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action. romance. desire.
Thursday, May 29, 2008
pablo francisco never gets old!
haha. he is absolutely hilarious.
im talking to ian on msn now. he said im "hard to catch" so i had a beautiful come back. it was "then use a better bait"
hahaha. fabulous :D

i was super bored just now but faishal saved me. haha talked to him on msn.
we talked about skandar keynes <3 , ben barnes, joey zehr, matthew lush, which trip we were going to, when was the right age for a guys marraige, accounting class, after form 5, pulau perhentian, club med beach, *a girl*, the girl next to me on my dp (puteri), and hmm... we played the question game. its the one where i go spoon or fork and hell tell me which one he prefers. hahah. that was funny.
& yeah. wow. holy crap. i just saw how long we were talking for. 2 hours
hahahah. awesomeee.

so today was like gila fun day. i had like a volleyball marathon day. hahaha
frist had volley ball during pe. that sucked fuccking hard. the girls couldnt play for shit. then we played again during break. i had a japanese girl which was a volleyball captain in her old school on my team. gosh. shes damn good.
what a game. everyone was watching. hahaha. well a lot of people la.
then a small group of us, 7 girls 1 guy, played again during add maths time.
oh fun.
its a damn nice game. hahahah.

finally get to play. i hope everyone comes. i hope it doesnt get cancelled cause i've always wanted to play.
i wonder if im the only girl. dum dum dummm. hahaha

i think im going to give up literature. its so fucked up. i abhor it man.
its sucky for shitz. it can suck my shit. hahaha lol.

life is good...

so in maz.. ive heard im being fancied by some small dude?? hahah. LOL.
oh and a girl was jealous of me.
kindda wowing here.

well..... thats an update.
tomorrow is gonna be a.. purdy boring day. behold! the gods and goddesses are gonna make it all better.
i love zeus. hahaha.

signing off bitches.
need to shisha soon or ill die.
[xx] Jade-Keynes Zeus Jr. Zehr Poynter MacLovin.

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to my ex-locker buddy!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
oh aly. you seem to be the only one supporting me with my blog so i shall dedicate another post for you!
hahaha lol.

anywho. today was oh-so-okay.
first period chem. it was rather.. normal. boring. except the part when the only-tall-korean-guy-in-my-class tried to sneak into class cause he was late.
yes. you're not allowed into class if you're late.
so anywho. he tried sneaking in. it was hilarious. but he got caught and yesh, BUSTED!

after 2 periods of chem, we had bio. well, bio test.
gosh. susah tau! :P well, kindda hard.
i could only do like half ish?? then my friend tolong me. hahaha.
like one guy said to a girl (behind me) : jade is cheating! hahahahaha.
me : please. i aint cheating. i asked for the answer!

damn what la. lol.

after break. oh so malu! nobody knows about this.
well just before break ending, i thought we had english class so i wanted to get a good seat. so i went upstair. while i was walking up i was wonder why nobody is following me, but i continued walking up. got up to the 3rd floor, bell rings. i go into class. miss fiona is in the class.

miss fiona : what are you doing here?
jade : huh??
miss fiona : i dont have class with you till later on
jade : ohhhh... hahaha. sorry!

malu gila. then i go down, everyone was like why did you go up?
i was like.. errrr.. "toilet la".
hahaha. malunyaaa.
so in the end we actually had language class. hahaa. opps.

i like extra maths class. its always fun :)

fahmi was messaging me just now & he suddenly stopped. so like yeaah. you know, whatever.

so i just messaged him just like 13mins ago and he didnt reply. out of credit??
what to know if he is taking commerce. haha.

PAINTBALL this sat.
omg i hopeeee i can make it.
please mama! let me go! you know i didnt go out last weekend except to the movies with tamara & dora cause you know.. it was FREAKING boring.
you pitied us too! i could tell! hahahaha.

anywho. i gtg shower now. hahaha. k la.

oh yeah.
please god, let my flu go away. its so embarrassing when its so silent in class and i had to sniff my ass off. hahaha. please god. its not funny. its sickening! father in heaven, have merci. please and thank you. XOXO, JADE.

hehe. k la. cioaaaaaa. loves.

p.s. aly! take me out with i go to melb k?? :D

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apples and bananas, again!
Monday, May 26, 2008
this is for alyshaaaa (:

so hmm. today was good good. i finally woke up early. like half an hour earlier. the time i am suppose to wake up hahaa. which was 7.15am.
woke up. showered. washed hair. change. dried clothes. ate breakfast.
& since it was only 8:05am. i decided to read the paper. i also wanted to leave the house at 8:15am but nooooo... had to read the papers until it was 8:20am hahaha.
walk to school.
while walking i read my chem notes. i knew there would be test today or tomorrow.
i reached school just when assemble ended. how nice :P

first & second lesson was chem. luckily i read my notes cause there was a test. dum dum dum..
half of the class was moved down stair to mr.william's class. (maths teacher)
so yeah. mr.william was awesome. he like kindda helped us but i dont think he realized he wasnt allowed to tell much. lol.
anywho. next class was bio. (2 lessons)
tomorrow theres a test! aiyaiyai! im gonna read my text book after this


forth and fifth period was maths.
learnt matrices. hehe.

selepas tu..... was computer lesson but i dont take it so me, deana and michiko bought our food & drinks and went down stairs to the extra class room.
we played hang man and sher-aids?? hahahahha lol.

extra class today. maths. started late. we had to move to a diff class..
anyway. when all of us were in except mr.williams, we started playing hangman. half way thru mr.william walks in but we still kept on playing hahaha cause we haved finished yet. mr.william just watched.
i finished the game! smart me hahaha.
mr.william said "good girl!" to me. hahahahah so farnnny :P

so now i can hear tamara learning how to say the magic word "a-da-ke-de-bra"
oh whatever. hahahah lol

blah blah blah. im waiting for sam to go online and read the inbox. its really URGENT. hahahah :P

sayang sayang (:

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if you'd try
Friday, May 23, 2008
the number 86th post.
wow. hahaa.

im in serious need of "hartamas".
oh gawd. you have no idea.
like after school we were at the mamak and i was sooo upset.
reason why so i need to "s"
arrrgh. omgggg.
im dieing here. thank god im going tomorrow. FINALLY. ITS ABOUT TIME MAN.
so in need, i went to giant and got me self some jolly shandy.
much better... hahaha :P

tssha must be doing her performance now.
how shes doing awesomeee :D
missing you tasha :(
& sam, am, athira.
i dont miss you farah cause you aint picking up my calls, bitch! hahaha :P

Here I stand alone
With this weight upon my heart
And it will not go away
In my head I keep on looking back
Right back to the start
Wondering what it was that made you change

Well I tried
But I had to draw the line
And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know

Do you think how it would have been sometimes?
Do you pray that I'd never left your side?

im wondering whats gonna happen tomorrow.
if i need backup, imma gonna call you jesse yong! ahahaha

feel like sleeping early tonight. its a friday night. gawd. & i never felt like sleeping early during school days. hahaha :P
tomorrow ada physics at 10.30am.
dum dum dummm.

Would you hate me if I don't believe you?
It's hard to love you from the signs I get from you.
Could you trust me if I said that I love you?

Is there anybody
I can see around you,
taking me for granted,
for all the things that I do

If we go to a place we know,
I can show how good life could go
If you take it just leave all you know


haha nice song (:
imma sing out now.

p.s. im itchy!

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summers & battle cries ;
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
i think im kindda gone crazy with narnia. what a freak man! hahaha.
im not that much of a fan either... gossh! :P

you know at the ending of narnia 2; prince caspian, the part when they are about to enter the ******* and a song which is sung by a lady starts playing?
oh i love that song man! its called The Call by Regina Spektor.
why did i put the *** when i wrote "about to enter the .." well, i dont wanna be an ending spoiler for those who havent seen it yet. hahaah

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry
I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
All you can do is try to know who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light
You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye

i love this song. godd, it really gets to me. haha.
OMG! you must see this awesome dude dancing!
hes called George Sampson. damn chun wei! heheh :P
this first. last year '07.
and this years '08.

awesome dancer man. and hes about my age i think. damn good.

Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
'Til they're before your eyes
You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye

jeeebus. its nearly 9:20pm and i havent started work. shittttt.
omg. i think i should kindda stop d.
you're being missed.

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Monday, May 19, 2008
ive got absolute heels over head over Skandar Keynes. hahahahha :P
while most of the girls go gaga over Prince Caspian.

so i've watch narnia 2 twice already. once on sat and the second time this morning. its not that im a HUGE fan of narnia but its just that mom wanted to watch.
whoaa. lovin' Edmund.

me knight in shining armor!
tee hee x)

his born on the 5th of September, 1991.
&& his like 6feet1inch. comelnya. hahahah
i've been like watching some vids of him for the part 2 hours. lolzors.
he goes to the same school as Harry Potter too! hahah and also some guy called Harry Mitchell.
technically im in the same year as him still. well, until the summer holidays then he goes to form 5.
the next year from May till July ill be the same year. a lil confusing, i know. hahahah.

last night, i had a Britain's Got Talent marathon. hahaha.
this years episodes. new season yo! hehe.
watch some of these.
they are fuccking awesome. no shit man. damn serious here.

Signature Michael Jackson Impressions

i will always love you. (cried it this one)

Donald Bell-Gam "Enjoyable Singing"

Pie Jesu - Andrew Johnston (get ready to be amazedddd!)

so watched those and there are lots more that are hilarious but i dont wanna post em up here. if not the post if gonna be damn big. lollollol :P

Skandar Amin Casper Keynes
mmmmmmmmm :D

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Sunday, May 18, 2008
yesterday wasnt bad like i thought it was.
first i thought i was gonna be late for my physics class because it takes me 10mins to walk to school & it was 5 mins till class started, and i was still at home.
second was that i thought what she said was becoming true.
third the other girl was really nice :)
forth. i had a great time.
fifth. it didnt feel awkward at all.

we ice-skated. fell down. ive got a cut on both my hands from falling down.
everyone couldnt stop laughing cause i fell down like superman. aahahah.
as in both my hands were straight like i was flying.
plus, i was wearing my superman tee.
hehehe :P

we stole some helium balloons and sucked them. hahaha.
im sure faishal and a good laugh.
saw him squatting on the floor laughing his ass off. hahaha [SOFLHAO]
heegeeee :D

watch narnia yesterday too ;prince caspian.
gosh. out of 5 girls, 3 were in love with caspain. hahaaha
thr other 2, jesoo & me, we were er... jesoo in love with aslan.
i loved aslan too. lol. i thougth edward was cute la. now got deeper voice :P

oh yeah, i told her yesterday in the cab too.
ooohh!! & i found out that another her (ill call her, her2) was also liking him
hardy har har.
so in the cab, me, her & her2 were just LOAO.
yes, laughing our assess off.

mom has to pay me back for yesterday :)
subway was 13. movie was 11. that makes 24.
plus ice skating was 26. that makes 50. plus mcd makes 60. plus cab. 62.
yay! hahaha :P

plus the stuff i bought on friday = 75.
whoohoo :)
& she stills owes me 30 bucks. but she wants to buy crocs for me.
but i aint in cempaka anymore & like no more sports season. so yeah.
no point. ahahaha.

so if i add all up together = 105.

hahahaha :)

okay now. i have to let some anger out.
okay. that felt rather good. but im not satisfied.

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apples and bananas
Friday, May 16, 2008
i tak suka redshorts anymore.
really truely.
if i cant even talk to him whats the point kan? so like weirdly strange.

i havent been honest with someone and i feel really guilty.
shes been extremely nice and this feels horrible & sometimes it gets REALLY awkward.
so this girl told me she likes this guy. i erm, kindda like this guy but she doesnt know.
i was scared to tell her :(
and now im even more scared.

im going to tell her tomorrow. AND AFTER THAT ITS GONNA BE SOOOO AWKWARD
cause we're all going out. oh the horror.
& then i found out from her, the guy likes this other girl (but shes not in the school anymore).

plus that girl is gonna be there tomorrow.
so yeah.

so i have the flu. it so sucky!
shammie is scaring me! she says that flu means im going to get FEVER!
gosh. i hope not...

karma's a bitch!
bad things happens to good people...

my nose is a fuccking leakin pipe.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008
15th May 2008.

hahaha yeap! kindda bored!
fahmi, if you messaged me like at 6:01pm, sorry i didnt reply.
i was erm.. taking a shower & plus i takde credit. hehe.
tomorrow after school you can follow me buy credit k? :)

tomorrow is friday. the day my first class starts at 11:40am.
how nice. indeed! haha.

jeez! its only 9pm and im yawning like mad!
ahhhhh! i have to do homemork also!
i mean i did my english essay the other day but i dont like the ending. it seemed like i was rushing. tsk tsk tsk :P

hannah montana is on. my mum is watching tv so cannot watch. but i watch that episode alreadyyy.
its the one mileys dad and lilys mum go out. blah blah blah.
gosh. copywriters of ENGLAND, dawg. haha x]

sam is now complaining how boring and lame physics is. hahahaa.
she says ;
*SamiraDepp. says: (9:05:49 PM)
speed = distance/ time. who gives a fuckkkk.

*SamiraDepp. says: (9:07:07 PM)
newtons 3rd law : when a gun is shot, it creates a simultaneous reaction, thus causing the gun to move backwards as the bullet moves forward. LIKE I CARE?

so cute la she.. hehehe.
andrew just came home. my mum is showing off her news shoes to him. hahahaha.
what a welcoming. :P
its a black 3.5inch high heel. & she says its SOOO comfortable. hahaha.


jake left the house for school at 7.45pm. he returned home the same day at 3:45pm. how long was he in school?

like duhhh. 8hours. took him long enough to answer it. gosh. tsk tsk tsk.

wonder what movies we watching on saturday eh. hmmmm.
hope mum picks me up. gtg ask her.
baby baby;

hahaha :)

*singing out*

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everybody knows, we're moving on
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
shubba-la-dee-deooo :)
as you can tell the past few post aint that colourful. hehe.
like so malas buat. i also macam dont really care because no matter how purdy it is, a new post will cover it.
you feel me, rite? yeaaah.

mcflys new song has just been demoed up like yesterday i think.
its a song you sing like when you're all hipped and with a bunch of friends?
its different compared to Stargirl, farah. just in case you were thinking :)

this is the second line of their new song.

"So pour yourself a coffee, put your clothes back on and tell me your name..."

yes indeed. sounds like someone has been having some "fun" eh? hahaha lolzors.

i had my first ever french class today. so mysterious man. i dont know how but the teacher, mr.matthews, knew my name. he didnt even know michiko's name & shes been here longer than i have.
he was like "jade, rite?" to me (like duhhh) nd to michiko he was "you are...?"
wow. amazing.

pumpkin did something naughty naughty today. only goosey goosey knows about it. heegeee. shhh! x]
know body shall know!
nothing happened!

er deana, if you are somehow someway reading this, sorry i tak repeat your sms.
one. i was watching hannan montana. (epidose i watch like 3 times)
two. phone was upstairs.
three. i dont have credit.

ill stick with number 3.
hahahah :)

i miss cempaka man!! miss my peeps, dawg. lol.
hahaha. oh only kit and chin loong would understand that. hahah
caezun! its your birthday on friday!!! teachers day!!
now everyone, since you know, wish him & tell him i said happy birthday too please.
thank you darls.

gosh im yawning! its like 10:45pm and i havent started with homework!
aiyaiyai! dum dum dummm!
mesti buat maths man. daymnnn.
i might do it during free time. its actually comp but i dont take comp.
so yeaaaaaah. :)

i did good in quiz today. yes, english.
all the words i learnt. got it right.
its like Miss Fiona explains the meaning of the word and we have to right the word down.
e.g. CLUE-disdainful ANSWER-supercilious.
at one point she asked for "famous" & then she said write down 2 answers. so it would be 2 marks instead of 1.
get it? so yeah. she did that for 2 questions.
so instead of 20 over 20, which i could get, it was 20/22.
so tiredddd man.

i wonder if its circuit training or games or either nothing.
nothing cause mayb the o-level exams are taking place at that moment.
uh huhhhhh.

do you guys ever get those feeling when you're doing something & suddenly you think it theres anyone, ANYONE, at all in the world sitting like you and during the exact same thing. i do, a lot. haha.
i usually think what dougie is doing at that moment.

*****okaay! im off to bed-o man!

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Monday, May 12, 2008
hardy har har ;]

second post of the day but just go back to history to see previous post.

have fun watching it, yo.

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theres a new queen in town!
so i havent blogged in a couple of days.
im on me sofa and adverts are on astro now. oh cool! spongebob singing some song about rainbows!
hehehe :D
awesome song man.

facebooking now.
going online soon.
have to do maths.
speaking about maths... we had extra maths class today.
me, deana, michiko, faishal & fahmi were like one group? just us. dont know where the others were.
so anyhow anywho, we were like suppose to go the the class next to the biology lab.
thing was, there were 2 classes next to the lab. one was empty and dark & the next class was like taken by the form 5s.
so we went to another class and berbual hahahaha.
ponteng :P
after that 3 something d, we went down to go home and the maths teacher caught us :P

so fuccked. hahahaha.
got send to the principle office. hahaha.
so yeah la. somemore their mums and dads were there. (4 parents)
& yeah. hahaha.
so you know la :P

watching some kindda show now. glossalogy or something like that.
the girl keeps saying "theres a new queen in now".
omg i get it. shut up!
eh! shes actually pretty. like her voice. im talking about the main girl in grosslogy

i had a fun lunch :)
we played chasing games which were just plain stoopid but fun as shittt! heeegee :P
oooh lala!
friends is on now. then MY WIFE AND KIDS!
hahaha. awesomeee!

jeeebus man! not many people i usually talk to are online.
dum dum dummmm.

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with you i'll always share.
Thursday, May 8, 2008
so i dont blog as much now days.
well i have reasons like how i aint in cempaka anymore so whatever i mention nowdays are like... nothing for you? you feel me? :P
&& like for once! im actually you know, playing attention in class and doing work and learning stuff.
im always at the front of class except today for maths. i was near the back as because Deana wanted to me sit at the back. hahaha.

OMG. because of the damn O-level exams, the maths class sticks like diarrhea!
i love the way mr.williams teachers. its awesome. hes slow unlike miss tok in a way :P
he like makes sure everyone gets it first.
hes awesome man!

tomorrow is my first physics class! well so as like all form4s in maz
hee geee :)

facebook is taking forever to load. seriously.
omg! finally!
shiit! something it wrong with facebook! its so fuccking slow wei!
ugh. what a bitch! :P

so hmm... today was okay. fine i guess.
morning woke up a lil late. rushed. didnt eat breakfast. tak apa.
go school first class was bio. and so was second.
third period was p.e. but since the o-level examinations were going on next to the p.e. spot, we couldnt do p.e.
so we had free time. and so i ate mee goreng :P
then second period was free time again cause i didnt take up computer.
computer is kindda sucky in maz cause they only write and theres no comps.
b r e a k !
maths class! [im like always looking forward to maths class. so unlike me.]
and maths again. yes double maths.
and last period was add maths. but i dropped that so it was like.. free time.
so i did my maths homework.
school over at 1:40pm.
and like had literature from 2 till 3.15pm.
hung around for abit like Michiko and Deana and like a couple of that country next to India and Sri Lanka. that country that starts with the alphabet "M" hahaha.
teruk la me.
hahahha. im so weird now.
OMG! NO! tomorrow got no bm! tomorrow is FRIDAY.
i have like free time the whole morning. then my first class is at 11.40.

so sha lala. lalala deeeda.
saya tidak ada kerja rumah! dah buat di sekolah :D
omg. im so good la!

eh the girl i thought i seen her before from gis.. i remembered her.
she thought i looked familiar too. and she totally flipped when i told her and she remembered.
i hate this line. "OMG YEAH! YOUR JUSTIN'S SISTER"
bitch, please!
hahahaa. some people just know me as jade. and then they flip when they know im "justin's sister!"
oh shut your pile holes.

im talking are those ear sticks. you know they one you put in your earing hole so it doesnt close.. yeah those ones.
so weird. hahahah

jeeeeebus. its 5:20pm now.
need to shower man. hahahaa.
facebook aint working yo.
ahh. just got on myspace.
oh look.. a bad added me. not bad music. not bad not bad la. hahahah
its a MAN bad. hahahahah

im like listening to fiomily now.
its beautiful.
and go look for their cover of transylvania.
even better.
its the bomb, dawg! hahaha :D
okay. here it is.

okay okay. im going to kareoke a lil more then shower.
cioa peeps. miss you all :)

p.s. i didnt tell you guys what happened 2 nights ago.
emotionmal moment man.
i got back my jersey from the wash. i picked it up and say "omg. im retired."
haahaha. i told sam and she stoned for a moment and was like "i never thought of it that way!"
hahahhha :P

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dancing with chris brown!
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
so i havent blog in ages! hahaha :P
i just finished my shower. when i came in my room and close the door i got scared. by my own 3 YEAR OLD sister. whaaa-pffft-chee!
hahaha. she suddenly jumped out behind my bed. terkejuttttt!

haahaha. so now im blogging.
today, i finally wore something school issued! go jade! hahaha.
went to school and missed assemble to buy a sports shirt. :)

and again, did i mention i have twins in my class?!?!
from temasik! hahaha. and they are identical twins! hehehe.

for once, malay class rocked! hahahaaha :P
we had to translate english to malay. i also changed singapur to temasik.
more stlyo :P

anyway... im getting more friends which it more awesomer! :D

did you know tamara is really extremely vain?!?
no. i will not give tamara your number, Dani. lol.
she aint gonna call you man!
specially when she is 18! she could be dating some fuccking hot guy! LOL.

im rocking. i missed yesterdays notes so i was kindda borrowing a friend's book but like class ended and she wants to do my notes for me. how nice :)

omggggg. quiz tomorrow! have to learn and memorize!
omggggg. got maths tomorrow! aiyoyo! :S

eh! did you guys remember when i said i would tell you who redshorts is on the blog when i left cempaka?
well.. i left cemapaka but i still havent said it here. but i dont need to kan?
cause most of you guys know kan? ahahahah
scratch that!

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world wide evacuation!
Thursday, May 1, 2008
sup homies!? :D
hehehe. im like soooper bored and hmm, i have to go do maths. daaaaah lazy bum!
so yeah. mom and pop are making their way to langkawi now. they left the house 90mins ago. so i think they are getting onboard their flight soon.
mum and pop dont need to pay anything!
they are going for this like adventure race thing. so my mum got invited and a celeb guest. fooyoh i know :P
so my mum and pop dont need to pay flights nor accommodation. jeez :D
lucky horse shoe.

so hmm. ive been listening to Stargirl and Transylvania over and over and over again, with delight! hehee. i aint complaining!

hey! I'm looking out for my StarGirl,
I guess i'm stuck in this mad world?
with things that I wanna say, but you're a million miles away!
And I was afraid when you kissed me on your intergalactical frizbee.
I wonder why, I wonder why, you never asked me to stay!

So wouldn't you like to come with me?
Surfin the sun as it starts to rise?
Woah! Your gravity's making me dizzy!
Girl, I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling much better.
We'll make a little love in the moonlight.

There's nothing on earth that can save us,
when I fell in love with Uranus,
I don't want to give you away -
'Cause that makes no sense at all,
Houston we got a problem and ground control couldn't stop them.
I wonder why, I wonder why, you never asked me to stay.

So, wouldn't you like to come with me?
Surfin the sun as it starts to rise?
Woah! Your gravity's making me dizzy..!
Girl, I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling much better,
make a little love in the moonlight.

Fly away!
Watch the night turn into day,
Dance on the Milky Way.
Melt me with your eyes,
My Stargirl rules the skyyy..
One. Two. One, Two, Three, Four!

I'm looking out for my StarGirl,
Guess im stuck in this mad, mad world?
Thing that i wanna say, but you're a million miles away!


So wouldn't you like to come with me?
Go surfin the sun as it starts to rise? (go surfin in the sun..)
Yeah! Wouldn't you like to come with me?
Girl, I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling much better,
I can't get enough of you!
Galaxy Defenders
Stay forever,
never get enough of, you.

ohyeah! thats the way i roll, dawg! :D
im doing my maths homework now. last question. out of 6 questions i think i only got none right? naaah! think positive! i got at least 1 right! yeaah!
hahaha. sad me. just so sad tsk tsk tsk!
tamara and dora are at the park. they should be back soon cause its getting dark and mozzies are come out to suck your blood!
oh the horror!

i barely did anything today. all i did was watch shower, watch telly, eat breakfast, watch more telly, got in grannie's car, got out of car, use comp, watch even more telly, pick my stuff out of grannie's car, got in mums car, got out of car, go to mum's room, hang out with family, use mac, use mac, use more mac, eat cheese with tamara (lol), use even more mac and now, blogging while doing maths. im also online but im talking to no one. oh so sad. hahaha.
OH LOOK! farah just came on. ill go sad hi. hahaha. biatch never reply!
she ah. also like that. aiyoyo!

wait. brb i finish my maths! :P
*a few mins later*
OHMYGOD! I GIVE UP! hahahaa. ill ask Deana tomorrow.

tee hee. ill go make one now on my mac!


*i think i rather did a nice job. :)

this has been the longest time ive ever written a blog.
this post is taken me hours!
its been like nearly 4 hours!
hahahahha. slow much.

for once in a lifetime i actually want tuition.
omg. ive become a farah. hahaha.

i want & need tuition for the follow subjects :

yarp! hahah
need to walk to school tomorrow morning! :(
this pass few days mommy's been sending me cause she was sending justin off to college too. aiyoyo. walk tomorrow. must get up earlier. aiyoyo! *slaps head*

for tomorrow i hope that :
my english teacher wont kill me cause i didnt do her work, BECAUSE, i dont have her book. and if she asks me why i dont have it, its because i have nobody to take me to the bookshop since all the books are sold out at the school.
its TRUE.

have you noticed this pass few days has been humid more than ever?
i mean seriously! the big bosses of air-cons must be getting really rich!
tesh, i agree with you. lets stop global warming! not reduce it! if we reduce it, its still gonna be hot. why hot when it can be cooler?
like duuhhh!
hahaha :)

i need to get bal pens. fast.
i need to get all my books. fast.
i need my hand to be more steady. fast. so my writing wont be so cacat.
i need to pee soon. not so fast.

your global warming.
my global warming.
our global warming.
we'll die some day.

Tell me that you want me baby.
Tell me that it's true.
Say the magic words and i will change the world for you.
An army for the broken hearted,
Marching through the streets.
Citizens surrender and they're falling at your feet.

I wanna hold you!
My skies are turning black..! (feels like a heart attack!)
And I'd do anything you ask,
I wanna hold you bad.

I'd Melt the polar ice caps baby.
Watch them flood the earth.
I'd do anything to show you what your love is worth.
So, won't you show me your devotion?
Heal my aching heart.
Keep polluting like the ocean, tearing me apart!

I wanna hold you!
My skies are turning black..! (feels like a heart attack)
And i'd do anything you ask!
I wanna hold you bad!

Attention please!, we interrupt this program, with some disturbing news,
A world wide evacuation, we're going to lose! Make mobilize a nation..!
I guess it shows us just the love you do!

I wanna hold you!
My skies are turning black
Feels like a heart attack!
And I'd do anything you ask
I wanna hold you bad, bad, bad..
I'd do anything you ask,
I wanna hold you bad..!

just you and me.
we have time.
scratch that.
time has us.

Do the D.A.N.C.E.
1234, fight!
Stick to the B.E.A.T.
Get ready to ignite
You were such a P.Y.T.
Catching all the lights
Just easy as A.B.C.
That's how we make it right

Do the DANCE. (Do the Dance)
The way you move is a mystery
Do the DANCE.
Your always there for music and me (x2)

Under the spotlights
Neither black nor white
It doesn't matter
Do the DANCE. (do the dance)

As strong as you might
Working day and night
Whatever happens
Do the DANCE. (do the dance)

The way you move is a mystery
Do the DANCE.
You're always there for music and me!

The way you move is a mystery.

Syntax ERROR.
i dont like when i get that on the calculator.
tee hee :P

omg. what a holyshiat long blog!
i think i better stop & sleep soon.
so i can actually wake up tomorrow.
hahaha :)


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