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you never meant it, did you?
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
i have come to a conclusion about blogging.
when happy, blog. even if youre tired.
cause when you have the time but you really that happy, like now..
its a bitch blogging.
but i will. since i said so.

what a waste.
what a waste of time.

we could have been something more,
or maybe separated and being more than fine.

so last friday night/saturday morning i came back from phuket.
spent a week there at J.W.MARRIOT VACATION CLUB.
awesomeness. our er... home(?)
ahaha. i dont know what to call it.
like a homey-flat-apartment-hotel. yeah. thats it. hahaha

some people joined us.
aunty june's family. - mom,dad,son,daughter,uncle.
aunty belle's family. - mom,dad,son,daughter.
aunty sandy's family. - mom,dad,daughter

yup. only aunty belle's family stayed at the J.W.MARRIOT HOTEL.
the rest of us got 4 days free stay. cause of promoting and blah blah.
people doing business would prolly understand.

so for my birthday.. 23rd of september, 2009.
we went out of the hotel. lol
bought new shoes. GUMBALL. i think thats the spelling.
bought shoes for my bro too.
bought 2 pairs of shorts for like... bb or something. one green, one pink.
it write BILLABONG on the ass section :P

i would like to say thanks to everyone who wished me :)
and omama and amalina for blogging. HHAHA.
love you all veli veli VERRY much. xxxxxxoooo

so which road are we taking?
cause if we dont turn.. it'll be a dead end.

Eh, eh, there's nothing else I can say
Eh, eh, I wish he never looked at me that way
Eh, eh, there's nothing else I can say

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touch me.
Monday, September 28, 2009
Semakin dalam ku merindukanmu
Semakin jauh kau pergi dariku
Semakin jauh ku mencintaim
Semakin dalam kau hancurkan aku

Aku tak kan pernah bisa
Tak kan pernah bisa
Bersama, bersama, bersamamu
Ku tak kan pernah bisa

let us celebrate.
its time do it.
the time is now.
ok go.


sorry. busy today.
blog tomorrow.

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12 days later..
Sunday, September 27, 2009
& i still dont know what to say expect :
i need to shower.
therefore i can sleep early... and sleep MORE :]

just today i started using this smiley, :] , instead of the normal :) .
just like old times.
... but ive only used it twice today. including the one above.

so.. erm..
selpt over at tashs place.
woke up early. followed her and raz to HELP college university for a performance.
im like the "follower" hahaha.
number fan lah! lol.

k. i shall blog tomorrow or tuesday.
i shall go mandi now. and then tidur till dawn comes :D

woot woot.
singing out.
i mean signing out. lollollol.


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a b c d , tap your feet.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
emotions are funny.
how i was feeling 2 days ago was totally different than how im feeling now.

2 days ago i was beyond happy.
ive mention stuff ive never mentioned before.
ive opened up.
i started off shy and stuff but a relationship is like a flower.
we have to blossom sooner or later.
well obviously we're late blossomers. dont really matter but still..
we cant be too late.

but now..
its totally the opposite.
im not saying im depressing and fcked up or anything like that.
its just that,
something went wrong while it was happening.
like it wasnt meant to be. im not sure.
eventually it will figure out itself.

hold on.
somethings wrong. comparing us to flowers are wrong.
relationships are more of... butterflies.
im not saying that just because i really dig em, lol.
but think of it.
relationships could be like caterpillars in cocoons.
we're all wrapped up with our own stuff. personal or non-personal doesnt really matter.
thing is, we tend to.. how shall i say it?..

for example, we want to say stuff.
coming clean or confessing or even saying stuff we were too shy to say out before..
we might.. delay it.
prolly too embarrassed or shy to say it.
this is when we are just wanting to come out of that cocoon.
we are like dying to come out. but we still have to wait..

things turn out right... we finally come out sooner than expected.
if not... we just have to keep waiting.

maybe some of you may not know what im trying to say but just keeping re-reading this.
you might just relate this to something else and understand what im really trying to say.
dig dip.

m e .

Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Reach out as far as you can

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just put your hands on me.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

But can you hear me say?

Don’t throw me away

And there’s no way out

I gotta hold you somehow

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you

You wanna touch me too

Everyday but all I have is time

Our loves the perfect crime

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you

You wanna touch me too

Every way and when they set me free

Just put your hands on me

our loves the perfect crime

yeah, right.

ahem ahem. all truth.

How do I get closer to you
When you keep it all on mute
How will I know
The right way
To love you

Usually the queen
At figurin out
Breaking down the man
Is no work out
But I have no clue
How to get through to you

I wanna hit you
Just to see if you cry
Keep knockin on wood
Hopin there's
A real boy inside

cause you're not a man
You're just a mannequin
I wish you could feel
That my love is real
But you're not a man

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#235 ; nice legs. daisy dukes.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009
i think that toothbrushes are expensive.
i mean you could buy the cheaper onces which are like rm3-ish.
but seriously. would you?
they are like sandpaper. they will scrap the living shit out of your gums and teeth, and dont forget the tongue.
after that i dont think you'll ever taste again. hahah

recently (yesterday) i bought a toothbrush.
cost me somewhere between rm5 - rm6.
i took the cheapest SOFT brush.

awesome. :D

& its orange in colour cause practically all my toothbrushes in the past 2 years like pink i think.
yes. PINK.

now lets talk about : MOLES.
just felt like it cause i was looking at my mole. lol.
holy. so much. im not gonna copy paste or even write that!
im sjust gonna tell you that so far it said im kind hearted and generous.
awwwwh :P

things not to look forward for : friday, report card day.

things to look forward for : wednesday, dentist. thursday, extra class. next friday, phuket. next next friday, my birthday!

whooooo.... no. not that much of a whoo.
blah blah.
talking crap already.
getting sleepy.
need to shower!

OMG! i have been elected.
as monitor!

the last time i heard the word monitor in class was effing primary man!
its okay.
monitor for me is also know as class-register-girl/boy.


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let go of my hand
Monday, September 7, 2009
i have no idea why i feel like blogging at 3:40 in the MORNING.
i need to sleep soon.
these past few days ive been sleeping hell late. you have no idea. hahaha

so getting to the point. (what point?!?)
lets see..
i really wanna watch :

the dude acting is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
hes cute :)

talking about him..
he was in G.I.Joe too!
he played a dude called REX.
the good guy gone bad. sadly.

i like him with that hair he has on (500)Days Of Summer.
so comel lah. lollollol.
really wanna watch this movie.
im in love with it before its even out.
and i so far i havent seen any commercials that its coming out here.
things like these makes me buy rm10 dvds. :/

to end this post, here is Joseph and topmodel, Claudia Schiffer.
this is a picture from a photoshoot in Paris for GQ Mag.

& maybe you dont know how much it means to me..

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im so hungry, hear me roar!
Sunday, September 6, 2009
its pass 2am and im freaking hungry.
im so hungry i decided to blog about it.
yes. blog my hungry out.
possible? we'll see hahahaha.

im sure you all are wondering how stupid i am for not eating but..
my damn house alarm is on!

why am i THAT hungry? i slept through dinner.
and i only had a brunch. lollollol.

im so hungry.. i got to the point where i started to laugh at myself and type/talk dumb shit stuff.
for example :

amazing, i know.

and then fahmi just had to be eating amw.
"haha, i just ate a coney dog, some curly fries and some wavy fries... oh! and a rootbeer float! haha"
blah you fahmi! hahah
who needs that?! amw was so 5 minutes ago!

so ji soo came along and got to make me feel all better! :D

i loled so much at that.. hahahaha :P

holy moley!
its working!
im like.. not THAT hungry anymore!
wooooooooooott! :D


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my corny-ness speaks out!
Saturday, September 5, 2009
you and i are like :
peanut butter and jelly,
a turtle and its shell,
scones and butter,
cake and icing,
coke and ice,
a computer and a motherboard,
toothbrush and toothpaste,
soap and water..
do i make my point?
ahahaha :)

ill just stick with the first 2 examples.
i eat a slice of that in the morning before i go to school..
and a turtle's shell protects the turtle (?) lol

you're always in my posts..
if your name wasn't in it,
i was still thinking about you :)

(back to the top.)

but i wish you the best, i guess.
Friday, September 4, 2009
If I had no more time
No more time left to be here
Would you cherish what we had?
Was it everything that you were looking for?
If I couldn't feel your touch
And no longer were you with me
I'd be
wishing you were here
To be everything that I'd be looking for
I don't wanna forget the present is a gift
And I don't wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me
'Cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed

So every time you hold me
Hold me like this is the last time
Every time you kiss me
Kiss me like you'll never see me again
Every time you touch me
Touch me like this is the last time
Promise that you'll love me
Love me
like you'll never see me again

when i ignore you, its when i want you the most..

"get it now?"

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Landing in Malaysia
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
yes. my title is actually from a song my 3 Doors Down.
originally called Landing in London.
i know.. my lameness rocks your world :)

5 minutes till half pass 5 in the morning.
im still awake. well no duh.. its only like 10.30pm over there in london? hahaha

ive been so bored that i decided to cartoonize myself online.
its actually pretty fun you know heheh
so i think the first one was the most accurate.

first try.

and then i tried "simsonizing" myself. lol.
warning : this is SO NOT accurate!
second try.

so then i "south park-enized" meself.
i like this. LOL
third try.

not bad not bad huh?!
lollollol :P

i had fun doing that.
well kindda. i mean it WAS SOMETHING to do.

malaysian tv SUCKS.
you hear me?!

dear astro people,
here is a little advice.
you guys can either :
(a) get more channels.
e.g. Channel 4 , Dave , E4

(b) get more shows.
e.g. in london.. they have a show called 'True Jackson, VP' which is on Nickelodeon.

(c) show more interesting movies.


one more thing..
be more "up to date" with your shows.

an sad-annoyed astro subscriber.

so to end this post cause i dont want this to be mega long..
watch this dude.
we shall know him as JAMIE ARFO!
wooot! he got me singing this song non-stop.
well, just the chorus :P

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