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I'm a relatively good girl. I eat most of my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I act kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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its time to party! :D
Monday, July 27, 2009
yo hoes :D
note that. summer has begun.

exams this term was pretty not bad i think. compared to last term's.
i hope. like a lot. hahaha...

12.5 more hours to go.
im going...


hahahha to meet the powerpuff girls.
yeah. sure. HAHA.
im soooo funny lah! :P

im going to the city far far away..
the land where subways are the way to go..
where the ferris wheel is big and SLOW.

im going to uncle ben's place.

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downpour ;
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
its 10 mins to noon.
and i wanted to blog just now but i just totally lost the mood.

everything seems to get shitty and shittier by the moment.
frigging hell. suck balls.

seriously, what the fcuk.

εάν δεν μπορείτε να το κάνετε αυτό, δεν μπορώ να περάσει με αυτό.

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could you be..
Monday, July 20, 2009
monday, the 20th of july. 2009.
wonderful aint it?
the good side of the day is probably only the fact that i could answer CHEM PAPER 2.
amazing. believe it.
not once did i day dream or count the seconds by..
or anything like that.
99% of my attention was on the paper.

i should get some standing ovation hahaha

"here's a llama. there's a llama. and another little llama.
fuzzy llama. funny llama. llama llama. duck."

.. a little bit better. thats all i need now.

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warning. post #222.
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
helloooooo :)
its a wednesday night and im blogging cause ive got nothing else better to do.
wait no.
i do have better things to do like study since in exam time.. but..
blogging seems right now :)

ive got the flu :(

its sad getting flues during exam time cause while youre doing the exam, you will be like the only one sniffing and sneezing..
malu i swear :P

5 days to go :)

so i've done 3 papers already.
english, bio 1 and bio 2.

ive still got chem, physics and maths.
which is monday, thurs and fri.

fahmi, if you dont go out im really gonna kill you.
and i am serious about this okay!

im leaving to london on the 28th morning.
my flight is about 10.05 am.
traveling there alone. gonna surprise my gma over there :)
tash tash tash.. will be joining me there on the 14th! woot!

ill be back on the 30th MORNING.
like at 7 something AM. dayum hahaha.
in time for merdeka. lol :P

sayang, if honesty is the best policy..
then im afraid to leave :(

memories just fill up my mind.
but i just wanna leave them.

mtv world stage malaysia.
august 15th. ahahahaha
i wont be here to attend it :/
oh well..
ill be too busy searching for dougie or like mitch hewer. haha :P

if last time was 3 weeks, this is 5.
if you didnt notice, im losing my mind like beyond crazy.
im trying to stay strong and not show it.
..... but im failing, miserably.


i just thought of a really REALLY lame joke.
i was thinking how i would like him to write to me everyday like how i did for him last time..
so i thought of THE NOTEBOOK.
then... i thought its like the same but this is emails..
so then the name "THE MACBOOK" came to my head.
get it?
hahahahahha bodoh :P

i wanna tell deana about this but she aint picking up.
DEANA! hmph.

i just daydreamed for like 5 minutes.
hahaha about dougie :P
omg, so bad man haha.

sayang, iloveyou :)
like you said..
its one divided by ZERO ♥

omg. this is like either my first or second time to you that heart thingy :P

dayum. nose is still being a bitch.
no. its bing a whore.
damn you nose.

why of all days sayang must sleep early? :(
when you go to school the next day, you sleep late.
when you arent going to school the next day, you sleep early.
tsk tsk tsk :P

damn. love facebook. and rica ahahaha.

omg. quote.

why dont you take a nap?
why would i take a nap at 11.30 at NIGHT?!

another quote.

do you know the song "love sex and money"??!
what?! love sex and MONEY?! AHAHAHAHAH

He's got something special
He's got something special
And when he's looking at me, I wanna get all sentimental
He's got something special
He's got something special

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its the 21st century, i think we're allowed to date younger boys. i mean men.
Saturday, July 11, 2009
but seriously.
its 2009. and im turning 16 in 2 months. (shit wow, 2 months. damn fast!)
its the 21st century. duh.
we're so allowed the date younger men.
right? hahahaha.

if we were like in the 19th / 20th century? yeah. i understand. no.
i would prolly be capitalized.
yes, i used such a big word. :P

in every girl's life, i am 120% sure that she has had "a thing" for a younger guy.
thats the word.. GUY.

i already have a girl in mind.
hahahahahaha :P
im sure shes not afraid to admit it. kan tash? :)

well.. as you all know im crazy over THOMAS.
who is the big FOUR.
turning FIVE. wow. hahahahahah :P

NO YOU FOOLS! i do not have "a thing" for him. =.=
hes four man! i mean if Tamara did, thats a different story.
defo accept him in the family man! haha

so yes. talking about younger guys..
i have to show you this boy.
i remember playing with him and his brother of course years ago in singapore.
yes singapore. they live there.
yes. they are twins. :D

hallelujah! :)

matthew and benjamin :D

matthew in the middle x)

benjamin (far left) and matthew 3rd from right :D :D :D

matthew in his sports kit.

this may.. okay is wrong..
but can i legally date matthew? hahahaah :P

i think its 4 years. yup! 4 years!
hes in year 6 hahahaha
oh oh! turning year 7 this september! :D

its really nothing wrong.
its like imprinting.
nothing sexual. EEEW.
but its like.... OMG! READ NEW MOON AND YOU'LL KNOW.
hahaha or ECLIPSE.

.... my life is nearly being complete. ahahaha

i've spotted the mouse. now to set the trap.

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you can go get a remote control.
Friday, July 10, 2009
i really thought it would be different.
i thought maybe tonight will be special.
maybe it would be something you talked about before.
but you know.. you prolly forgot. sad aint it?
not for you.
for me.

sometimes i wonder why i always hope for things when there is a HUGE chance it wont happen?
it always gets to me.
i just believe in that bloody small chance too much it gets bloody depressing.

i just thought tonight would change.
something to remember. never to forget.

i dreamt it would be different. something special.

do you know how much i thought it wouldnt be the same?

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