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Friday, December 25, 2009
its nearly boxing day already, just another 45mins heheh

so what did you all get for christmas?
*ji soo, dont comment on my cbox nothing cause i already know you dont celebrate xmas :P*

i never got so little things in my history of christmas.
i received a bag from my mum, jeans skirt from my aunt and a big box FULL of sweets and chocolates .. including a $20 Jay Jays gift card from my cousin and her boyfriend.
yup. thats all.
oh! i forgot. a got a lil pressie from aunty monica and uncle benard too.
well i wouldnt call it a pressie. just 'something'? hahaha
those tiny adorable paper bags, and inside were 2 small packs of bubble bath soup and some chocolates.
its really cute :)

so yeah.



hahahah yupers.

oh! not to forget..
to my loves,
please make time for me asap :P
so far my plans are :
28th - tesha.
29th - tasha and family. (step dad's bday)
30th - tasha conford.
31st - tasha conford and so on.. hopefully tasha too x)
1st - tasha conford as im staying over her house. hahaha
2sd or 3rd - tesha, shams, jo and carol.
4th or 5th - CEMPAKA!!! :D

so please make some jade time before its too late.
hahahahaha. i make myself seem so... i donno.. important? oh well... :P

i've got time :)

oh me gosh, i cant wait for school to start!
AHHHH! IM EXCITED! *giggles*
really. i am. no joke.
TFG. :)

reply to ji soo's blog post.
well not really a reply lah but more of a discussion on the same topic, dreams ?
i love to dream.
its prolly one of the only reason why i love to sleep.
every night before i sleep ill just get excited, wondering if im gonna dream that night.
some people say they cant remember their dreams and say we/im weird for remembering them.
i remember my dreams cause ive trained my brain to do such a thing.
dont laugh at me. i even have a book to prove it.
it says to remember dreams more accurately, train yourself to start remembering dreams.
try to recall them when you wake up.
thats what i always do. and sometimes when you think about something, it may hint you/remind you about something that happened in your dream.

at times it may be irritating when you really just cant recall what happened in your dream.

last night i had 2 dreams.
well i dont know if their connected but im just calling it 2 dreams.
1st dream i dreamt about a lot of people.
these people were tasha and atlas and a bunch of people i cant really remember. oh yeah, dora too! :P hahaha
i remember running.. yup. thats all :P and like jumping/climbing on dora? hahahahah

To dream that you are running with others, signifies festive and prosperous times.
hey! its christmas? lol

2sd dream, fahmi, faishal, their sister (not sure which one) and my mum.

i was on a ferris wheel/chair lift with fahmi.
it was erm... peaceful? idk what to say hahaha.
and below us was faishal and their sister.
what does my mum have to do with it? well faishal was asking me to stay longer and i wanted to.. cause then i couldve gone to your new house hahah.
but my mum said no. she wanted to pick me up then and there.

Ferris Wheel
To see or ride on a Ferris wheel in your dream, suggests that you are going around in circles. You are headed no where.� Alternatively, it is symbolic of wholeness and the circle of life. Life is full of ups and downs.

To dream that you are climbing up something (ladder, rope, etc.), signifies that you are trying to or you have overcome a great struggle. It also suggests that your goals are finally within reach. Climbing also means that you have risen to a level of prominence within the social or economic sphere.

i searched climb cause i had to climb into the seat on the 'ferris wheel'.

okay so this has been a long post.
i shall end this now.
oh! one more thingy i shall mention... im suppose to go to adventure world again tomorrow but not going anymore :( thats sucks.
you know what that means right? ;)
a girls bestest friend.
its 4 letters : S A L E .
bonus word: C A S H .

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that girl's a genius!
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
so when i leave.. will you miss me?
im just wondering :)

5 more days then on the 6th day, ill be heading home sweet home!
i cant wait.
omg. i miss a lot of stuff.
family. friends. school. yada yada yada.

well for me.
definition : there was a reason to go till it disappeared.. but now its come back. theres a new reason wake up and skip along the road.

i used to think that australia was pretty cheap.
i mean at least cheaper than malaysia.
in london, i shop like a hobo who just entered an all you can eat buffet.
in perth, i dont. i just window shop. try on the clothes and put it back on the rack. its plain sad.

im currently watching this aussie show. most of the time its really funny.
its called "Thank God You're Here".
hard to describe it on a blog so go youtube it or something.
oh, you can ask me personally when you see me. thats if you wanna know lah hahah

currently listening to : She's A Genius by Jet.
heard it from tash :)

OH YEAH! went to the mall in the evening.
me, my aunt and tamara.
as we walked in.. in less than 2 minutes we were laughing out asses off.
this aboriginal lady whos pushing her trolley suddenly starts singing LOUDLY "jiggle bell jiggle bell jiggle bell rock" or was it jiggle bells?
anywho, she just starts singing it loudly and waving her right arm up high.
something like that lah. it was so. hilarious.

maybe it wont affect. maybe he wouldnt care.
theres no looking back. theres no time.
step up. be the man.

"be a man. do the right thing." = wrong. sometimes the right thing just isnt right. true that.

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MONDAY - 21.12.09
Monday, December 21, 2009

well lets see. so far today my mum, aunt and i cleaned 2 houses. i earned 15 dollars.. in coins.
hahaaha i need the money. im practically all out.

we're going to the beach today!
all of us except jess cause shes working.
oh yeah, i forgot the mention that my step-dad has is here now.

i had a dream last night.
well ive been dreaming lately but yesterdays dream was rather.. different. it was realistic as i would say.
but i dont really want it to happen like that.
no. cause then.. it would hurt.
mmhmmmm. but it gets better as the day goes on i guess. hahahah i feel like im taking crap. oh well :)

"he wraps her in his jacket, hugs her tight. never wanting to let go.
he keeps her warm.
she feels it. he feels it. they feel it."

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this is already breaking my heart.
Saturday, December 19, 2009
dearest deana (well and friends?) ,
im going to miss you like crazy. really. like completely 100%.
to the point i'll look deranged.

you know i wanted to leave for a reason before.
that reason.. yeah. it was REALLY strong at that time.
but ive realized a lot of stuff recently. since the last week of school?
its been hell of a great time since then. i mean totally WICKED. :)

i knew this day was gonna happened.
when i say this day, i mean moving to australia.
first, i already got my PR.
secondly, my aunt and cousin live here.
thirdly, my education cost is cheaper here.

so yeah. the plan was that i live for perth like late march or early april.
thanks to the school here, we realized i would miss out on quite some stuff so they asked me to come asap.
February if i can. but i really REALLY dont wanna live so early.
i wanna stay as long as possible.
i dont want to have only a month left.

and as some of you know, there is another reason x)
i gotta leave and forget about that too. fck it.

this school is better. yeah i agree.
but the people will never be like you guys.
life is kl is WAAAAAY better.
life in perth? lets just say it will make me a much healthier person. no joke.

in perth, its rather relaxing.
the sky is blue. youre able to drink from the tap! :P
no traffic jams. i would have to get a job (im not kidding. people here get jobs at 14?!)
the shops close at 6? or 7?
late night shopping ends at 9pm. yes. i repeat. it ENDS at NINE.

the school is rather strict.
i guess it will make me a more disciplined girl?
wow. i gotta see that. hahahah

life here is gonna be so different.
im really gonna miss you guys so much.
and i have to admit, im going to cry a lot.
knowing i have such a limited time with you guys is gonna make me cry even more.

we're all gonna walk out own path sooner or later.
well for me, i guess im under 'sooner'.
you do know we can always talk still?
ill be online. on facebook. on skype. ill be missing you people like fck.

how many times have i said im gonna miss you?!
gosh.. hahahah.

oh yeah.. the interview? that was just to pick out my subjects..

i love you all.
cant wait to see you in like what 2 weeks? x)
im miss you all like how a pig wants food. sorry. thats all thats coming to my mind now..


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Thursday, December 17, 2009
ELLO! :)
im blogging from perth!
its pretty chilly even if its summer.. i was actually ready for the burning heat.
i mean all those stories of bush fires? hahaha :P

so i went for my interview today.
i got in?
so yeah. im moving to perth next year.
im being enrolled to Mount Lawley Senior High School.
im doing year 11. again.
well i guess its good..

the term starts beginning of feb but i do not wanna come here that early.
its just way too early.
i need time.
i mean life just got way better back in malaysia.
tough. :/

its gonna be hard saying goodbye.
i thought i had till end of march.
its really sad.

im missing everyone so much now. i really really REALLY am.

i cant wait till i get back :)
so where shall i begin?
omg. i just thought of something.
i really wanna just bang my head now.
I HAVE TO MOVE WHEN.. WHEN.... aiyomah. really just aiyomah.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

okay.. one last post before i head off to KLIA :)
going to perth. dum dum duuuum.
shit one more hour till we leave. i need to shower. dei.
okay so yeah. i just wanna post t
his picture up cause i really just ROFLMAO.
like seriously ROFLMAO.

kudos to CHUN WU.
... if thats youre real name :P

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a reply to Ji Soo's blog post.
Sunday, December 13, 2009

half of that was just WRONG.
hahahaahahahahahh nah. i mean its kindda right but like you forgot other important details.
so lets see.


Have you ever felt sad...and lonely..
and that nothing in the world really matters?
yes. that is true.
or that you feel that you are never gonna be happy again...
again. pretty much true.
then...i sadly inform you...
you have got the 'JADE DISEASE'
it is very contagious so please refrain yourself from people until you get better...
as soon as you realise you have this have to cure it!
the only way is...BE HAPPY! watch comedy show (DEFINETLY NOT BEAUTIFUL LOVE MOVIES) and it will eventually get better..
watching comedy shows doesnt really help much. its like tissue when you have a cold. helps only for the minute.
if you dont cure it can lead to DEATH...
it is hard to cure it...but it is not impossible...
you forgot about vomiting and not eating. HAHAHAAH. wow. im pretty open :P
but GOOD NEWS! this 'Jade's Disease' has changed! YAY!! :D

but ji soo, im flattered. thank you. a blog post. my name.
fabulous. indeed :P :)

i havent even left but i cant wait to get home! x) hahahahaah

for those who dont get presents, im so sorry. i know i have lots of people that are close to me but i seriously cant afford all of you.
i mean if i had more ka-ching, its a diff story.
i mean if i could i would need to get presents for hmm..
fatjas, i-ven, tasha, jisoo, nahla, deana, faishal, fahmi, omama, mg, sonia.. who else?
family! affiah, tesha, niahn.. prita.

bang bang bang. yeah. rite. i mean i love you all, dont get me wrong but please lah. :P

my mum, tamara and i. weeeeeee.
feels nice x)
i didnt do a french mani. i wouldve done it but no nails lah.
so painted them this pinky/purple colour. smoooooooth and like pretty :P

advice from a song :sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down. just get back up when it knocks you down.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009
i havent been on the computer lately. i know. WOW.
usually i wouldnt survive but this time being out.. its like time passes by way too fast!
im so seriously. 2 hours seems like 15-30mins?
anyone out there feeling me? hahahah

talk about feeling me.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
omg. ji soo, i think youre laughing at this. thats if you remember.
crap crap crap blah blah blah.

its already tuesday. wow.
friday - last day of school.
we went to megamall. played pool/snooker/billiards/whatelsedopeoplecallit? :P
after that we watched "Couples Retreat". go watch it. funny.
first time a person asked me if i was 18 and/or above.
i just went "yeeeah" and thats all. she didnt even look at me. hahaha

balik rumah, fun fun heh heh ;)

stayed home with iven, tash, kristian (and jisoo but she left at 2?)
kris went home while iven tash and i went to ou. met sadegh there.
later on, affiah caught up with us at tash's place and so we ciaoed to kl.
lets just say i dont think we'll be forgetting this. HAHAHA :P

GENTING. me tash arash sadegh.
we got lost. walked from one side of genting to the other and went back all the way back.

went to chinatown with tash. met up with sadegh arash and iman.
iman is arash's best friend. hes like 18/19 but his face shows 12? hahahah no. im serious okay!
muka comel. but comel as baby. lol
tash joined me and my family for dinner. selepas tu (hahah), dad dropped us off at megamall.
went to see the 3 guys again.
played pool.
gosh, i suck my ass off at it. seriously. need to go practice asap!

and here i am. its a tuesday last morning/afternoon.
oh! sadegh is leaving for his home country today for 20 days.
which means in my calculations his coming back on the 28th?
28th-the day i balik from perth. hahah

*oh lord, i trust you. make it happen? please? x) :P*

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dear pacific, dear wont you take me away?
Thursday, December 3, 2009
do you think of me? do you miss me? i just wonder.. you said you loved me THAT much, but did it all disappeared already? was in transfered to her?
does she belong to you? its so hard for me. watching or hearing. you've been around me, good and bad. the thing is, i cant get over you at all. something in me is just holding on.
hope. im hoping so much. hope for miracles if they exist.
every time i wonder wheres my guardian angel.
i know your guardian angel cant give you everything you want but this to me is so big.
too big. it stole my heart away.
as the barrier left, you were so close yet so far away.
i wish i could just reach out and hold on close.
to wrap my arms around you. to push away those insecurity ive been having.
to feel your love all over again.

thinking about tomorrow gives me massive butterflies.
it numbs my mind.
what is happening?
what im doing tomorrow, wrong or right, its my last.
i dont want it to be my last.
i really dont. you dont know how much.

as the clouds move, the sun shines.
the world is still turning about its axis.

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you're now on the benches at the park..
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
i just HAD to blog.
dear miss LOO JAC LYN, you have changed my mood. in a good way.
photo after photo i laughed.
i laughed out loud.
seriously funny.

for all of you who dont know, this lady here went sk
ydiving in melbourne.
i know, how awesome is that?
wait wait. i need to see the picture again.. HAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!
omg. seriously. love it.

& im still so deeply and completely not over it. over you.

so here are 2 pictures of jac lyn and dude skydiving.
my 2 favs :)


omg. i cant wait till one day, i too.. will do this x)

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