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Monday, December 29, 2008
ive been like dying this few days with no net... ahaha.

my wireless is totally wrecked.. since like last week? or like last last week.
cant fix it. donno why.
the tm-net dudes came in today to fix it but... they failed.
dum dum dumm!!


hahaha :P
so now im er "borrowing" wireless connection from my neighbour.
their connection has been down too, but today its back on!

due to not being able to go on the net, i didnt get to say a couple of things..
so im gonna mention 'em :

25th : merry christmas!
25th : happy birthday jesus!
26th : happy boxing day!
27th : tesha's birthday party!
28th : happy birthday tesha!
28th : congrats to my uncle! (he got married)
29th : happy birthday andrew..

so yeah. :)

im going out for dinner now.
so i gtg.
daddy is on his way to pick me up so i have to get ready!

..... ive been watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT on youtube today.
im still only on episode 2.
yes slow much. heheh


and 3 more days till NEW YEAR!
its going to be 2009. fu-yoh! damn fast rite?!

adios, jadems..
xx :)

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all i want for christmas is you :)
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
im at daddy's place now, alone :S

its christmas eve!

well lets see.. i went out last night :)
went to a place called groove junction at hartamas.
chilled for abit and watched one buck short play.

i left after like the 5th song?
cause jesse was waiting downstairs, starving. he didnt want to come up and pay a rm20 cover charge. hahaha
so we went to hartamas square to eat. that was about 11pm.

so i ordered my "stuff" and hurried back to groove junction to say goodbye to iman and her buds.
.... and get a pic with rahul. hahah.
hes cool. as is nice la. yeah he looks like he doesnt mix with anyone and blah blah blah..

after we ate we went to a place called Lepaq.
thought it sounded familiar, and then it hint me. annatasha saifolllllll :)
omg. the thing there is good. i die there can also la. hahahahahaha
no kidding, i swear.
and the vibe of the place makes it better.
cause the owner of the place sings stonner songs... hilarious :P
not his singing but everything combo together.
ahh nevermind. youll get what i mean when you go there!

jesse, i take back what i said.
when i came home i felt like puking.
it hints you faster then it hints me......

oh and to faishal, sorry about not replying.
you took SO LONG to reply and i just crashed. hahaha.
tak boleh tahan! lol

well ive got nothing much to say..
besides merry christmas which i already said. bleh.

sorry i didnt buy you or you... or you.. a present :P
yes, i didnt but ANYONE a present.
i know i suck but thats how i roll :)

i wanted to read omama's blog buy i forgot to save it in my links on my blog.
usually i can just type "omi" on the url thingy and her blog url would appear..
but, im in my dads house. so doesnt work here. cause i havent been on her blog on this comp before.

its been AGES since i used this comp.
like seriously ages. no joke.
but thats not important..

i had a really nice dream last night.
it was really sweet.
gave me butterflies WHILE sleeping.
and still had it when i woke up. hahahahahaha.
its a nice feeling.. :)

Oh I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is...


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Saturday, December 20, 2008
i love thomas, very much.. its become an obsession.
i miss thomas.
i hope to see him soon.. and his little brother, matthew :)

for you who has been wondering WHO THE FUCK IS THIS THOMAS?!
well, dont worry! you shall know in a bit.

THOMAS is a 4 year old who i met at my mum's work place holiday program thingy.
when i met him, i so did not regret working.

its such a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and think "IM GOING TO SEE THOMAS TODAY!!"
its just.. whoa.
tesha would know what im talking about!

thomas is sooooooo cute la.
I WANT TO HAVE KIDS like him x]
hahahahaahhahahahahaahahhahahaahhahaa. you thought i was going to say with him kan?!
you sick sick people. HIS ONLY 4 GOD DAMN IT.
yeah, wish he was like 16 :P

gosh, he has this cute voice.
its not that girly voice.
its kindda husky. drool. hahaha
and hes just SO FUCKING CUTE.

quotes! :D
me : thomas, can i have a hug?
thomas : *SMILES LIKE SHIT AS NORMAL* ... & hugs me x)
sam : can i have a hug too?!
me : *still kindda hugging thomas* say no!
thomas : no!
sam : what? why?! *pretends to cry*
me and thomas : *laugh*

me : ask him his last name!
tesh : why?!
me : just do it!
tesh : thomas, whats your last name?
thomas : thomas ja..............................................
me : what do you think? awesome?
me : i know! do you know whats his name?
tesh : no idea...

me : can i take a photo with you later?
thomas : okay!
tesh : can i too?
thomas : no!
tesh : why not?!
thomas : i dont know..
(the cutest ever "i dont know" EVER. that youll EVER EVER hear)

-saying goodbye-
.. after tesh hugs tomtom ..
me : can i have a hug too? cause im not coming back... :(
thomas : why!?
me : ive got school!
thomas : HUGS ME.

.... he is so adorable.

this is thomas.

aint he cute?
aint he adorable?

dont you just want to cuddle him?
dont you?!

.. and tesh too :P

i cannot wait till i meet him again.
i cannot wait till caterpillar opens back in 2009.

oh, my cousin whom arrived from perth yesterday, jessica, is now on my floor sleeping..
her laptop is now playing music..
"girls dont like boys! girls like cars and money!"

well, just wanna state that its half true.
not true about the cars part :P

and kindda not really true for me!

yeah man!!

okay. enough blogging.
if not im going to go on and on about tomtom.
so heres a vid tesh and i did yesterday night :)

p.s. fahmi and faishal are right now in a cinema in one utama watching YES, MAN!
damn la. i wanna watch it.
but i rather play with tomtom. LOL!

p.p.s. joe guese changed his default on facebook so something i likey..

facebook video :)

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eyes burning, toe injured. MAN DOWN!! MAN DOWN!!
Friday, December 19, 2008
well.. i thought while i wait for faishal, i would blog! :)
its 1:56AM.
i slept for about 2 hours and woke up at 1am-ish. cause i was itchy. hahaha
the fan was on speed 2. =.=

so hmm.. today (tech, yesterday)
amalina, farah, tasha, shi fen, chin loong, chin san, jude, ariff, and i went to sunway lagoon.
so tired now.
my eyes are burning.

we planned to meet and 11am.
turned out, we actually all met up a lil later than that.
yes i came late too. about 20 mins late. haha
and when i arrived i met up with am, fa and fen at the entrance of starbucks.
the boys went to get "something". it was amalina's birthday prezzie = man u jersey!
tasha came later on..

first ride was the buffalo roller coaster one.
oh yeah, we all went for both dry and wet park. :)

in line for one of the rides..
(the one you lie on the blue board thingy and slide down..)
i cut myself.
yes, i cut the front of my left toe :(
..... it hurts okay! jade got a boo boo!!

we rode the ride twice, which means i lined up twice.
first time, i hit my toe on the metal-bar-barrier-thing-at-the-bottom-which-was-sharp..
and screamed shit.
second time in line, i hit my toe at the same place.
but this time... i swore. and quickly covered my mouth cause there we kids right in front of us.

.... and people were all looking at me. i looked at my toe and bloody was all coming out.
my blood is SO RED. its so amazing.

same ride in line..
we saw an asian robert pattinson! LOL.
no kidding. we (the girls) laughed so much. actually just me, am and tasha did.
tasha thought he was a thai, so i saw like oh! when we pass him we can go sawadeeka! and tau-rye! (thats how you pronounce it!)

which is translation means hello and how much?
get it? how much?
if you didnt get it like SOME people.. coughcoughFARAHcoughcough..
its as if hes a hooker or something. haha

aaah. my toe hurts la.
damn eesh!

so anywho, we rode nearly all the ride.
well at least me, am, ariff and shi fen did.
the rest are such pussies. (so does now sound like me)
i love the captain ship. we rode it twice. = am, ariff, fen and me.

we saw bunkface's lead singer and guitarist. hilarious.
we passed them and their gfs/dates/friend? on the stairs. them going down, we going up.
and i was like geeeez! so familiar.
so im just standing there looking dumb, as usual. haha.

... anywho, i ran up calling tasha which was ahead.
and im trying to tell her.. the khal-look-alike. to the max.
told her i swore we know him or at least seen him before.
after like 3 mins i got it. bunkface.
yeah. we went a little crazy cause we were just speechless.
like HOW CAN WE FORGET?! lol.

so we made a little mission of our own.
find him. hahaha

if youre wondering, yes. we did find him at one point.
he sat down with his girl on a bench..
and all of us were about to pass them.
but tash decided for both of us to skip/run behind them screaming?
tash screamed I LOVE BUNKFACE repeatedly.
and me? all i did was AHH! AHHH! AHHHHHHH!
entertaining :P

  • how much ; how many
  • however much ;

  • .. now thats how you say it.
    hahaha no. you cant click on the speaker thingy if you tried :P
    but if you click on THIS, you can click on the speaker thingy and hear it. HAHA.
    just saying.

    so hmm, what else is there to say?
    i bought ice-cream with jude on the way out? lol.
    it was nice. really.

    TODAY. is important.
    i got my camera charging..
    and i am SO PUMPED.
    cause today is the last day for the holiday program which i am working at!

    and.... the best//worst part is that THOMAS is going to be there! but today is the last day :(
    yes. i am sad.
    cause i loveeeeeeee him. im so obsessed over him.
    i would love to kidnap thomas!

    i hope his mom is not reading this, if not she wont send him. HAHA. :D

    hes so cute la.
    when i get a picture of him, SO POSTING IT UP.
    for all of you to see how cute he is.

    oh! and ollie too!
    real name oliver.
    hes cute. hes about 3? thomas is about 4.

    te-sha is gonna bring her camera too.
    if you didnt know, shes my beloved cousin and she working together with me.
    she joined us (me, miya and sam) this week.


    jessica, my cousin, is arriving today from perth.
    at 10pm.
    gonna pick her up from the airport and shes gonna stay over my house.
    tesh is gonna pick her up with me!
    cant wait to go to the airport haha. cause i like airports.
    not sure why, but i just do.
    just love the feeling :)

    lord my eyes are like burning!
    i wanna sleep soon already.
    wonder if faishal is blogging. hope he is. haha

    he logged off facebook to have FULL CONCENTRATION.
    haha. guys.. cant multitask :P

    excuse me. i just sneezed.

    do i really have anymore more to blab about?
    cause all i have now is how my boo boo on my toe stings..
    it "kindda" started bleeding again when i went to the toilet. a lil la.
    donno why. so weird.

    now its 2:49am.
    shit wei! nearly an hour blogging. an hour to blog THIS.
    ive always known i blog slow.
    cause i like to multitask a lot of stuff, usually. but this time.. im barely multitasking.

    longest time ive taken to blog ever was like days?
    cause i didnt post it. i left it on the tab...

    DKNY delicious perfume gila mahal!
    like ohmygod, for me.
    its like rm200+
    dei! die die die.

    i wanted to blog about this 2 days ago but i didnt. wtf? haha
    so anywho,
    i wanted to say : DID YOU KNOW POCAHONTAS IS REAL?
    like ohmygod rite?!

    this is what is states.
    Pocahontas (c. 1595 – March 21 1617) was a Native American woman who married an Englishman, John Rolfe, and became a celebrity in London in the last year of her life.

    gosh. seriously wow. you can read it on wiki, here.

    oh yeah. movie to watch : The Prince of Egypt.
    the pretty much old disney movie..
    had to watch a lil during english tuition on monday..
    and i realized i want to watch the whole thing.
    if not right, its the movie my ex-uncle? help drew some stuff? or something like that.
    jessica's dad.

    jessica's dad, jerry, is this really awesome artist.
    hes really good. and i am so not kidding.
    you should really see what he can do.
    i havent seen him in years, cause he got divorced from my aunt and now is living in CHINA.

    WHOA OKAY. this is a long post and its exactly 3AM.
    oh wait. not anymore. now its 3:01AM.
    bugger. hahah

    loves, jade is signing off! :)

    (back to the top.)

    ENGLISH is amazing..
    Tuesday, December 16, 2008
    at thing very moment, LIYANA is trying to receive my old "rapid counter".
    this is because she did a new one for me which looks miserable.
    cause it says ONE person has visited this blog :P

    .... and she got it!
    its suppose to be 4673! hehe :D

    so anywho, i found this really cool calender at liyana's blog.
    its called "the human calender".
    im gonna put it on my blog! cause its so rad...

    and tadaa! its the new blogskin!
    damn. said her name like a dozen times already..

    so hmm..
    fahmi, i know youre gonna read this! so as a reminder..
    DONT FORGET TO BLOG after this. heheh :)

    do you know what male mosquitoes eat?
    cause only the females bite us.
    if you do, do tell me! you can write it on my cbox ( the chatting thing on the right )
    oh and their poop. wait. do they poop?
    if they do.. how SMALL is it?

    hahaha yes yes.. these things question me.

    so reading deana's blog, i know know whats the longest word in any major dictionary.
    dont ask me why i put major in front of dictionary.. its from wiki :P
    anywho, the word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

    BUT the longest word which is not in the dictionary has 189, 819 letters!
    and to think the longest word in the dictionary only has 45 letters.
    so, that LONG word is Methionylthreonylthreonyl...isoleucine.
    sorry but thats all they mention in wiki.

    i hope this post makes you smarter!!
    really. hahaha

    OH! heres a joke.
    a lame one but listen up!
    Smiles, may be considered the longest word in English, as there is a mile between the two s's.
    get it?? hahah

    now its time for the longest names of places!
    The longest officially recognized place name in an English-speaking country is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahul (85 letters) which is a hill in New Zealand.

    The longest place name in the United States (45 letters) is Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, a lake in Webster, Massachusetts. It means "Englishmen at Manchaug at the Fishing Place at the Boundary" and is sometimes facetiously translated as "you fish your side of the water, I fish my side of the water, nobody fishes the middle". The lake is also known as Lake Webster.

    The 58-character name Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is the famous name of a town on Anglesey, an island of Wales. This place's name is actually 51 letters long, as certain character groups in Welsh are considered as one letter, for instance ll, ng and ch.

    The longest official geographical name in Australia is Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya Hill. It is a Pitjantjatjara word meaning "where the Devil urinates".

    ... okaaay. that was.. educational.
    heres more! but this one is fun, i promise :)

    In 1973, Pepsi's advertising agency Boase Massimi Pollitt used a 100-letter but several-word term "Lip­smackin­thirst­quenchin­acetastin­motivatin­good­buzzin­cool­talkin­high­walkin­fast­livin­ever­givin­cool­fizzin" in TV and film advertising.

    In 1975, the 71-letter (but several-word) advertising jingle Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun (read: two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun) was first used in a McDonald's Restaurant advertisement to describe the Big Mac sandwich.

    bring back any memories? sure does for me. haha
    reminded me of the time a couple of us were at McDs at sunway pyramid.
    oh, which is the time we sucked on helium balloons! eh. is it?
    im getting myself confused. hahaaaha

    damn. getting sleepy.
    its 12:08 am now. i have work today.
    i work on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. ONLY FOR 2 WEEKS LAH! haha
    so this week is my last week.
    no more Thomas!! :(

    THOMAS is a kid, prolly around 3 years old.
    50% white, 50% sarawakian.
    100% cute.
    so true :)

    oh i wanted to say thank you to my beloved tasha.
    cause shes done a lot for me.
    taking me to places *coughcoughGENTINGcoughcough* , picking me up from places, dropping me off at places, belanjaing me when i takde money, helping me when i need her... yada yada.
    in summary.. shes been awesome.
    and so i wanna thank her.


    hahahahahaha. thats how i roll. lol

    im still not over twilight.
    its amazing how my love is so strong for a movie.. haha
    i wish they has a world wide signing.
    they had it in the US. and in europe. but the europe one was only edward ans bella.

    fuck. i havent done my christmas card for my grandparents in london.
    argh. i got it but i havent written down anything inside.
    babi la. have to get justin to sign it too..
    thing is, what should i write in it?!

    omama is telling me how much she likes twilight and how hot she thinks the guys i it are.
    see! told you it was good!
    only the girls seem to like it. the guys, er.. no. not really.

    well, i have to go now.
    im totally falling asleep.
    think im gonna drop dead soon!

    i love you :)

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    rodie in the pink
    Saturday, December 13, 2008
    today i saw something rad.
    its called a Silent Disco. (outdoors, in front of pav!)

    its called a silent disco cause... you cant hear music even if its outdoors.
    well... they use bloody HEADPHONES!!! how awesome is that?! gila wei.

    im so freaking tired. i wanna shower a sleep, SO BADLY!
    but wanna blog first la :) haha

    my wireless is down. fucking bitch whore.
    so yes, im using some neighbour's wireless.
    being illegal is fun, till i get sued. HAHAHA.

    i got my reflexology today. hurt more than usual but good..
    i like how they put powder on my legs at the end of massage each leg. hahaha

    its gonna be 12am in about 11 mins.
    i came home around 9.30pm.
    was in KL. i went for the celcom FREE gig. was cool.
    the first performance was by bunkface. nice. since the slots were really short..
    they sang 3 songs. like most of the other bands did too.

    OBS. yes, one buck short.

    cause imran gave me his drumstick and izal gave me his pick.
    so in total i got like the OBS starter kit or something. LOL.
    i got a pair of drumsticks and 2 guitar picks (one from guitarist, one from bassist).
    so all im missing now in the mic from Mooky!
    hahahahahaha lolzors.

    i took pics with imran and izal.
    i fucking wreck. TO THE MAX.
    i wreck twice taking pic with imran. can see half my face!
    i donno what i so wreck.
    & with izal.. well.. i just look weird la..

    i join tash's fam for lunch today since i stayed over.
    i heard some hilarious jokes that im DESPERATE to share with you.
    i can only remember 2, so here it goes..

    Q : What is the difference between a black and white fairytale?

    A : In a white fairytale.. you start with "once apon a time", but in a black fairytale.. you star with "YO MOTHERFUCKER! YOU AINT GONNA BELIEVE THIS SHIT!"

    and one more..

    If adam and eve were chinese.. we would be in paradice.
    cause they would have eaten the snake and not the apple.


    okay. so tired. i just kindda feel asleep but thanks to chin loong's, chin san's, ron's and farah's spamming... im awake.. for now :P
    and jebus.
    have to wake up early tomorrow. tech, today la :(

    AT 8AM.

    tamaras party. eeeesh!

    toodles! xx.

    sometimes we get our good days,
    and some days we dont.

    .. and today surely wasnt our day.

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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008
    well, i just read Am's blog..
    & i decided to post some of the pics on my blog!
    hahaha. cause i like them :D

    and my personal favourite...

    HAHA. cute aint it? but true.
    even better if it were someone else like i donno... er.. jasper perhaps?? :P

    tesh, if youre reading this.. HELLO!
    and er.. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

    this sunday on starworld, there are gonna show stormbreaker.
    you know what that means..
    ALEX! wooot. hahha

    well yeah. thats all im gonna blog.
    im soooo effing tired.
    im yawning like i got foot and mouth disease.
    it that what its called?
    or was it something like foot in mouth or mouth and foot or somethingggg??
    i have no idea.
    and im lazy to GOOGLE! haha :)

    nighty night.
    twilight in 14.5 hours.
    diediedie!! x]

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    Sunday, December 7, 2008
    have you been to a mall, for 12 hours?
    well, i have.
    just today.. :)

    tesh, kim, hui yi & i.
    movie marathon ;
    bolt, wild child, body of lies and twilight.

    fucking hell.
    so awesome.

    im in love... with jackson rathbone, alex pettyfer & aaron johnson!
    im currently viewing other guys too. my cousin is like showing me them...
    but so far, the top of the charts are those 3 gorgeousssss boys. or men? :P

    i couldnt find a blogskin to do with any of them...
    so i got this for the time being.
    & then perhaps liyana will help me do one for me :D


    you got that?
    i have to time for this.
    you must see pictures.



    girls, are you alive?!
    hahaha :P

    oh god. you HAVE to watch this!


    oh by the wat, this post in a day late.
    i kindda did this last night but fell asleep before i coulf finish it.

    loool :D

    (back to the top.)

    beautiful love
    Friday, December 5, 2008
    totally wanted to blog yesterday but i forgot.
    if i did, i would have blogged this.

    4th of December, 2008.
    nice :)
    really nice..

    one of the best times ive been waiting for quite sometime.

    i think,
    IM FREE.

    for today..

    5th of December, 2008.

    okay okay so you see.. i didnt read the book but i was still excited about the movie.
    i got to watch it today at 4:30pm :D

    it was really excited.
    throught out the movie.. nearly the whole time i was "chewing" on my index nails and smiling my ass off.
    i dont know why but i just did. hehehe xD

    im not really really drolling over robert like majority of the female species,
    but i do like him more now.
    the kiss he (edward cullen) did on bella's neck at the end was just so... mmmm :)
    at the scene i was like spazzing with ohmygodness. seriously.
    amazing. really, just is. WOOT WOOT!

    well most of you do know im open..
    and some of you just laughed out loud. hahah :D
    well, if youre really an opened person you may not want to read what im gonna say next??
    idk. just saying. haha

    ... so youve realized that ive been pmsing like major shit.
    & thats not when i had my period of menstruation or blah blah blah..
    now that i have it, im not pmsing!

    my weirdness is yet cool :P

    i just watched this really digusting thing on the net.
    its called 1 GUY, 1 CUP.

    its going to blow your fucking minds.
    the sound of th glass is just making me go crazy. hahahaha :P


    so hmm. nothing much i suppose.
    things have been great :)
    just awesome.

    oh, watch this. i love it & the song!
    tehehe x]

    i love disney movies...

    B E A U T I F U L L O V E

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    Wednesday, December 3, 2008
    god, youre such a drama queen.
    did you know that?
    im tired of all your damn excuses and shit like that.

    And baby don't follow their lead
    'cause you'll never know
    Just how the story ends, or how the story goes
    And you are so confused
    And baby it's just like you
    to say anything else

    you prolly dont notice it but shit comes out of your mouth this time 'round.

    think what youre gonna say.
    think. just think.
    would you like it if i say the same stuff to you in the future?
    youll prolly die if i did.

    god. its not only me.

    yeah, mayb i might be over reacting but seriously.. really.. am i?
    its a different POV.

    i dont know what to do with you. really..

    sayang, you aint playing by the rules.

    you know something...
    I READ IT.
    oh yes i did. mmhmm.

    i told dora a sentence today when i came home to school.
    everything thats happening, i put it in a sentence. one sentence.
    in less than 10 words. amazing and simple.
    she told me a saying.
    and i love that saying. an i shall take it wizely.
    the saying is :
    The Bridge Always Wins

    thanks dora. like a lot.

    ive come to realize that im gonna forget about all of this.
    im just gonna let it pass cause i know its gonna be over soon. (& then back).
    it might not be completely over.. BUT at least its gonna be least.

    ive tried and failed.
    but boy oh boy... it aint stopping me from reaching my destination.

    oh yeah, im never gonna tell you think but youll prolly read this..
    im not sure but im just gonna say it here.
    i did. i actually did. but my friends kept on saying "no, wrong direction".
    so yes, i actually followed my friends directions.
    and well... turned out to be sucky.
    its gonna be a long walk back but i just wanna tell you that if i had followed my way, it would have been you.
    another reason why i couldnt take the path towards you was that there was another person walking there..
    well.. thats prolly it. im just saying that im trying to get back, restarting. and im wondering if youre gonna give me a second chance.

    xoxo your darling bitch.

    p.s. girls can faint watching this. hahaha

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    iraq :(
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008
    sometimes, you cant write stuff on blogs.
    you just cant. its either too personal or... too personal.
    so, i decided that im going to have a second blog.

    a private one if youre wondering.
    no one will know.
    unless i tell you over the phone or something what im feeling..

    or something like that.. yada yada.

    why are the americans still at "war" with iraq?
    its really pointless. and im actually upset about it.
    i just watched a video on youtube.
    just click on this.

    it really got to me.
    its like saddam killed 3000.
    but the americans killed about 60,000. and the death toll is rising very single day.

    i hope obama does something. i heard hes gonna make the troops come home.
    i hope he does.
    and fix the damn money crisis. dei!

    so... did you guys watch CHARICE?
    aint she like... so amazing?
    she serious blew my mind. plus she gives me goosebumps.
    all the time! :P

    i know omama watched it just now. she loves charice now. hahaha
    i watched the video over and over again.
    shes just so amazing.
    i seriously.......... er. whoa. i donno.
    its just breath-taking.

    im in no mood to blog.
    yet i do.
    after this im gonna make my new blog :)

    bleh. ill think about it and if i decide, ill blog tonight.
    we'll see what happens.

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    Monday, December 1, 2008
    "Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
    I'll be waiting; all there's left to do is run.
    You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
    It's a love story - baby just say 'Yes.'"

    told ya ill be back to blog :)

    im now smsing with akanksha.. cant believe shes actually moving to india next term.
    or something like that.

    im pretty much tired. im not too sure why.
    i wanted to study.. buuuuuuut..
    you know me, never studying :P
    well i do SOMETIMES but you gotta not just force me but REALLY REALLY force me.

    what if juliet and romeo didnt turn out like it was suppose to be?
    what if they were scared?
    what if romeo ran away?
    what if.. dot dot dot.


    im watching Charice on youtube now.
    shes this amazing for shit and im not kidding singer.
    shes unknow, YET. shes from the philipines too.
    i watched her on...... OPRAH. lol.

    watch this vid.
    it gave me goosebumps.
    even on my head. my hair feels funny now cause of that. hahaha

    ahhhh. the tingling feeling is all over me..... :S
    its like going up and down.. hahahahaah

    whoa. that was gooood.
    im watching it again.
    and i got goosebumps again. hahahahahahahha
    no really. im so damn serious.

    okay lets see..
    like fahmi he does car of the day.
    im gonna do....

    the one and only..

    yup, you got that right.
    its DKNY!

    *ahem ahem*
    faishaaaaaaal x]

    hahahahahahah :D

    well yeah.
    i have the "sample" in my wallet.
    its so nice.
    dude or babe or whatever.. im not even joking around here.


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    One boy, one girl, two hearts, their world
    Time goes by, secrets rise
    One more, sad song, tears shed, she's gone
    She'd take it back, if she only could

    All the perfect words they seem so wrong,
    She's gone
    You wish that you could learn to see,
    The door is closed and yo wish you could be

    Alone with you, alone with me
    What can I do, I can not breath
    My heart is torn, for all to see
    Alone with you, alone with me.

    Best friend, worst thing, she's been, cheating
    Friend deceives, she leaves
    Last date. she cries, whispers, goodbye
    She walks once more, out that door

    All the perfect words they seem so wrong,
    She's gone
    You wish that you could learn to see,
    The door is closed and you wish you could be

    Alone with you, alone with me
    What can I do, I can not breath
    My heart is torn, for all to see
    Alone with you, alone with me.

    Please stay, don't go away
    The hardest thing is letting go of you
    Stay, don't go away
    The hardest thing is letting go of you
    what can I do? (repeat 2 times)

    Alone with you, alone with me, what can I do
    I can not see, alone with, alone with...


    breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out.
    take deep breaths, and repeatably bang your head on a hard surface.
    draw a target to be accurate.

    the war of the worlds has started. ill be back to blog tonight.
    mayb the guns would come out by then.

    wheres the almighty in this? help shall i cry.

    A M E N


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