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jelly + fish
Friday, March 11, 2011
things are going crazy.
im have some virus or some thing.
makes me have this cramps. thought maybe it could be ovulation pains but no.
that only last for 48 hours and it surely has been longer than that.
and as embarrassing as this may sound, i even just took some shitting pills.
not that i cant shit -.- but its just to get it all out of my system ONCE AND FOR ALL.
thank you very much.
tomorrow at 8am i have rowing for 2 hours then im working till 4.
then the next day i have rowing again.. the big day.. the competition.. :O then work right after AGAIN.
bloody fucking hell.

im going to knock the fuck out, that im sure.
then i have to catch up with my all damn school work.
and then i have my arts camp WHICH CAUSED ME $200
which i paid myself with my working money.
so past 2 ish weeks..
i paid for my prom $100
dress $185
camp $200
thats $485 right there!
no wonder im broke :(

im blabbing so much i dont even know the purpose why i wanted to blog. -.-
maybe ill just go make myself some toast.
just plain toast.
no butter. no jam.
no nothing.

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hey baby, i think i wanna marry you :)
Monday, March 7, 2011
okay maybe im too young for marriage.
in this world we live in that is.
let me correct that.
its what we think. its what society has believed.
if it werent for today, i think i would be married already.
probably in the kitchen, doing the married women thing that married women do..
you know..
in the kitchen.
hahahaahah :P

i always wondered why i sometimes think so much about having a family in the future.
more like a husband in a way.
i recently read something.
libras ; in love with love itself.
make sense to me now.
im in love, with love.

i read some proposals the other night.
wait. it was yesterday night.
well anyway, it was alright.
i guess i didnt really feel it so much cause i couldnt see it.
maybe i was visualizing it different in my head.
but i came across this photo tasha posted on her tumblr just now.
epicness my bro.

now tell me, how awesome is that?
imagine if she didnt want to see the pictures after getting off the ride?
BUT WHO DOESNT?! HAHA so, im pretty sure she saw it.

today is the 7th of march.
yes. soundwave was on.
i didnt go in the end.
at least it made tasha happy :)
and my wallet. lol

instead i did some community service!
there was a community fair at Hyde Park and sonya and i helped out today.
she sold book for like the first 10 mins then she sold "Cat Hypnotizes" for $3 each or the "Dog Pack" for $5.
it was funny.
i sold tshirts and children aprons!
i even bought one for tamara, my little sister. cost me like $7 haha.
i would post a photo but the photo is in my phone not here.. sigh.

oh i got a new phone! like a month ago and a week ish.
besides the fact the ringing volume button likes to spazz, its ♥ :)
i got a HTC WILDFIRE. a red one. hells yeah.
my mama got one too. a white one. same as my godpa :)

oh about a week ago i attend my first outdoor movie which the audience actually participates!
what i mean is..
i went to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.
if you havent watched that movie, you should. its actually REALLY good.
unless you have a mega phobia for transvestites, i strongly advice you not to watch it hahaha.
so anywho, just before the movie, we were given a piece of paper which gives you instructions.
like for example, when you heard the name Brad Majors, you scream ASSHOLE! and when you hear Janet Weiss, you scream SLUT!
at the wedding, you throw rice.
when Dr. Frank-N-Furter says "a toast..", you throw your toast in the air.
when its raining, you spray your water guns, and you put a sheet of newspaper over your head.
things like that. its so nice.
and when the song "Time Warp" come on, you get up and dance.

the main character, Dr Frank-N-furter has a really nice voice too.
so nice and husky.
mmm :)
but hes like 65 year old now. lol.

follow the candles on the floor.
make your way to my door.
let me fit my hand with yours.
baby if you find me, im all yours.

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