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"without trust, there is no love.."
Thursday, January 29, 2009
yup, beware of that "lovebug". hahahaha
im not talking about that bug deana was talking about on her blog..
but seriously, its sucks. its real.

im sick :(
well i would just say im not feeling well cause i dont even know what IT is :S
but its good/bad to know that im not alone in this. im younger cousin Ni Ahn has it too.
we have "IT".

makes you feel weak, sleepy, tired mostly. oh yeah, cramps too. like body ache.
..... and flu.

okay ill shut up with this bug thingy.

anywho, ATHIRA came to maz today! :)
it WAS going to be a surprise for faishal but i donno what happened... he kindda knew. argh.
so the plan kindda failed in a way but im sure he has a nice time. eh eh?? hahaha :D

i didnt go for physics today.. too sleepy.
i missed "Whos Line Is It Anyway?"!!!!! damn.

Henning called me. i like him. hes nice. he calls me unlike SOME PEOPLE coughcoughfaishalcoughcough. hahaha :P
he told me he has the "lovebug"..
awwh hehe

my mum bought stuff for the puppy that im getting in 2 days.
she bought a binky!
its a pacifier if you didnt know.. hahaha.
it made me think of nicole.. she used to call me Jadey Binkki. hahah :)

tuition tomorrow has been canceled. wanted to cut it to half time but nope.... the teacher just said to cancel. oh well..

think im getting a sore throat. thats if im not careful...
cause it kindda hurts but its nothing serious yet.

maths class was entertaining today? i donno what to call it.
the "aircon man" thought us :P
out of 80 mins, 50 mins he just lectured us about "stuff".
he went on and on and on.. pretty funny.
he started of with why the topic sets was important...
then he went on to MR. CROCODILE. lol...

" we're all in love!
- mr sekhon

dont get me wrong.. i do respect him but, hes funny in his own way :)

tomorrow is fridaaaaay.
i have.. english. oh and p.e. thats all.

Cause our lips, can touch
And our cheeks, can brush
Our lips can touch here

Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me
Whisper's "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly

Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
i ate nandos today.
i play blackjack today.
i ate chicken curry today.
i bought wall-e stickers today.
i downloaded skype on my re-formated mac today.
i skyped today.
i cried watching a movie today.
i slept at 6am today.
i woke up at 1:30pm today.
i got married to fahmi today?
i read omama's blog today.


go to her blog and watch the video. its nice :P

im feeling all superhuman, you did this to me :)

jessica is going home tomorrow.
tech, today.
28th of jan at around... 9am is her flight.

homework is still to be done! dum dum dumm!
im getting tired and im feeling so "bleh" to blog.

im just listening to moulin rouge songs on youtube.
ive got goosebumps. haha :)
i wanna buy the soundtrack la! but but cannot find la dei.

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sleepy, very..
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
whoaaaaaaaaaaa :)
GOOD MORNING! im in tesha's house. well im suppose to be "sleeping over".. so much for that. hahaha, lolzors.

just finished watching this chinese singaporean movie which is sad.
yes, i cried. and yes, i had to read the subtitles.
well yeah cause the little boy stole money cause he wanted to "steal" an hour of his parent's time..
watch it. seriously...

i should prolly go to sleep anytime soon.
chinese new year lunch thingy happening to i need to be awake.

i played monopoly last night!
well tech this morning/just now but still.. hahaa. i came in second.
brandon won... with like lots more cash than me.
like 5000+ more? haha

i can hear tesha breathing. she breathes really fast actually. haha weird.

i shall call you tomorrow. and you better talk to me! :)

i want you to want me
i need you to need me
i'd love you to love me
i'm begging you to beg me

didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?
oh didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?
feeling all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dying
oh didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?

im getting hungry for breakfast. hahahah early much.
bleh, ill blog later tonight or something. i SO have to sleep at this moment.

today has been the first time of the year 2009 that ive slept this late.
congrats to me.. =.= haha
i just terkejut? some people like to frighten others by playing fireworks at 6am.
bloody hell. 6 in the morning! yikes! :P

iloveyousayang :)

nightnight. oh wait no.
p.s. omama, youre hilarious. i read your post about my future dog.. i couldnt stop laughing..

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bubblewrap my heart ;
Sunday, January 25, 2009
i saw my future puppy today.
her name is Porschea.. but my mum aint really keen on the name.
so i think we're naming her Sunshine :)
butbutbut i kindda had a fuss about ditching her original name so, her name will be ;

well i just came home since.. yesterday.. hahah
i had a nice time last night with tasha :)
i know that she had a bloody fucking good night! :P
he. he. he.

tick tock tick tock.
im just waiting for time to pass by. just like last night. 
but only that now i have a reason, family dinner tonight.
i mean.. its SOMETHING.. than nothing..

ATHIRA, thanks for the apology. apology accepted. ahahahah i was wondering what happened to the music when i visited your blog..

im going all jakun with the pens brandon & jessica bought from klcc.
should have bought it la..
tash, we are damn dumb i swear. haha remember those "comes out with friction" pens?
well, if we turned the pen upside down, theres this rubber ball thingy and thats like the "eraser".. jeez.. lolzors.

today is sunday.....
the 25th.

then 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 .........

bored much.

evermore a decoration.

chinese new year is tomorrow.. woot.
its also jessica's & my god father's birthday.

like whoa.

okay. shower time.
ill blog again later... perhaps. :)

imissyou :S


(part 2)

yay! its chinese new year! whoot!

well, im not really pumped up... i dont know why..

but oh well. mayb when i wake up i will.

first of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSICA! aka Jessca. haha

yes, inside joke..

anywho, i got my first angpow of the year?


oh yeah. i already for the scariest-more-horrible-thing-of-the-year-so-far..

my house got nearly robbed.

but still, got broken into.

lucky DORA the ultimate nanny was in to safe the day.

better yet save all of us.

the laptops, money, ipod, passports, camera, etc etc.

i wanted to piss in my pants when i found out.

i was so worried about my mac =.=

its sad in a way but hello! i just got it back from the repairman man man...

i had chicken, mushroom, prawns and rice for dinner.


im on the floor in my room, blogging.

jessica and brandon are on the bed.

shes like sleeping-ish? and brandon is just sayang-ing her..

so far in the past 2 days ive seen that he really sayangs her..

like a lot..

no kidding.

homework still to be done. great.

ill do it prolly on tuesday and wednesday.

hopefully wednesday i can go out.. cause then i would have to start studying and stuff.

i really should..

today is the 26th of january, 2009.

it is 12:43am.

&& i think i should just sleep.. since im abso-bored and theres nothing to do.


argh. got me all excited and then...

its those bloody "happy chinese new year" messages..

potong steam.. hahaha :P

why am i so impatient at times?!


goes to : VIKRAM.


time for bed.


p.s. another sms.. still another cny message.. argh.

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oh my, baby im trying.. :)
Friday, January 23, 2009
When everything is wrong I'll come talk to you
You make things alright when I'm feeling blue

You are such a blessing and I wont be messing
With the one thing that brings light to all of my darkness

23rd.. 9 months till my birthday. hhahaha
sorry, im trying to amuse myself. im sooooo bored.
been so dead the whole day. nothing to do. bleh =.=
i just lepaked and tried to get onto the net with phones.
i pretty much failed.. sad i know.. hahaha

i miss my mac! :(
without it..
i cant buy movies to watch on my mac..
i cant reply sam's video message on facebook..
i cant blast music into my ears with my awesome fluffy headphones.. haha
i cant do many things..

im currently listening to check yes juliet on athira's blog.
i like to visit her blog to listen to oasis. hahha :)
i wanted to use that skin before but like it took ages to load so i malas and all haha..

last night, i went night swimming..
ooooooooo.. hahahaha :P
wait wait. heres the best part.
while texting.. LIKE OMG, I KNOW! lol.
yes.. how did i do it? "the magic of the towel.."
it dries hand! =.=

deana told me something interesting today in school. she didnt wanna tell me last night.
then she told me in school.. i wanted to do that jaw dropping thing.
turns out she was lying and so she told me the truth.
its so, wow-ing. hahaa but im so like, whatever :P

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

just the other day, tasha told us to hear this song called TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR.
ive seen the video on mtv before but never reallt heard it like really really hear it..
until today, and i likey :)

Can't wait to get home
Baby dial your number
Can u pick up the phone
Cause I wanna holla
Daydreaming about you all day
In school can't concentrate
Wanna have your voice in my ear
'Till mama come and say its too late
Cause the lights are on outside
Wish there was somewhere to hide
Cause I just don't want to say goodbye
Cause you are my baby baby

Nothing really matters
I don't really care
What nobody tell me
I'm gonna be here
It's a matter of extreme importance
My first teenage love affair

im so tired. think im going to fall asleep soon.
its 3pm. exactly 3pm. amazing.. and i just wanna take a nap!
a siesta! hahahah. i learnt that in english :P

it is a hot sunny day with a light breeze.
its one of the days which are so wow-ing.
like those scenes in books, no joke.

well okay. ciao then..

imissyou :(

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my supernova (:
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
youve made me heels over head, in a good way.
youve made me ever so happy :)
dead happy. hahaha

everyday is a new day. everyday i love.
everyday, i can never wait for the next day.

i took off the nail polish! :(
but my nails are still nice and smooth. hahaha
i love to feel my middle finger's nail on my right hand. its just so.. awesome! haha :P

after january i have to start studying more. like seriously.
yikes. less phone? omg. no. ill find time to study perhaps. i donno.. :S

i forgot about "whos line is it anyway?" !!
okay okay. i still have 5 mins of the show left. hahah.
oooo, they just did that "irish drinking song" about drew carey. lol.

SIMPSONS NOW! ... and they call chinese people yellow. pssh. :P

imgoingtomissyoulah :S

jebus. im donno what to blog about. lol
tamara just came back from the park.
my phone batt is dead :(
have to change the batt pack asap.. before night that is. hahah

next week monday till wednesday no school!
3 days off. plus weekend = 5days!
chinese new year.. woot. haha
ang pow! :) cousins! black jack! inbetween!

i have butteflies now. heheh
well i feel like im always having butterflies.. lol
its raining now.. really nice and cool.
cant imagine jumping on the trampoline when its raining. must be damn fun.
... i might just try that.. haha :P

sam, cant wait for you to call me from HONGKIE tomorrow! hehe x)

now we wait to see what obama will do.
i watched him last night.
... interesting..
i thought he was cute while doing that oath thing.
he like forgot the line so he just smiled. hahahaha funny.
omg. then his speech.. =.=
bloody long! i swear! at first i was like whoaa, good good..
then half way through i thought it was getting long like he was just blabbing.
.... thats when i started falling asleep :P
teruk, i know. akanksha too okay! hahahahaa
but i woke up to the sounds of people cheering and shouting and blah blah blah.

it. was. cool.
i am still very into that metro station song, "shake it".
i lala love it.
& that line...... !@#$^
hahaha ... "your body's shaking, turn me on, so i can turn off the lights!"

Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

iloveyouverymuch :)

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jade in lala land :)
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
im back to one follower.. damn. -.-
but thats okay, it wont stop me from smiling to myself :)

today has been... good. really really good.

first off.
hope you loved the flowers i bought for you cause i know that i love 'em. hahhaa :P

we didnt go out or anything for mummy's birthday. oh well.

happy birthday to tasha's bro too. hehe.
and daniel. aka donny. i miss his mum! aunty maria! damn...
the family moved to america. haha.

damn farah, you super star already la.
nak autograph? :P

er.. anything else? oh spell/curve broken? :)
TOUCH WOOD. dont wanna jinx it do we now? haha

20th JANUARY 2009.
mmhmmmm (:

sayasayangyoubankyak-banyak :)

holy. look at all the smileys! hahahahhaa

FUSHIA. did i spell that rite? haha lol

aiyohma. i wanna take it out but i wanna show you...
ill bring nail polish remover to school tomorrow, thats if i remember. lol

bloody hell. brb. not like youll know la.
but mama is hereeeee. haha :P

well. nothing much to blog about here... hmm.
oh, mac back in my hands soon! yay!
mum said in a couple of days! wooooot!

&& then i can do a vid of sam's wall! :D
I MISS YOU SAM! like a loooot.
i so badly want you to come back down!! :(

ZOMG. FIRST SAD SMILEY! hahahah. sorry, im in lala land.
he. he. he.
remember that? only some would get it. thats boone's laugh. minus the fullstops.
hahaha :P

okay. i think ill stop blogging here cause i have to go sleep sleep sleep!

iloveyou :)


now im speechless over the edge im just breathless i never thought ill catch this lovebug again.
hopeless head over heels in the moment i never thought that ill get this lovebug agan..

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curly as curly fries x)
Sunday, January 18, 2009
okay, i take it back.
SOMETIMES reality sucks balls.. hahah :P

jason's gig tickets were on sale yesterday.
yes, tasha was there. she is so so so SO god damn happy.
you have no idea. i feel her happiness! hahaha.
everyday is getting to concert day so.... its good. :)
i now owe tasha money. hahahah love you tash!

yesterday was like, so awesome.
i got to see affiah! its been ages! i missed her. hahaha
well so, she called me last min to go out and i wasnt at home.. and i needed to shower :P
so i quicky got a cab home, showered like sooo fast (note : i washed my hair too!!), and quickly changed in time to catch the next cab which was on the way..
yup. affiah picked me up in the cab.

we went to solaris, mount kiara, for this "seventeen mag funtion thingy".
it was er.. like a make over thing. so good.

whoa. speeking of affiah, she just came online. cool! hahaha

anywho, affiah and i had to pay rm 60 each to enter.
we were late. but the good thing was that we missed the whole lecture thingy. lol
we pretty much went straight for the make up thing. we were split into groups.
pink group, which i was in, had make up first.
affiah and i think the homo make up pro knows my mum... cause he treated us special :)
so nice.

he maja me. damn funny. hahaha
when he knew i had to leave in 15mins cause my dad was picking me up.. (dentist)
he like did all my make up for me.
damn nice. its not heavy yet... er.. nvm. haha

so i left, hoping to get back in time the fuction finished.
thanks to father in heaven, the dentish was free so i got to go in early!
in the end i got back to the funtion on time! like so awesome.

i got to deco 2 muffins which were abso-good. like no joke.
then i got to do my nails.. FUCKING NICE I SWEAR!
hahahah. its purple in colour! the barney purple! :D

after that i got to do my hair! they curled my hair! :)
it was really nice. and puffy. never did it before, but i lala-loved it. hehe.
they turned the straigh hairs to curly and the curlys to straight lol
since affiah's was pretty much short and straight, they kindda curled it but made it into those old hair fashions which are so rad. you know?
its that 70s show, eric's mum? her hair? or like the brady bunch? HAHA. no kidding.

we didnt have a cam but when we got to my place, cam whore like mega shit. haha
but our hair pretty much deflated by then :S
.... still awesome la! :P

well.. that was pretty much my day :)
oh yeah i forgot to mention that when i came back to the girl function thingy, people asked how my dentish appointment was. HAHAHA. crazy :P
and some girl took a photo of me and affiah..
and the photo grapher took pics of me when i was doing make up. nice =.= hahaha

17TH JANUARY 2009. uh huh uh huh. lol

ireallydolikehim :)

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reality sucks balls.
Friday, January 16, 2009
I got your runaway smile in my piggybank baby. Gonna cash it right in for a new Mercedes. You were worth a hundred thousand miles. But you couldn't stay awhile. I got your little brown shirt in my bottom drawer baby. And your little white socks in the top drawer, you were always leaving your shit around.. And gone without a sound.

yeah suck it up cause this wont change a thing.

"love is so sucky, i just wanna shower with my rubber ducky.. feeling lucky.."
sounds nice with THE beat/rhythem. ahahah so dont mess with it!

i think im going to either change my blog url or either make this shit private.
then i could acutally write god damn names...

(back to the top.)

oh lord! ...*slaps forehead*
Thursday, January 15, 2009
now im speechless, over the edge im just breathless. i never thought that i'll catch this, lovebug again. hopeless, head over heels in the moment. i never thought that i'll get this, lovebug again.

annatasha saifol i miss you. :(
cant wait to see you again! i hope thats soon!!

bleh. CRAPPY.

no mood for anything expect to lepak. like seriously. just wanna chill...

tomorrow is THE DAY, and i havent even told "them".
shit wei! i wanted to BUT, whenever i wanted.. "she" was always in that pissy mood.
im so screwed. WRECK!

I got your runaway smile in my piggybank baby
Gonna cash it right in for a new Mercedes
You were worth a hundred thousand miles
But you couldn't stay awhile

I got your little brown shirt in my bottom drawer baby
And your little white socks in the top drawer
You were always leaving your shit around
And gone without a sound

im just waiting for a vibration from my phone..
which is not from my mum or dad or gma or brother or nanny. :P

waiting for akanksha to call me :)
oh and tash!
she said she would, on facebook.

and ding ding ding, i just talk to tash on the phone!
she actually called me like an hour ago but my phone was on silent. hehehe
anywho, she asked if paintball on sat is a go-go? i so wanna. soooooooo wanna!!

Now I'm heels over head,
I'm hangin' upside-down
Thinkin' how you left me for dead
California bound

should i stay or should i go?

CONFESSIONS. like whoaaa.

mr. 618139
laadedadeeda :)

somehow, ill try.

wouldnt it be nice to be serenaded? :)

Now Ive tried to talk to you and make you understand
All you have to do is close your eyes
And just reach out your hands and touch me
Hold me close dont ever let me go
More than words is all I ever needed you to show
Then you wouldnt have to say that you love me
Cos Id already know

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Monday, January 12, 2009
for being my second follower!
woooot! :)
i likey. heheh

today has been...
i'll put it this way.

yes. its been a good day. very good.

well im blogging cause tomorrow morning, my mum is going to take my mac to the REPAIR MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN!!
for you guys who didnt get that, that was from the nick classic show.. "All That".
i used to lala love that show.

well what to say.. what to say..
er me, fahmi, vincent, faishal, akanksha and nahla went to KFC after school.

vincent as usual bought the kids meal. twice... so he could get 2 toys. hahaha
all garfield, the awesome cat.

at this very moment.. osman is teaching me chem online.
i forgot about chem homework.
but thank goodness its practiacally complete.

he is incredible, i swear.
hes playful.. doesnt listen in class... blah blah blah.
BUT, he is a freaking smart boy.
BLEW MY MIND! hahahah :P
no kidding. i swear.

my palm is so damn itchy at this moment.
i dont know why..
my left palm.
is so red and itchy.. well, just the middle part.

wtf did i touch?!

something random. (with the help from osman)
- random "thing" of the day is, EGG.

so the question really is..
was is the egg first, or was it the chicken?
you tell me.
im puzzled too. another thing that blew my mind :P

i just got kindda bit by a mozzie.
im so not happy about it.
so damn itchy.
or youre relative. whichever :)

tomorrow is tuesday.
think ill do cross stiching. hahaha :P
been wanting to do it..

"dear boy, i like you."

wouldnt it be nice if we were in the 18th century?
like all the balls and everything...

i love stars.

random fact about me.
i am nuts over space stuff.
like planets, stars, etc.
no kidding. buy me a book about it and i swear i would read it over and over again. :)

specially pictures.
jebus. fcking beautiful.
looooove to stare at the picture.
G O R G E O U S . <3


would you run off with another?
cause i. am. here.

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watched the stars crash into the sea
Sunday, January 11, 2009
i told you things i havent told any other..

Oh, Someday we'll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I wasn't meant for you...

Someday we'll know
Why Sampson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the one for you....

today, i went to the curve with the family.
mum took me and tamara to the movies. we watched bedtime stories.
pretty good movie.. i like it. :)

i bought myself those puffy big headphones. you know what im talking about?
the ones which make me look like the princess/queen in STAR WARS. thats how i roll, dawg! :P
but its really comfy x)

i wish to have that

I have been crying and crying for weeks
How'd I survive when I can barely speak
Barely eat, On my knees

But that's the moment you came to me
You don't know what your love has done to me
Think I'm invincible
I see though the me I used to be

You changed my whole life
Don't know what your doing to me with your love
I'm feeling all super human, you did this to me
A super human heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you
Super human
Super human

i have nothing to blog. no emotion which is practically positive at this moment.
such a wreck. oh what i would do..

goodnight, sweet dreams.

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Swirling clouds in violet haze.. :)
Friday, January 9, 2009
what if i told you that im really happy now?
that my mood just changed?
and i couldnt get enough of it?

well... its true :)

flowers, colours and butterflies make me happy.
i googled them, which made me even more happy!
hhehehe.. so giddy now.

Tonight the
Super Trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one
Tonight the
Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won't feel blue
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Like I always do
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's you

I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside,
I've got the month of May.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl. (My girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl. (My girl)

I've got so much honey
The bees envy me.
I've got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl. (My girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl. (My girl)


(back to the top.)

daffodils :)
... and i dont want to ruin another. please, dont.

I’d follow you but it’s not that simple
You’re so contagious, You’re still my favorite
You’re disappearing act is growing tired
I’m sick of being left hear all alone
I’d follow you but it’s not that simple
I turn around and gone

Ooh and my heart is breaking
And I’ve been waiting for the longest time
Step Down, Discard Me
Ooh and my heart is breaking
And I’ve been waiting for the longest time
I’ve been waiting for, I’m waiting for,
I’m waiting for the longest time

making it worst and not better.

i wish it were the holidays.
i wish it were the end of holidays... for as long as it takes.
i wish this wasnt happening.
i wish for so many things.
i wish it were the 24th.

uh, oh. there you go again taking cinematic. yeah, you. you're charming. got everybody starstruck. i know. how you always seem to go for the obvious instead of me. get a ticket and you'll see. if we were a movie. you'll be the right guy. & i'll be the best friend. that you'll fall in love with.. in the end we'll be laughing, watching the sunset. fade to black, show the names. play the happy song. yeah yeah. when you call me, i can hear it in your voice. oh, sure. wanna see me, and tell me all about her. la la. i'll be acting through my tears. guess you'll never know that i should win, an oscar for the scene im in..

oh farah, this reminds me of the days we bitch talk like people who talk bad about hannah montana.. LOL.
damn. miss you la! :(

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& I've been waiting for the longest time..
Thursday, January 8, 2009
for being my FIRST follower!! WOOT!! :)
yes, im very proud of that..

so please.. do be another follower! i love you! heheh

well this is going to be a rather short post cause im suppose to be asleep?
or getting ready for bed. you choose.

today was the second day of school for the year / 3rd term.
both yesterday and today was er.... well..
we got some of our marks. horrible. die die die die die.
seriously. thank god my mum came up with the no macs after 10.30pm rule thingy.
well.. like i say, its for the better good. get used to it.

havent blogged that recent but er...
i started guitar?
i got a guitar and i started learning through the WORLD WIDE WEB.
what would we ever do without internet?!

christmas and new years is over but i still have chinese new year to look forward to!

angpow, angpow, gamble, gamble, mandrin oranges, gamble, angpow... MORE ANGPOW!!
well thats what i plan.. hehhe.


its the 8th. well, NEARLY 9th of jan.
soon this month will be over...
and it will be feb.

.. march.. april.. may..

my story is not complete.
i just need you here with me for now..
save me from this ship.

today i watched simpsons.
an hour. didnt know they do 2 episodes now...

so at the ned of the second episode.. i hear a song..
i listened, caught one sentence and quicky googled it.
and tadaa! i got the some.
the song is called "Vincent by Van Gogh".
such an awesome song!

"Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land."

wishing everyday just gets better :)

p.s. my 'rents are back from langkawi. holiday OVER. *pouts*

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feels like the last chance :)
Friday, January 2, 2009
one boy. one girl. two hearts. their world.
i just love that line.. hahah :)

so like i told athira, this post it about JACKSON RATHBONE.
but... i kindda decided to change my mind..
PART ONE is going to be about him. whoo! x)
so here it goes..

PART ONE - jackson rathbone <3

hahahahah :D
hopefully athira has stop drooling :P
oh yeah, click on this if you wanna see the video!!

i like this comment. i second it. :
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spot cream never looked so hot ;)

well.. to end part one, this is a video of the scenes jackson was in in the o.c.
awesome gila!

PART TWO - cole sprouse
yes, him.
HE HAS GROWN. i mean like whoa.
his brother looks the same.. haha
tadaa! :)

and im just wondering, whos that guy at the back?? *wiggles eyebrows*

and this is one of the best, i think
he looks like some one here...

so now you believe me when i said he's grown!?
whoa, i know.
not bad eh??

PART THREE - today. (02.01.09)

woke up at 9am. went to central market at like 10 something or 11.
after that, china town. oh yeah i went with my aunt lisa and her friend.
so while in china town we stop and this erm... spa? idk.
&& they had tons of promos. so anywho, we all did an hour of something.
i had foot massage, and both of them had body massage.
but all 3 of us got to do like 15 mins of THE FISH DOCTOR.

but i think the lady pressed some nerve cause after that HEADACHE.
like massive. okay not that massive la but still =.=

for the first time (not ever but so far in the last year)..
we're actually out of pasta.
pasta is like rice in normal house.
seriously. lol.

fahmi and faishal are at genting now.
argh. i miss genting like a loooooot. :(
so many memories!!
hope to bring them back this year, 2009! WATCH OUT!
love you karma! :)

okay okay. i got like that chest pain thingy going on.
faishal should know what im talking about, and fahmi too.
cause they get it, often. i.. not really. hahaha

p.s. my mum has set something for me. no more mac after 10.30pm anymore.
its er..
for the better good.
so help me.

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Another year over, & we're still together..
Thursday, January 1, 2009
hope you guys had a good time last night/this morning. hahhaa
mine was awesome.
i started off in the evening when i went to ou to "shop".
well... i was suppose to but after entering the 3rd shop and not buying anything, i decided to watch a movie.
thanks to luck, i was on time!

i mean seriously... lucky. exactly on time. but of coarse la when i enter the cinema the movie had not begun.

i got to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. its cute hehe

after that i just walked around ou wondering where Ji Soo was working at.
i only knew it was a japanese restaurant around the new wing.. but hello? tons there? hahaha
coincidentally when i was walking pass a japanese shop, i took a peek inside and looky looky.. i saw ji soo wateriest-ing.. hahahah
i tried the unagi while waiting for her too. omg. HAVE TO TRY IT. its really good. no joke.

we ended going to hartamas instead of hang out at her condo.
got to go there cause her dad owes this korean place there next to that massive true fitness center.. hahah
well, when we got to hartamas ji soo wanted some cash from her dad. told him we wanted drinks from coffee bean. he wanted us back pronto. was scared la. you know hartamas..
full of badasses?? :P

when we got to coffee bean, it was closed. but i got to bump into some old buds.
jesse, andrew, johan, kyle, kim and sher may.
well, i hung out with them. did the usual.. ji soo didnt join us. she had to go back up :(
sorry ji soo. NO. I DID NOT DITCH HER. i asked her to join us like dozens of times but she wanted to eat her korean food. so yeah...
plus like i think if she was there, she would like stone.
goodie girl. HAHA :)

so i guess you can figure what i did the night away. hahaha :)
yes, i did. with ji soo. at her korean restaurant. awesome.
slept at her place last night.
she lent me nice comfy black shorts. its a fake polo.

i miss fatjas a lot.
a whole fucking bunch.
like megaaaaaaaa super size. lol x)

school is starting like REALY SOON.
i thought i wanted to go back but now thats like the least i wanna do.
i dont wanna go to school.
i dont wanna see anyone now except those who think they are worthy.

so am should be comeing home today. she went to Egypt. freaking awesome.
i wanna go there. i wanna go into the egyptian sphinx && pyramids!! yeah!
yada yada.

thanks loads for the nail polish. the light pink is a lil too bright but the darker pink is rad.
really. love you lots! xx.

i thought it was hug and O was kiss.
cause like x represents arms and o for your lips.. get me?? hahah

i miss england soooo bloody much now.
you have no idea.
for a represent, will all my friends chip in and buy me a ticket? please?

fucking begging dont work.

a whole world.
a new fantastic point of view.
no one to tell us no, or where to go
or say we're only dreaming..

i just turned on the aircon.
its hot hot hot even if the fan's speed is 4.

i cant remember some stuff i said last night.
its questioning me.. haha.
need to recap!!

and guess what? :

There you go
You never ask why
It's all a big lie
Whatever you do
You think you're special
But I know, and I know
And I know, and we know
That you're not

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