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live from the apollo..
Saturday, August 22, 2009
my title = show i'm currently watching on telly.

ahahaha. its stand-up comedy! :D
fantastic. seriously funny..
so anywho, i just thought i would blog since this is tasha's last night here in London :(
shes going back tomorrow at around 10pm.

shes sleeping now. im blogging.
just like the last time hahha.

so.... i went to LEGOLAND yesterday!
it was awesome!
wasnt as big as i thought it would be.
it was packed. seriously packed.

we had to wait for like about 45mins to an hour-ish PER RIDE.
6.5 hours there and we only rode 4 rides.
wow. hahahaha

good thing was it was full of kids.
adorable british kids.
blonde and cute. hahaha
while in que, tash and i would "play" with them. hehehe

in que for the JUNGLE COASTER, which by the way was freaking awesome, we played with a brother and sister.
gila comel.
sister was like about a year older i think.
anywho, the dad had his daughters face tattooed to his right arm.
awesomenessssss :)
i dont know about his son lah hahah

i got a medal from legoland!
i digged a lot of "golden nuggets".
omg i could have stabbed myself. seriously.
i thought the more you had, the bigger the prize.
i mean seriously, im sure you all would have thought the same thing.
well i was on a role.
i dug dug dug. put my hands in the frigging icy water.
like holey shit man, my left hand hurt like a bitch until i had to stop.

in the end, i got a medal. -.-
i had a lot of nuggets.
i wasted about 20mins when i could have stopped after 10 mins and still got the same medal.
you know what i mean?!
=.= sigh.

watched a movie at Bayswater.
watched "Dance Flick".
wasnt that hilarious until the end. ohmygod.
i laughed like at humping a dog.
okay i dont know why i just used that example but you get it dont you?
the end was beyond funny.
i couldnt breathe. really.. just couldnt.

people who have watched twilight MUST see it.

before we went to see the movie, we saw a guy boxing..
by himself..
outside a pub, sitting down.
he actually "shaked hands" with his "opponent" before taking another sip of his beer.
another reason why i love LONDON! hahahahahahahahahahaha :P

okay okay lah, i should tidur now!
its like 2:12am now.
dum dum dummm. after that cannot wake up in the morning hehehe.


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and i think i wanna sleep.
Sunday, August 16, 2009
... im reporting from Knightsbridge, London, at 1:11am.
holy moley. look at the time. so the awesome man.
wait a minute. the clock says 1:11am but the laptop says 1:01am.
wth. nevermind.

well im blogging from tasha's apartment here which did i mention is next to HARRODS ??
hahhaa :P
well we went to watch the musical WICKED just now.
it was nice. some parts gave me the goosebumps hehe.

and i just finished watching The Prince of Egypt on dvd!
ive been wanting to watch it since..... a long time? ahaha
well i know i did watch it before when i was small. i think so, i think im certain.
well a few months back during tuition.. we watched like the first 20-odd-mins of the movie.
to review.
and so... ive been obviously wanting to finish the movie.

no dvd shop in KL has it. what a pity.
i mean i never tried an ORIGINAL dvd shop.. but.. psssh. hahaha :P

so tash is on the sofa, fast asleep.
im here at the laptop, blogging.

im kindda hungry but im no sure if i am or not.
dont think im gonna eat since im going to sleep like after this.

did i mention i love kid's juice.
like i mean... its juice. for kids. hahaha
its frigging nice. i swear.
even tasha has to argee with me!
i think its call fruit shoot , or something like that.

the weather in london is really nice.
who said there aint no sunshine?!
well you (that person) centainly either didnt go out of the house or only went out at night.
at around 2pm, tash and i left to waterloo station.
yes, the england eye.
we went to meet a-person-who-cant-be-named-due-to-some-policy.

we sat on the grass and ate a cone of vanila ice-cream with a flake (chocolate brand), which was like a cherry on top. hahaha
sat onthe grass for about 2 hours. amazing.
when you look up at the london eye.. while the clouds are moving..
i swear the eye looks like its about to fall.
seriously. kindda funny and scary at the same time :P

wait! before i forget. speaking about SUNSHINE..
this guy who looks exactly like SANJAR asked me if a charm bracelet that dropped was mine.
well it was tasha's but i mean SANJAR-LOOK-A-LIKE.
hahahah but hotter. and with braces.
still better looking.

okay okay lah.
blah blah. go entertain yourself somewhere else now.
but do come back here lah of course! :D

i shall go to sleep now.
or like in the next 15 mins.
or so.

p.s. i miss you all. really. but dont worry, im having fun here. HAHAHA :)

sayang, iloveyou.
"infinity and beyond"

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ello ello ello
Saturday, August 8, 2009
its destiny. its meant to be. im sorry if i interfered with it. my apologies.
i hope you know who you are.

okay well.. i wanna blog since :
  • im in england.
  • its 8:54am in malaysia.
  • which means 1:54am here.
  • today is a lucky day since i could get through with the net.
yeah. thats it. oh yeah plus i need facebook. hahaha.
my facebook level is like a 0.2%.
i watch way too much telly. but i aint complaining :P


im totally addicted to Sonny With A Chance now.
whoa i love disney :P

theres so much i wanna blog but.. i need pictures.
but wait. okay. i remember stuff i wanted to blog.

  • my flight.
WOW. talk about turbulence. had loads. like at the end of the flight, it took forever to land. the screen kept saying 12 mins but 20 mins later it hadnt chance. dei. we were going in circles and i aint kidding. anywho.. when it was time to land, turbulence was a thumbs up. a guy was vomiting! and ive only seen that in the movies! :P

  • fur-real pets.
And im talking about toys in hamleys. ill post up a vid when im back in Malaysia. seriously... all toys are getting REALISTIC. and like on FOX NEWS the other day, they showed this german baby toy....
it teaches the owner (girls aged around 6?!) to breast feed. some moms thinks its good, some dont. how about you? i think its good. education. i mean its life right?
  • sterling knight.
i love sonny with a chance. i love chad in it. yes, that mr. knight.. but.. did you know he looks like he went for plastic surgery without make up? i mean.. hes not ugly but like... less good looking?? eek. hahaha :P well yeah... omgomgomg. I WANT HIM (CHAD) TO GET WITH SONNY!!

omg. hes 20?! wow.

  • you.
emotions are confusing. so are you. most of the time.

  • "dark" dudes.
what i mean is black dudes. im not being racist of anything. i mean it i were a racist, i would have called the "XXX" to come to my school. hahaha :P well yeah. this 2 black dudes IN A VAN tried to sweet talk. well only one lah. the other dude just started. freaky ass mofo for shitz man.

he said : i was from heaven. i was beautiful. he should get some of 'em malaysian chicks. and that boyfriend is loosy and he is "great".

thanks for the compliments but thats scary.
eh eh! he called me b e a u t i f u l . hahahaha :P

okie dokie. its like 2:44am now. wow. that fast.
as in the time went by fast...
my blogging = slow. heheh :P

goodnight! well good day for you people in asia :P

fuck. thats a baby roach behind my bed. oh shit. :(
im now officially disgusted with myself. i kill a roach for the second time.
and like the first one, when my smashed it with my hand AND TISSUE, it was still alive.

I've missed you quite terribly. 
I fell in love, in love, 
With you suddenly. 

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