh huhhhhhh :)

Do you know anything about 12's family? [Syahida]
i know she has an older sister! :D and they live in damansara!

Tell me something about 7. [Aly]

What is 18's favourite? [Tesha]
favourite what?!? she loves adam from Maroon 5!

What language does 15 speak? [Chin San]
english & melayu. chinese?

Who is going out with 19? [Prita]
No onee? i donno.

How old is 16 now? [Kit Yen]
16 this year.

When was the last time you talked to 13? [Hannan]
er, 6 or 7 hours ago?

Who is 2's favourite singer? [Athira]
i dont know. sigh. mayb hayley from paramore? the guy in fob?

Would you date 4? [Kuok Liang]
hahahah. maybe :P

Would you date 17? [Caezun]
SURE! HE DAMN HOT! kan caezun? :P

Is 15 single? [Chin San]
he's with athira! i heard. *coughcough*

What is 10's last name? [Laurel]
ONG! :]

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? [Joanne]
we already are!

Which school does 3 go to? [Tasha]
cempaka international school.

Where does 6 live? [Carol]
she mentioned it many times but i never get it!

What is your favourite thing about 5? [Amalina]
err. she loves me back xD

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stay close to you
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
whoaamygodd. today has been purdy weird.
im such a freak i tell you. lets start with 10 mins ago. dinner.
i ate standing up, leaning on the wall, at the front door.
i ate COCO POPS :D

i love coco pops. it reminds me of england :S
*sniff sniff* I MISS YOU ENGLAND!

anyways, that was pretty weird. really...
so today i woke up late. like 10.30am-11.00am?
but i just sat in bed, checking facebook. ate coco pops hahah
and er.. went to school at 1:20pm.
ate lunch in the car.
PITA BREAD WITH TUNA. yummy shiitz.

form 3s werent at the the canteen. they had Performing Arts practice.
dum dum dummmm!
so i sat with printha, anis, liyana and aqilah. but i just talked to printha. hahah
so when lunch was over i was sitting with printha at the corridors.
andrea was there too.
then printha left so i was there with andrea and er i think 2 other people.
I DIDNT KNOW SHE WAS IN COMMERCE. whooa. i thought she would be in science =O

anyhow. went up stairs and sat in class with carol.
andrew, caezun, kah chun, blah blah blah were also there.

quote at class.
carol : *points outside class* OMG! LOOK!
jade : whaat? *sees magical "rainbow"*
magical "rainbow" sees, i think.
carol : omg. i cant believe i just did that.
jade : you just did. hahahahaha embarrassing much :P

carol showed me something a m a z i n g.
its called, wedges with cheese.
i mean... i didnt know they had it over there (outside the school, next to car park)
handball after school was gila hot man.
i drank 1 coke and 2 100plus. :)

the "im afraid of lauren" group should be "im afraid of jade". ahahah. i really think so hahaha :P

bad things happens to good people.

hannan and rafi asked me a question today.
so weird. hahahah.
no. im not saying it here.
lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala ;)

nearly a month, and you're still on my mind...

whoa. love this.
Sometimes I walk a little faster,
In the school hallway just to get next to you

Some days I spend a little extra time,
In the morning just to impress you

Guess you don't notice,
Guess you dont need this,
Sad your not seein' what your missin'
On the outside shyin' away,
On the inside dyin' to say

I'm unusual,
Not so typical,
Way too smart to be waiting around,
Tai Chi practicin'
Snowboard champion,
I could fix the flat on your car,
I might even be a rockstar
I might even be a rockstar!

Sometimes I wish,
When the phone rings,
That it would be you,
Sayin' let's hang out!
Then you confess,
That there's somethin'
Special between us,
Why don't we find out?

But you don't even know me,
Guess you don't need me,
Why your not seein' what your missin'
On the outside shyin' away,
On the inside dyin' to say,

I'm unusual,
Not so typical,
Way to smart to be waiting around,
Tai Chi practicin'
Snowboard champion,
I could fix the flat on your car,
I might even be a rockstar (rockstar)

If you only knew who the real me,
I might even be a rockstar,
I'm tellin' you that we are meant to be,
Now wouldn't it be nice if you could see,
That I really am a rockstar!
(yeah, yeah)


Yeah, I really am a rockstar,
Hey, hey, hey!

Whoo! Ha, a rockstar!

I'm unusual,
Not so typical,
Way to smart to be waiting around,(Yeah!)
Tai Chi practicin'
Snowboard champion!
I could fix the flat on your car,
Rockin' it where ever we are!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
'Cause I really am a rockstar
'Cause I really am a rockstar

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international jade kareoke day.
Monday, April 14, 2008


go yeah. the head line says it all. under 18 and 15 girls did their thing for handball today :D
so tomorrow is the guys turn! go cempaka boys!
ill personally cheer now for some of the [under 15 boys - chin loong, chin san, na dat, edward and ariff.] and the [under 18 boys - jay jay, vk, edward, jun kit, dani.]

sorry to whom i didnt mention their names. i kindda forgot some names :P

so anyways, today is like my "international" kareoke day.
the benefit about this is like.. people have a good time.
kan printha, laurel, jac, kit, am, dayang, andrea?
lolzorsssss. hahahah :D

woke up about 5.
showered. washed hair. arrived at school 6.45am ish?
first game was with hartamas. won. 2-1
second game was with sri petaling. won. they didnt come!
third game was with ttdi. won. 3-0
so quater finals this wednesday! under 18 too! and if the guys win their games too, they'll be playing their quater finals on wednesday too!
yipeedodah yo.

trip back to school on bus.
first half of the trip i was sitting alone listening to my music, relaxing.
and then i realized. i was bored. i was quiet. whoa.
so i got up while listening to with you by chris brown and went to am, jac and kit.
then kit changed the song i was listening too.
it changed to kiss the girl by ashley tisdale.
i was like singing with actions.
hilarious shits. hahaha. printha was totally at the back of the bus laughing at me. hahahaha. :D

did the same thing at about 3pm in the school canteen with dayang.
printha kindda video taped.
it got funnier after she stopped video taping but oh wells. :D
good times. good timesss.

i have sunburn man.
i can feel the heatness but it doesnt hurt.
my socks are fuccking muddy. to the max.
i have to wash them soon. and my boots too.
and my muddy clothes. grrrh.
theres like one chuck of mud on my sock. eeeewk!

todays quote. its the only one i remembered hahaha
me and kit : *singing* cause if i got you. i dont need money! i dont need cars! girl your my heart!
shiann : shut up.
me : *screaming a high tone trying to be whitney houston *

hahahah. kit yen loves me! hahahah
shes going to sing with me again on wednesday! yaaay!

gosh. donno what to write already la.
so tired. gah gah gah.

i watched barbie's movie; Mariposa.
with my baby sis la! hahah :D
eh its nice la.
i loveeeee the wings la. damn pretty shit.
eh i learn from the movie how to tell east at night.
look for the star thingy. blah blah blah.
go find out your selves. heheh.

giggle giggle. you're online!
r'Abdul H. says: (7:35:22 PM)
ehhehehe jade jade
r'Abdul H. says: (7:35:25 PM)
hannan misses u

now thats the new quote of the day? hahaha

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the perfect denial
Saturday, April 12, 2008
whoa. todays been so "duh", like a bimbo.
i've been stoning like pretty much the whole day.
well yesterday,i was suppose to go out with ch'ng ee and whomever BUT, no one told me it was off.
so i went to hartamas square and met up with tasha and roy. borrowed tasha's phone and smsed chng ee. suddenly he was like "oh didnt yishern tell you? its off".
PERKELE!! -tasha would only understand that.

grh. i got kindda pissed, in a way. saw syah, ed, vk and brian, they came and sat at the next table.
3 other guys came too. ali, athira and another guy whom i cant remember his name.
ed, naim, kari, justin and sha also came.

so skipping time,
went to modestos with tasha.
we freaking drank our sorrows down. well yeaah.
we got 7 drinks in total on the house. go modestos.
see guys, i dont need you! hahaha :P

blah blah blah what a damn night.
oh laurel, sorry for like "smsing" you. i saw my phone. hahahahahah.
bloody hell. i saw my sms to you. FREAKING FUNNY.
got back just before 2. daymn.

so today, woke up about 9ish.
felt purdy dead.
tasha went back 11something i think.
affiah came over my place about 3 something. met her downstairs at the pool.
hug out a lil until it began to rain. watched some tv.
went to the guard house to drop of affiah.

holy mother of fucck.
hell the guard was flirting. YOU THINK I DONT KNOW?
well, heres proof. when affiah's car just picked her up and left, i had to walk pass the guard house, again. suddenly i could hear the guard calling "adik! adik"
he goes "boleh dapat nombor adik?"
fucccckk you, bitach! lol.
i said "takde phone" and left, fast.

when i reached home, watched some tv again. did no shit.
so now im on the computer. i couldnt go online just now. internet sucks sometimes.
the jonas brother's band, kindda cool. haha. pretty cute ;)
downloading a couple of their songs now. hahah.
its 8:37pm.

bryna's dad it gonna pick me up soon to take me to klia to pick up bryna.
so yeah. gotta go and change.
need to pee. urgent. :P

i hate being number #23993 is your fuccking list.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
i love to hear his voice.
even from afar, it sounds like hes just next to me.

When we're together, I feel uptight
When he's around I feel so right
I dream about what we can do
And all the things we can pursue
I yearn just to feel his touch
And when he leaves, I miss him so much
I want to feel his lips against mine
And feel our bodies intertwine
So for now I'll love him from afar
One day I'll express how special you are
So until then I will retain this rush
And until then I'll contain my crush.

oh shittts.
mum is downstairs to pick me up. gtg ciaoooz :)

weee. im back in mums place.
its 9:23pm
OMFGGGGG. its 9:23pm! its like my farking birthday date!
hahahah. how cool it that :P

so like tasha and bryna said, i LOVE it when it happens :)
oh yeahh! x] hahah

so he said, she said now no one says anything.. sad. haha
oh no. thats not how it ends. he said something again, so she said and he said and now no one says...
hahhahaa :P
but its cool heheh

cant wait for tomorrow.
going out yo! :D
chng invited me and so i invited tash and kuok liang?
hahaha. no one knows tash is going but its cool. she's with me :P
macam i boss :)

jadeeems; and he goobsnobed says:
i remember chng said drinks on him! hahah
Kuok Liang. says:
Kuok Liang. says:
Kuok Liang. says:
im def going
Kuok Liang. says:

so chng.. you better keep your word!
i already know what to order.
not the same as last time please! hahah :P

so now im like watching "law and order" with my mum and step-daddyo.
so "wow" la the show. hahah
this episode is like about rape and stuff. jeeez. harsh.

okay okay. ill stop blogging now. too much. better stop. hehe.
this is like a disease lolzors :P

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move on ; he said.
Monday, April 7, 2008
sign language, gaahhh.
hes probably saying move on. how should i know. well i think i know but im not too sure. i confuse my self. haha.

internet sucky so im making this quick.
highlights oh the day.

in car.
jade : so im not sure yet.
dad : not sure than dont go..
jade : no la.. chng said hes not sure yet.
dad : ohmygod you have a boyfriend?
jade : chng ee? boyfriend? *silence...* BAHAHAHAHA!
dad : whoa thank god!

a 4-way convo on msn. liyana, kuokliang, shez and i.
kuok liang : happy birthday jade *cake icon*
liyana shez and i :BAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHA!
jade : er kuok liang... my birthday aint till september...

so i think thats pretty much.
- i dont know how to be fine when i'm not.
- cause i don't know how to make the feelings stop.
- just so you know, this feelings taking control of me.
- and i can't help it.
- i wont sit around.
- i can't let him win now.
- though you should know, i've tryed my best to let go of you.
- but i don't want to.
- i just gotta say it all before you i go.
- just so you know..

The rules:-
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Random fact number 1 about Jade ;
She L O V E S colours. specially neon yo.

Random fact number 2 about Jade ;
She doesnt mind having tuna with pita bread everyday :)

Random fact number 3 about Jade ;
She can listen to the same song over and over again for about.. 100+ times. thats if she really enjoys it. :P

Random fact number 4 about Jade ;
LOVES milk yo. fresh milk, thats the way she rolls x]

Random fact number 5 about Jade ;
had watched all the barbie movies except the lastest one, Mariposa.

Random fact number 6 about Jade ;
likes to hold hands for no reason :) tehehe *kan am?*

Random fact number 7 about Jade ;
she slaps butts!

Random fact number 8 about Jade ;
likes changing her "about me" on facebook and her blogskin x]

Tag :

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ya da ya da where are you?
Sunday, April 6, 2008
the hardest part about you and me is that I know someday
I'm gonna break away from you
the sadness is the only thing that is left of you
what will I do when it's gone
freedom is a word that brings consequence
sometimes it don't make sense at all
cause missing you is what I had to do to keep me in control

if those rainy nights that made it all alright could bring us back again
would we still be friends in love
cause the sun is shining and he's crying telling me "move on"
take one last look and I'll be gone for good

And I´ll sew my heart ...

you don't see me you don't see me at all

[i miss you.]
i dont know why, i just do.

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we're not dating!
Saturday, April 5, 2008
im smsing tash now.
i think i blogged today already.. wait. oh yeah i did this morning.
oh well. second blog of the day yo.
so tasha is at club med. you dont want to know how jealous i am.
destination of hot french guys. whoaaa. i mean seriously.
i went there during december 06. i think. man. hell there was a guy.
i went archery with him and his younger bro. both hot.
he made one more younger bro. about a year or 2 older than me. he wasnt hot la. but comel.
man. that french dude was so comelyhot i tell you.
he picked up some of my bows from archery. that time i was hell bad at it. lol :P

oh oh. once.. he said "excuse me young lady" in french la. so hot. hahahaha.

im so obsessed with french guys. im so not joking. ask tasha :P
and i sooooo love the french language.
remember i used to beg you to talk french, athira? hahahahaha
damn farnyyy.
OH! OH! and and like.. tasha and i saw 2 french guys in bali.
they were brothers. so comelyhot :)
whooo. white water rafting. :D
dont know why its called white water. hhahaha

so anyways.... heheheh
came back from devi's corner like about 30 mins ago.
was eating there with jesse for dinner. late dinner. hahaha.
more like supper :P
i belanja-ed him dinner as a "birthday present" hahahahaa

my bro told me about him like when i was in england... like in december//jan.
damn what la. baru meet him. hahahaahah
hes okay la. white boy.
HOTT accent. damn nice to hear him talk.
i hate it when a guy talks to me and i so love his accent that im actually not hearing what he is saying..
hahaha it happens. i get so sesat.
like when i met ben with hazi after mcfly's concert..
he was talking to me and i was so happy... everything i said was just "uh huh"
and after he finished talking.. i didnt know what to say so all i said what "post it on youtube".
daymn i dumb!
hahahahahaha :D

so anywho.
im sleepy and i wanna sleep.
i wanna go to happy land!
but not so happy if i get a bad dream la. lolzors :P

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didnt blog yesterday cause my mum was like next to me most of the time.
she didnt wanna leave.
lol :P

yesterday was really dumb.
me, me bro, me mum and grannie were in a huge fight.
only me and my bro were in the same "team"
went to ikea. all i did was smell nice clean new wood and eat rm delicious rm3 meal.
a hot dog and a soda. :D
ikea sales the most greatest thingsss.

but when we came back for ikea.. we just forgot about the fight like nothing happen and yeah... hahaha
when we came back from ikea, watch water horse. i cried. hahaha. :P

at night me, justin, mum and step-daddy played banderdash.
it was fun shit. hahahahahaha.
had a good laugh.
i come with the most ridicules answers.... hahahah

so anyways.
sorry jesse i couldnt come yesterday.
it was mum's fault! :S

but we'll go out today okaaay?

today i plan to...
use the phone more. hahah. joke. :D
i miss tesha. yes you hots.
ill call you later la. if i dont forget. hahhahah.


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baby boo
Friday, April 4, 2008
today was fine.
i went to visit school.. emotionally :P
many people werent there la!

dammn what!
its okay! next time!
and i expect hugs!

i started tearign hugging mr.ashwin.
then cried more when i existed the room and hugged shu fei. lolzors.

im really tired and really sleep to blog..
so ill blog tomorrow yea?

most likely going to ikea. wait no.
i am going to ikea tomorrow with mum.
most likely tash will come over in the evening and stay over :)

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with you
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Oh, I'm into you and
Boy no one else would do
With every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you... ohhh
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you...

today sucks balls.
i hate today, i just hate it. i abhor it.
except when i was sitting with jo, hannan, nat, laurel and erika during lunch & also the trip back home in hannan's car.
i love you guys la. gonna miss you like fark.

times like this i wish i was like tasha and get a farking scholarship. daymnn.

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star.
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do."

[i miss you.]
i dont know why, i just do.

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april fools day!
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
i hvent been blogging! hahaha.
ive been so tired and lazy to blog.
when i wanan blog im too busy uploadthis pictures. IVE BEEN CAMWHOREING LIKE HELL!
in total more than 500 photos. :p


loving that song now :)

songs ive been loving :
teardrops on my guitar.
no air.
with you.
shawty get loose.

played 5-a-side on saturday. WE WON GOLD BABY!
played waterpolo on monday. WE WON GOLD BABY!
played handball today. we won bronze.


anyways.... ill blog soon i promise myself :P
hehehe. nak sleep dah la. everyday late to go izzraeesa's house cause cannot wake up hahahahah. SORRY! lolzorsss.
byeeeee :)

p.s. tomorrow is last day in cempaka! =(
whoaa-ooo whoaa-oo

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