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get ready to scream!
Saturday, June 28, 2008
behold your fucking minds!
the click five is set to perform for MTV Asia Awards!
& im going to be there! like holy mother of onion rings!

how radical! freaking happy!

and to make things happier for panic at the disco fans, eg Tesha, they will be performing on the 4th of August 2008 at stadium negara. pricing for tickets aint up yet but ill keep you updated!

plus for those who want to come for the MAA but dont have invites..
heres something to make it up to you.
MTV Asia Awards roadshow and mosh pit auditions in KL
July 23rd, 2008

The MTV Asia Awards road show kicks off at 12pm, with the MTV VJ introducing the event, and hosting games where you can win tickets to the MTV Asia Awards. Also be sure to catch the performance by the Malaysian’s nominees and the EDC fashion show.

Date: Saturday, July 19 & Sunday, July 20

Venue: Cineleisure, Kuala Lumpur

Time: 12pm - 4pm

Want to get within breathing distance of Jared Leto? You can win the tickets to the best seats in the house by showing your dance moves. Mosh pit auditions will be held on Saturday, July 19 at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur at 6pm.
so yeah. the probability is erm.. i dont wanna say it. hahah :P

oh. before i forget.
26-07-08 Daughtry (US) @ TBA, Kuala Lumpur.
wtf is TBA?

you can get more info on gigs on this pretty cool website i found.
its helpful and its MALAYSIAN. lol.

yeaaaaah. so uh huh. thats what i learnt/did today. besides screaming along with Lydia.
hahaha. shes a girl i met at the click five concert. and since then we've been tight :)
homies dawg. lol

oh plus nigahiga, the dude on youtube.. Ryan Higa, is going to be in a movie!
its pretty old news but i just found out today hahaha.

since this post is all about celebs... ill tell you something now.
Alexandra Jean Dimeco aka the girl on the naked brothers band....
apologized to me. lol. i small talk with her. hahaha..
she wrote :
"ty imy sweeet sixteen was awesome and summer fine over here im so busy jade it take me time to reply no time to chat ttyl"

okay its been a pretty long post so ill stop now.
singing off,
jade x.

i wanna boogie woogie with Joey Zehr!
woot woot! :)

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radioactive! ; its J²TS.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
i had an AWESOME night. hahaha :D
slept at about 2:30am but like omg. i loved my dream.
i just loved it. hahah.

so first part of dream.
we're having an exam and im sitting next to deana.
i notice deana has fahmi's eraser...
and noticed deana used the eraser till it was barely nothing. hahaha.

second part of dream. tasha one of the main cast.. hahaha :D
and best part, the other main cast were the click five boys! yeah!
so they were staying in my place. i had some like house with like hotel rooms. donno la. my dream :D
anywho.. first day i tried to be friends with them but they were really such snobs and all... blah blah blah.
second day we were friends :D yay.
they had like a concert on the second day.
on the third we were all buddies man.
and some time during the evening me and tasha had to go down the mountain like we were at genting... so there was this bus. tasha was already inside. i got in.. realized i couldnt just leave without saying goodbye to the click five..
so i got off the bus.. i turned to my left and i saw all of them...
best best part was.. they were half naked :D
woot woot! lollollol.
i think swimming. i saw some girls at the background too.
anywho.. the only 2 that approached me first was Kyle and Joey.
the convo between me and kyle was some what like this.
jade : so im leaving now.... when are you leaving tomorrow?
kyle : oh at about 8am. come on up before we leave!
jade : yeah sure!
then joey has this amazing smile. like whoa. hahaha. and they are like hugging me. and the other guys come too.
omg. amazing dream. ahaha :D
talk about "sweetdreams". heheehe

yeaah. joey joey.

me, lydia and sylvia made a group on facebook.
its called Joey Zehr's Wives.
hahah cause we call each other mrs.zehr.
im number one. lydia is number 2 and sylvia is ketiga! aahahha.
join up th group! we have pictures. and some of em and hot as hell. orgasm on the spot. hahaha.

so today we had physics test.
jebus man. it was freaking hard. like seriously. nak mati.
lollollol :D
hes gonna give the papers back tomorrow. how nice.

nisha is back tomorrow. WITH MY WILLY WONKA CHOCOLATE!
yeah! and some other stuff..
sam is back i think on sunday.
aly is already back here.

im so nice.
if it wasnt for me.. jo, shammie, aly, carol and tesh wouldnt have became close friends. hahaha.
me tesh jo and shammie have a group.
its called J²TS.
cool eh?
itll be sure a freaking cool band.
jo can sing and play the guitar.
i can play the drumbs.
tesh can play the bass. shammie can be the groupie! LOL.
joking! shes be the guitarist too. but she can be groupie too if she wants :P

Wanting you to be wanting me.
No, that ain't no way to be.
How I feel.
Read my lips.
Because I'm so over... (I'm sorry).
Moving on
It is my time.
You never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first a little bit
But now I'm so over
So over it.

im so confused with my feelings for you now.
-i just need to skip. :P

boogie woogieing with joey is what i do best.
obviously, im his first wife! :D

sometimes, age dont matter in love...

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100th post!
Monday, June 23, 2008
yeah! thats right! the 100th post by meeeeeeee! :D

And 5,4,3,2.

I know u see some how the world will change for me ,
and be so wonderful.
Live life Breath Air
I know some how were gonna get there and feel so wonderful.
Its all for real
I'm telling you just how I feel

so wake up the members of my nation its your time to be,
there's no chance unless you take one
and the time
Just see the brighter side of every situation.
Some things are meant to be
so give me your best
and leave the rest to me! leave it all to me, leave it all to me.

im so into that song. hahaha (:
so.. im tired. my right ear has been very itchy the whole day.
oh and one in a few hours ill start sneezing nonstop and it feels horrible.
like yeaaaaah...

have to do my page on nahla's book.
she wants my autograph. fu-yoh! talk like i "big boss". hahaha :P
in the book there are some pictures of ppl and omfg.
fahmi & faishal baby picture!
AHHHHHH! so cuteeeeeeee! lolllollol.
faishal faishal tsk tsk tsk. donno which one you are. hahaha

i wonder...
the most painful thing a woman goes through is giving bitch.
what about men?
anybody know, tell me please. hahahah

wow. i forgot i was blogging. lol.
i was caught up reading about Jon Benet Ramsey..
shes a gorgeous kid. damn people had to kill her.
what a waste.

anywho ill go get some colour pens are starting writing in Nahla's book.
hardy har har.

-mayb ill write more later.
jademssss (:

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soft lips to enjoy ;
Sunday, June 22, 2008
okay. so i hate this protection thingy for my blog.
i would love to take it off but i cant.
its for my own good. cause if i take it off my mom might see this and prob kill me.
cause then she'll know i shisha.
ahahaha :P

so.. people are still adding me on facebook.
click five fans.
seems really awesome cause i feel unique!
hehe :D

i have delayed doing my work for 3 hours. what a bummer.
i got hooked to my comp hahaha.
well i better get working on it.

you know what sucks like hell?
not having my chem book sucks like hell. its because we have a test tomorrow and Ester has my gawd daymn book. argh.
so tomorrow... i hope i go to school early & ask my chem teacher if we can do the test tomorrow because i didnt have my book.
seriously. i sooooo hope so.
im crossing my fingers.
if not im doomed.

faishal is getting his cast off in 11days.
11 days! seems so fast.
i told him its really cool and fascinating..
he said at first it is but now its irritating. hahahah :P
kesian. i wonder if you have it on and suddenly it gets fuccking itchy.
whoa. i pity anyone who gets that.
that must feel like shit.
hahahah. :P
okay ill stop now.

kyre finally added me on msn.
she is this girl from holland. anywho.
i met her before when i was like. i donno. 6 years old?
she is my mom's friend's friend's daughter.
im going with her to the rainforest in sarawak so should be awesome.
sam might be there would be even more awesomer!

okay okay. enough blogging.
have to do work now.
serious wei. hahahaha :P

cioa amigos!

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cab drivers shouldnt drink
Saturday, June 21, 2008
yaba yaba its jade! yay! :D
so its 1:11am now. woot woot!
fahmi and faishal just went back like 20 mins ago. and deana and her brother, err, 30/40 mins ago? donnnnno...

anywho. i started the day with rm50.
went to school, balik, i had rm45 left.
with rm 45 i got to take a cab to ou, watch movie, have hot dog & drink, cab to hartamas, shisha, supper, foos, and cab home.
rm 45! and i still have rm 9 left!
i so cool :)

hahaha. lets count.
2 for cab, 3.50 for food, 8 for movie, 3 for cab, 10 for shisha, 2 for food, 50 sen for drink, 2 for foos, and 5 for cab back.
total? rm36.
omg! like wow!
hahahahahhaa :) bestnya.
5 of us peeps.

we were suppose to balik at my house by 11 cause of deana and her bro. at 12am we just got in a cab in hartamas. hahaha

so we called cab. number 1026, i think. got in the cab i started to notice he was burping like A LOT. so you know whatever la. mayb he got wind or something. drive drive drive i tengok his face, his eyes GILA sepet. so small. damn funny. drive drive drive... noticed he was falling asleep! giggle giggle. 2 mins later.. i look at him. car slowing down. car nearly stopping. he was asleep! i laughing like gila babi alone. the rest at the back were like holding in their laughs. he missed like the turning to my house. damn scary and funny in a way. i felt like poking him and saying "OI! MINUM KOPI LA!"

a good rm5 paid for that!

so now. what am i doing. hmmm
well. im alone. at 1:36 in the morning after watch "The Happening" and feels A WHOLE LOT better when fahmi goes nothing is gonna "happen".
hahahah. its okay. like i said to him, MTV is on. so im cool.
for now. haha :P

sara b - love song, in on now. yay happy happy lol.
jebus. im such a noob.
but not as bad as deana. kan deana? hahah

mum got me the sunsik conditioner for black hair.
i NEVER used it cause i know for a fact it actually kindda makes your hair blacker.
thats why they said for "black hair". for black shine.
but nooo. mummy never listen. i have brown hair mom. i dont want black!
i'll look japenese! nothing bad about that la! im no racist. im just saying! hahaha
so now my hair is darker. i can tell. lol
so i finnaly got my usually conditioner.
yay! brown hair's coming back!
woot woot! :D

okay okay la. ill stop blogging now.
imma take a lil something to snack on. like. i donno. minum milo? hahaa.
then tidur! yay!

bye bye to all.
sweetdreams & goodnight!
say hello to unicorns and pink bunnies!

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jingle! jangle! jingle! jangle!
Thursday, June 19, 2008
like omg. 97th post.
hahaha :) awesomeee.
anywho, the past few days have been rather cool.

i owe a guy a shirt. muffim. i think thats how you spell his name :P
i spilled ink on his shirt.
it was an accident.
i was playing with the ink in this like bottle thingy and the ink wasnt coming out so i thought the ink was dried...
so i asked muffim to smell it and he was all like "dont press it! dont press it!

so i was like "trust me! the ink aint coming out!"
and faishal even told him to trust me.
massive okay.

suddenly ink spurts out.
sad. just plain sad.

it hunts me now. he can trust me anyone! aiyaiyai!
i seriously didnt know the ink was gonna come out! i was playing with it and nothing came out! what a bummer man.
now i got to buy a rm30, size 40 shirt for him.
argh. expensive much. :(
poor jadey.

anywho.. was messaging SOMEBODY, but that person stop messaging back..
not like im pointing out to anyone.. but you know.. people like, hmm. i donno. fahmi?
hahahah :P
jokingggg. hahaa.
he game me the urge to watch south park. so im watching the last episode of season 12.
one of the episodes i havent watched.
so far, funny.
lollollol :D

oh look. fahmi just messaged me.
pfffffft. ill get back to my south park. hahaha

woot woot!
love that word

peeps who have watch season 12 last episode would only understand that...


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Rapunzel, Rapunzel! let down you extentions!
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
yabba yabba.
its commercial time! watching hannanh montana man!
lol. :P
its acutally nice. but SOME of you people judge it before even taking time to watch a FULLY episode and not 2mins of the show.

hannah montana just finished. awwh happy ending :)
hahah. shitz.
gotta do my physics work! aiyaiyai!

i have super awesome great balistica news that will blow your minds!
woot woot!
samira davidson is coming to the world music festival at sarawak!

oh holy shit.
tomorrow. spelling! omg!
i need to shower and learn my spelling and also copy my stuff for physics!
omg omg omg.
okay calm down.
& PANIC! *at the disco..*

hahahahha. so lame.
jebus. omama doesnt get the point why posters are special.
grr. hard to explain man.
joey zehr <3

we were close but a wall had to come in between us. but that doesnt matter. theres another princess at the other castle. let her hair fall like Rapunzel and you can climb up to her tower but soon you'll realize, her hair are extensions. a true fake and you'll come looking after me. your Juliet will leave a note and start to choke. we can feel the lump thats in her throat. but she will leave when its raining, in silence. you will find her but her heart would have stopped.
i got carried away. hahaha with transylvania lyrics :D

i like £.
their awesome :)

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& it was a total mirror reflection..
Monday, June 16, 2008
its.... MONDAY!
second day of the week and first day of a school day. woot wooot.
mondaysss :)

meaning : (for most people) most horrible day of the week.

hahaha. lolzors. :D

anywho. its 5:11pm now.
and its 5:16pm now.
whoa. 5mins of playing swords with tamara. hahhaha

going hartamas this friday. woot woot!
its about time! gossssh! :D
today is printha's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINTHA!
yesterday was the autism puzzle thingy for sri cempakans.
it was at the curve. & it was sizzle manizzle hott.

i wasn't sure if i liked you, but when i looked at you today i couldn't be more sure...
just like a mirror.. you're just the same. but you're better than your reflection in many ways. i love your goofy hair and the way you smile. with a touch of beautiful eyes which can be seen from a mile.
actually no. i'm confused. this sucks.
how you keep talking to me and keep sitting next to me couldn't make me insane, it just keeps getting worst.cause how my feelings grow stronger and stronger each day, im just.. jaded

jade; the rock.
inside joke. haha (:

'Cause he's bittersweet.
He knocks me off of my feet.
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else.
He's a mystery.
He's too much for me.
But I keep comin' back for more..
He's just the boy I'm lookin' for.

its 6:03pm now.
48mins have pasted since 5:15pm. like whoa.
yes, it takes me ages to post such short posts. cause im always multitasking. woot woot! hahaha
watching tellyooo..

i fixed my itunes!
im so fly! :D hahaha
all i had to do it switch off and on my mac.. tsk tsk tsk.

They're two they're four they're six they're eight.
Shunting trucks and hauling freight.
red and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew.
All with different roles to play
Round Tidmouth sheds or far away
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and his friends!

just like the cute black cat on the green bench.
>it says im imaginative.<
head in the clouds and a mind full of starts

holy mother of gawd. mum just came back. she has something for me.
opening it.
holy cow. its aldo. its totally a watch.
!@£$£@!^@! oh my shityyy yam-burgg.
jesus h. christ! its rm 132. what can i say? im an expensive child.
WOOT! WOOT! hahahaha x]

oh la la. i can also change the straps.
to red or grey or black or brown leather.
now its a "cheetah" cotton fabric.
yahooooo! :D

anywho its 6:50pm.
gawd. that was a "long" post.
lollollol. :P

dinner time!

i wanna go boogie-woogie downtown with Joey Zehr.
all night along baby.
woot woot!

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shieldtox. ATTACK
Friday, June 13, 2008
so its time. to blog. again.
like whoa. dont mind the title.. im just using the shieldtox, attack now.
oh my god!! the thingy has changed! sorry you wouldnt understand :P

anywho. i miss the click five like, a lot.
miss you annatasha saifol. :(
shes at hartamas now. damn you. hehehe.

i wanna have reviews on my blog. it'll be awesome.
for example. deana just say this on the facebook chat thing.
9:28pm Deana

ur blog daym funny

woot woot! hahaha
its like a story book. a novel.
mayb i can do it for my english book review.
that will be awesome.

title : Jade's The Bitch...
written by : Jade Lim.

hahaaha. AWESOME!
ahmed doesnt know who Joey Zehr is.. so he saw my picture with joey on msn and was like "is that you bf?"
and obviously me "er yeaaah."
ahahahaha. so like this morning he was asking me "really?!"
so i had to reply to him in short ways like "mmhmmm" hahaha cause i was trying not to LOL.

me and deana talking on facebook chat now.

ahmed still thinks joey is my boyfriend

funny shit


stupid shit

but you bth look so adorable together ;P

i mean u and joey

ahhhhh so jealous

"She's got vanity in her veins
Blue blood, don't mean a thing
She wears a backstage pass,Where nothing's for free
She's American, American royalty

She spending millions of her trust fund to be seen
She's on the cover of her favorite magazine

Bubble gum-type
Slash socialite
Could it be accident?
Next thing...
she'll be president"

itunes aint working for me. such a whore like sam would say.
hahaha x]

i cant stop the italic. like what the hell. oh this reminds me of biology.
italics = Homo sapient.
hardy har har.

today is friday the 13th.
happy belated birthday to Farah Zahidah. i love you :D
deana, michiko, omama, fahmi, faishal the crippled, vincent, akanksha, and nahla came over to my house.
i pretty sure they liked it. hahahaha.
& yeah. Tamara was all over them. gossh! she told vincent "DONT BE A LOSER!"
haha. yeah vincent. listen to what she says! lolzorss.

ben just wants a myspace girlfriend..

something is wrong with my messenger. oh ohhh.

i wanna go boogie-woogie downtown with Joey Zehr.
all night along baby.
woot woot!

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The Adventures of Jade and Tasha part 3.
Sunday, June 8, 2008

Part 1 and 2 to COMING SOON! HAHA. If Star Wars can do it, so can WE!

Heres what Tasha said from her blog:

Hello, hello, World of Malaysia.

So this weekend has been crazy. But LAST NIGHT was the craziest. Jade and I will tell you what happened.

So these guys on the left, so obviously, The Click Five. We went up to Genting last night to watch them perform.

But before the concert, A LOT of things happened. See, they were having sound check and I was like, "Jade, let's go to the hotel before they finish the sound check." The two of us ran to First World Hotel but after like 5 minutes standing around there we thought the place is kind of crappy and we didn't think they'd stay there. And then I had a rough hunch that they would be staying at Genting Hotel so the two of us made a run for the hotel. On the way there, we heard the sound check still going on so we were safe. Got to Genting Hotel and waited there for about an hour an a half, just drinking, relaxing, listening to music (in a coffee shop overlooking the front entrance, on the same floor).

And then, our eyes pealed for fancy car, a car pulls up in front of the entrance and this Chinese lady comes out. And I can see the head of some dude with long hair at the back. I suspected it but didn't say anything and then, looky, looky here. Kyle Patrick comes out. Jade and I freak and Jade makes a run for him.

Jade: Can I have a picture?
Kyle hesitates but says: Urmm.
Chinese Lady: No pictures, no pictures.
Kyle: Sorry. No.

So okay la. We're bitching about them for about a good 5 minutes and then I say, "Jade, let's leave in nine minutes."

AND! (OH THE LUCK!) IN that nine minutes, a Genting van pulls up, and OUT COMES THE OTHER FOUR! Ben, Joe, Ethan and OMG JOEY!!! So we FREAK. Jade runs out, practically rampaging over an elderly couple on the way. The couple look at me for explanation and I go, "Click Five... band. RIGHT over there... OKAYbye." And I go to Jade in the lobby.

Standing outside the hotel guests only area, we were admiring the boys while Jade snapped shaky photos (she was so goddamn excited). And then after a while we decided, "Screw this, let's go to them." So we did and Jade headed over to Joey first, "JOEY! Can I have a picture?"

And he says, "Yeah, sure." FREAKFEST!
First attempt: It was too zoomed in.
Second attempt: I joined the two and we couldn't see Joey's eyes in the pic cos he's freaking ass tall.
Third attempt: PERFECT! Jade got him to take the picture of them two and it looks sooo gooooooooood. Go check Facebook. It's there.

Then Ben's turn, we took turns taking picture and Jade told him that they met in McFly in London and said she thought he was drunk (damn slumber) and he was like "I was maybe jetlagged." Joe (Oh so sexy) stood aside like waiting for his turn to take picture but only Jade took a pic with him. He is so good. He did SO WELL in the concert. I love him. His guitar solos were nice as hell. His facial expressions are the shit. Okay, I'll shut up now.

GOING BACK! So after that was done we went crazy jumping up and down in excitement like going gila edi la, calling up all our girlfriends and telling them how we got to meet the guys and everything. Ethan was missing though. But hell, Joey and Joe and Ben. Good enough.

So after the concert we head BACK to Genting hotel again but this time more people knew they were staying there. So they arrived back at the hotel, we followed them up to the lift and waited to see what floor they stopped on. The 16th floor.

All of us RAN into another lift but figured out we needed a card to go upstairs. So then Jade, me and three new friends waited for someone with a card to come in. Then there was a dude but he got off at the 5th floor. We climbed up nice staircase to the 6th floor and then looked for the emergency staircase but it was locked. Then we were told to leave by some bouncers on that floor. So we went back down to the fifth floor using the lift and pressed the up button again. When the door opened, two Indonesian men were inside.

All of us: What floor are you stopping on?
Dudes: 16th!
Me: Massive.
Jade: *hyperventilates*
Lydia: Can we go with you?
Dudes: Sure
*Goes inside lift.
Jade: If anyone asks, you're my uncle and these are my friends.
Dudes: Okay.

Get out there, I sit down on a chair while the rest of them ran around like freaks looking for the room. Running and running after awhile I got tired of waiting so I went downstairs.

So on JADE'S side of the story. They rang a few doorbells.
First one: Lady opens, about to leave, acts like she's a celeb.
Second one: No answer.
Third one: Kyle Patrick answered the door to JADE!

She freaking wreck. Didn't know what to say, was stammering and only said, "Hi."
He also said, "Hi."
Kyle: Can I help you?
Jade: *Beckons Lydia over
Kyle: Er, no, no. *Shuts door.

AHHHH WELL! That was ONE HELL OF A NIGHT! I'm so happy Jade got to meet and touch and stroke the LOVE of her life. She also got a pick! From this like roadie that was really cool but obviously, drunk. x)

Ben was hell ass drunk on stage too. He was so funny. Reminded me of Russell Brand :) When he was doing his keyboard solo, he stood right in front of us, facing the camera and said, "Want some of this, baby?" and I was like "HELLLSSSSS YEAH!!!"
OH AND LIKE Ethan like rubbed his bass on the mike stand. LIKE FREAKING HELL. So hot. All tingly inside x) I was like holyyy hell. Holyyy momma. GOSH!

Woah so hot.
Joe so sexy.
Joey so perrrrrfect.
Ben so hot.
Ethan so smooth.
Kyle... dot dot dot.

Happy for Jade like hell.
Glad I was there to watch her spazz in happiness. :)


I love Joey Zehr. *Menace laughter.

Joe Guese is property of Annatasha Saifol and only allows Jade to say his butt is nice. AND he's so sexy but "Guese" what? YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM! :) (Tasha: Gosh I'm so lame.)

Kyle you sucha bitch.


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what the fuck.
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

just because shes your fucking ONLY daughter doesnt mean shes fuckings always right.

what the fuck does this mean, "just because she wiped cheese no your mac you dont need to get angry. she have all those stickers on your mac. do you like it if you were in a 3 hour jam?"



and you got the fucking nerve go to up to you fucking little angel and say "have you been naughty" and giggle you fucking ass off.
bitch, please.

but guess what. KARMA'S A BITCH.
so now you gotta pay all the bills.
hell yeah.
tmy AIR CON bill. my WATER bill. fuck yeah i use the toilet long. house PHONE bill. my WIRELESS bill. fuck yeah.


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their obviously blind...
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
like whoaa.
ninety-one posts since around valentines. hahaha awesomee..
thank you for reading my blog! x]

"She calls me baby, then she won't call me.
Says she adores me and then ignores me.
Jadeee, what's the problem?
She keeps her distance and sits on fences.
Puts up resistance and builds defenses.

Jadeee, what's the problem?
You leave me hanging on the line.
Every time you change your mind.

First You say you won't, then you say you will.
You keep me hanging on, and we're not moving on.
We're standing still, Jadeee. You got me on my knees.
Jadeee, it's killing me."

hahahha. i just changed jenny to jade.
see. so now the song is MINE :D

guess what?!!
people know me.... im KNOWN.
like whoaaa. hahaha.
i cried yesterday, you know why.. and like i heard the form one and twos were like talking about me.
hahahah! kindda weird but cool in a way. yeaah.

& also like a lady took me home today cause it was raining and no cab was available.
hahaha. one of the primary boy's mom.

i love you tasha :)

so yeah. since jared leto is i think hosting it... i put rubbed it in deana's face.
nd i said karma's a bitch, dawgg! hahaha xP

ohmygawd. today we had english. we had to pass up our adverts. well not really.
okay she picked out one by one to come out and talk about out advert.
first one was volunteering. second one she chose ahmed.
omg. then i was like phew... next thing i know she said jade.
i was like FUCK SHIT! NOOO!!!!
so i had that shit face and some people around me laughed. so very nerve wrecking! :P
so i got up. sticked my advert, which was "chocolicious", to the white board and turned around and took a SUPER DEER BREATH. so was sooooo nervous.
43 students and one teacher all staring at me. gawwwd!

my legs were fucking shaking thru out the whole thing. deana couldnt stop laughing at me cause all she saw was my legs shaking like hell. even my voice was wreck.
so a quote from my speech.

jade : so erm... er *looks at advert on the whiteboard*.. "chocolicious" is also quantity and quality. what i meant by that was that "chocolicious" chocolate bars are cheap and affordable and big. big... yeaah.. big. *silence* yeaah... its big...

i was sooo nervous. hahaha. damn wreck tothe max! i totally forgot like half the things i was gonna say. hahahaha :P

ahmed did on "super-camera" he made like a camera with all the function superman has. like x-ray vision... and all the visions la. can see thru walls also. hahaha.
ect ect.

fahmi did about saving the wild life. "Anti-Alone Campaign"??
hahaha. he's hand was shaking. lol.
i saved him! hahaha. he showed hes drawing of the alone elephant crying first. it said "now" at the bottom. he showed it and said "this is the elephants now".
then he showed the second drawing. about 5 elephants all happy together. it was "before" at the bottom. he showed it and he was like er...... "this is the elephants.... er... if we save them?"
so the class was like "whatt?? it says before"
so i told him softly "like before.."
so he said " yeah! like before. if we save the elephants now.. they will be happy like before!"

oh! and i so rajin today. i help ji soon and akansha and deana and michiko and blah blah blah with the speeches and adverts. im so nice :D
hahahah everybody was shouting my name and i was like running all over the place. hahahaha.
so now they said im the "director" of the "company"???
weird but cool :D

gosh. i mesti shower!
dah pukul sembilan!
aiyoyo! ahaha.

The Click Five.
only 4 days to go!..

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Jadeee, what's the problem?
Monday, June 2, 2008
Oh what mess
you've got the best of my heart
It broke and now it's just a joke
Cause you're moving right along
I'm still here and you're gone
Oh what shame
You know I didnt mean for the winds to change
Won't ever be the same
Cause the kisses that you blew
Could never ever move

this is just love. <3

i cant wait for the click five. you have NO idea.
im dieing here. but. i dont want it to happen to fast. cause i know the feeling.
like how mcfly's concert just came and passed by.. but it was the time of myself.
it was the bomb. i loved it so much.
i hope click five would be too.
imagine. the click five beats mcfly in making my day better. not only just performing... but i get to take a picture with them. whoa. thats the ultimate.

todays a is special day for one of the fatjas peeps.
indeed. its SAMIRA.


i, jade, know the ultimate thing. i know how to kidnap a band now! muahahah! kindap the click five!
well, because deana watched the movie and told me about it.

Kidnap my heart
take me with you
Kidnap my heart
make my dreams come true
Take me away
Cause falling in love ain't very far
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

i abso-love joey. zehr.
totally sex and drugs. she wants some sex, and drug. sex sex and drugs.
hes so organismic. so hot.
like my quotes about him :-

"who needs g spots when you can just look at his face?!"

"hes so organismic man. god's finest creation... like whoa."

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